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Sacré Bleu! French Workers Are Now Prohibited From Checking Their Work E-Mail After 6pm!

Americans basically live by four simple rules:

1) Work hard.
2) Word harder.
3) No, seriously, get back to work — you’re supposed to die at that desk.
4) Never pay full price for a late pizza.

But au contraire say our European neighbors — that is not their secret recipe for kicking a$ $ at …

Nile Rodgers: I want to work with Madonna again

Nile Rodgers: I want to work with Madonna again
Exclusive: Nile Rodgers wants to work with his best friend Madonna after revealing he'll be making more music than ever after beating cancer. The 61-year-old Chic star wants to team up with Madge again, having previously hit the studio with her on her …
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Madonna Stole An Artist's Work, So He's Out For Revenge
Using someone's work on the Internet without accreditation is no laughing matter, unless we're laughing at Madonna. Then it's cool. Last week, the Queen of Pop posted an image of the Village People but with their faces replaced by Vladimir Putin's on …
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Welcome to Bay City, birthplace of Madonna: City Commission supports idea of
BAY CITY, MI — The Bay City Commission threw its support behind a resolution this week to have a sign installed to mark the entrance into Bay City as the birthplace of Madonna, potentially the first step in repairing a shaky relationship with the …
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Charlize Theron – Art Work by Andrea – WallPapersCollection

Art Work by Andrea Lestat Music by Craig Armstrong – Laura’s Theme – Piano Enjoy in HD.

How much will Netflix charge me for a CD i accidentally scratched and won’t work?

Question by Alvaro R: How much will Netflix charge me for a CD i accidentally scratched and won’t work?
I accidentally forgot that i was not supposed to turn my XBOX 360 over when the drive is running and i did and it got severely scratched and its completely unreadable. However i don’t know how much will netflix charge me for a CD i accidentally scratched. I am looking over the internet but i don’t have time because i work.


Best answer:

Answer by Timbo
I broke or lost a DVD. What should I do?
Just visit the Activity page, in Your Account, and choose Report a Problem. Select the title that you damaged and choose “I have lost or damaged a DVD and would like to pay for it.”


Or you can try listing it as damage when you got the movie and they wont charge you. I have gotten a dvd from them that wouldnt work. I reported it as damaged and wouldnt play and needed a replacement movie and they didnt charge me. But i also received it as damaged.

I received a scratched, damaged or unplayable DVD. What do I do?
If you can’t play a DVD, try cleaning it first — window cleaner on a paper towel works well. If the DVD is cracked, damaged or still won’t play, report it at the Activity page in Your Account, where you can also request a replacement DVD.

We ask that you please return the damaged disc; it helps us keep costs low.


Over all, you can choose the pay for the movie or you can try listing it as it was already damaged when you got it as long as you send the movie back and get a replacement. As for the price, i am not sure, that i do not see on their website, it may very depending on the movie. If its a new movie that has not been sent out as much vs an old movie thats been sent out for the years. New movie may be a little more.

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Jessica Alba Takes her Daughter to Work

Spending time with mommy at work before the Halloween festivities later, Honor joined Jessica Alba on the set of “How to Make Love Like an Englishman” on Thursday (October 31).

The “Sin City” star looked cute in a purple striped sweater, blue jeans, and black boots while her adorable little girl skipped around in a pink tutu.

In the upcoming rom-com directed by Tom Vaughan, a Cambridge poetry professor begins to re-evaluate his life of Byronic excess.

Co-starring with Jessica in the movie are Salma Hayek, Pierce Brosnan, Malcolm McDowell, and Marlee Matlin.

do makeup artists who work for movies get paid only when the movie is released?

Question by Emjay: do makeup artists who work for movies get paid only when the movie is released?
im doing makeup for this little movie about janye mansield and im starting tonight. the guy who offered me the job told me that i would be getting paid when the movie releases world wide.

im just wondering if its true! thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Megan
it looks like lies to me, your job is doing the make up so they can film the actors, you should be paid there and then, dont do the job unless you get atleast some of the money upfront, some movie releases can take months and even a year to be released especially if its going ‘worldwide’ .. it sounds like he wants something for nothing.

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Sandra Bullock Takes A Break From Work To Bond With Her Son Louis

Sandra Bullock Takes A Break From Work To Bond With Her Son Louis.
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Britney Spears Might Have To Work (Harder) Bitch To Score Top 10 Spot On Billboard Hot 100 List!

Has Britney Spears lost her touch?!

Well, hellz NO!

But gurlfriend might need to get her fans begging for more Work Bitch if she expects to crack the top 10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list for the song’s first week out.

The song is expected to make the top 20 even …

How games/movies companies make sure each dvd copy will work?

Question by : How games/movies companies make sure each dvd copy will work?
When a game, or a movies released, there is probably 1+ million copies of it, im pretty sure that the companies not checking every one of them, yet all of them ALWAYS working.
So how can they make sure?

I was laways intrested to know that.
Which disk are they using?
How they are making the copies?

Im really curious to read about it…

Thanks !

Best answer:

Answer by J M
They don’t use a disc they are all first generation copies from computer memory.

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The Crap We Missed: Our Galleries Work Again Edition Yesss!

Welcome to Friday’s The Crap We Missed where, in case you missed it, OUR GALLERIES WORK AGAIN! Simply click the arrows or right on pics – like Usher remembering how Justin Bieber used to ride his handlebars or Douchebag Jesus – to advance each slide and just like magic, the descriptions change to match the Read More …