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Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ Reveals Fabled Stripper Heel in First Teaser


I don’t know why they’re trying to draw people in with novelty crystal ware. Never worked for my grandma, no matter how much she bought and told us about.

First Teaser for ‘Girl Meets World': Cory, Topanga, and an Unexpected Amount of Actual Talking About Worlds


“How long do I have to live in my father’s world?”

“Until you make it yours!”

Such is Ben Savage’s extremely stilted passing of the torch in Girl Meets World. And now you can see it for yourself with the Disney Channel’s first clip from the sequel series. She’s going to meet world, everyone!

’24: Live Another Day’ Teaser: Jack Bauer Returns To Yell and Shoot Some More


In case you missed it during the Super Bowl: here’s the trailer for 24: Live Another Day, the latest in Jack Bauer’s saga of day-in-the-life adventures. Like Star Trek: Into Cumberbatch, this time the terrorism has moved to London, and like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, now Kiefer Sutherland is a snarling dude protecting an extreme haircut and make-up from danger. But just give him a day or so. He’ll yell and shoot his way out of this.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Gets a Teaser Billboard and Website

Giving fans the slightest peek, though it’s scheduled to hit theaters over a year from now, Universal Pictures released a teaser billboard and viral website for “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Friday (January 24).

Featuring a back-view of the standing title character gazing upon the Seattle skyline, the tagline reads, “Mr. Grey will see you now.”

As for the website,, fans of the steamy novel can sign up to be interns at the fictional corporation.

Starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, and based on E.L. James’ best-selling book, “Fifty Shades of Grey” hits theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 13th, 2015.

‘Day of the Doctor’ Teaser Offers Another Glimpse of Your New Doctor Who Thing, Nerds


A full trailer for the Doctor Who special Day of the Doctor is reportedly due out tomorrow, but since tomorrow is what we use to cry, we’ll just look at this very brief teaser the BBC has already put out today. It involves a painting and, if you catch it, a peak at the return of Doctor Who: The Scarf. “Hey, what are you doing here,” you’ll ask, but it won’t respond, because it’s just garish yarn and Tom Baker’s sweat.

‘Godzilla’ Teaser: Oppenheimer Narrates, Godzilla Breaks Things


While it lasts, here’s the leaked Comic Con teaser for Warner Bros.’ new take on Godzilla. Should it get pulled again, in short: Godzilla is a huge dick who ruins things and yells.

The Tunnel (2011) Official Teaser Trailer –

The Tunnel (2011) Official Teaser Trailer  -

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

‘Mob City’ Teaser: Frank Darabont Returns to TV and also the ’40s


Shawshank Redeption director and Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont’s new show–first called L.A. Noir, then Lost Angels, before finally being dubbed Mob City so it would sound most like a knock-off Facebook game–has premiered its first teaser. The six-episode series airs on TNT starting December 4, and stars Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal, Neal McDonough, Ed Burns, and, from this trailer, apparently Simon Pegg as the cops and criminals fighting for Los Angeles in the years after the second World War. As we now know, the territory was eventually ceded to a human-like alien race of stretched faces and drastic proportions, but this could be an interesting history lesson nonetheless. Here’s the sneak peek:

‘How To Train Your Dragon 2′ Teaser Promises More Flying Around with a Dragon


If you liked the first How To Train Your Dragon, get yourself ready for some more forced reptile indoctrination with How To Train Your Dragon 2! The film’s first teaser is now online though probably not officially, so if you’d better hurry if you want to see it. In the likely event it gets taken down, here’s a summary: guy flies around with a dragon.

(Thanks, Lisa)

‘Ender’s Game’ Teaser: Harrison Ford Is Kony of the Future


When aliens threaten another invasion against Earth, Harrison Ford suggests mankind find “a new kind of soldier. One who doesn’t think the way we think, fear the things we fear–one the enemy would never expect.” Instead of dogs or the mentally ill, they go with children, because that’s the questionable creative decision Orson Scott Card made for his 1985 sci-fi classic, Ender’s Game. As promised last week, here’s the first teaser for X-Men Origins: Wolverine director Gavin Hood’s adaptation of the novel, which sees Hugo‘s Asa Butterfield as the future’s greatest hope for a child commander.

I’m not all that sure how accurate it looks compared to the book, but from what I’ve heard of 12-year-olds reacting to intense battle simulations, I’ll tell you it sounds nothing like XBox Live: