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This Could Be Our Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum In A Parallel Universe

Just some food for thought.

In a land far, far away.

In a land far, far away.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Things were different.

Things were different.

Very, very different.

Very, very different.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

And this was the life they knew.

And this was the life they knew.

Victoria Will/Invision / AP

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Channing Tatum Already Practicing Gambit Accent, Will Have ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Done for July 2015


Firstly in Channing Tatum news: Magic Mike XXL has a release date. The sequel to his 2012 sleeper hit today was announced for a July 3 release next year, putting the film up against the new Terminator film. What an on-the-nose response to “Your clothes… give them to me… now.”

Secondly in Channing Tatum news: he’s apparently getting closer to joining the X-Men franchise as our new Gambit. Speaking to MTV (via), Tatum confirmed he’s met with series producer Lauren Shuler Donner about the part, adding, “I’m already working on the accent.” So hopefully Taylor Kitsch has not been continuing to work on the accent, because sorry, Taylor Kitsch. You pretty much are not Gambit anymore.

Channing Tatum Producing Burlesque Series for A&E

Making sure to bring home the bacon now that he’s a father, Channing Tatum signed with A&E to produce a docu-series about a burlesque club.

The “Magic Mike” star’s show will be set in New Orleans at his club, Saints and Sinners. However, there’s no indication that the hunky actor will actually appear on the show.

Also on deck for Channing is the CBS comedy, “Nicky,” in which he serves as an executive producer with partner Reid Carolin.

In the show, Nick Zano stars as a young man growing up in a multi-generational family run by women in New Jersey. Just as he’s about to move out at 30, he decides to stay home and care for his younger sister.

Channing Tatum Drops By “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Continuing his whirlwind promotional tour, Channing Tatum showed up at “ Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Hollywood last night (June 26).

The “She’s the Man” hunk sang the praises of his “White House Down” costar Jamie Foxx before the conversation transitioned to his newborn daughter Everly.

Always the instigator, Kimmel asked Tatum, “What kind of dad do you think you’re going to be when she is a teenager?”

A visibly-disturbed Channing fired back, “Pfft, suicidal? I don’t know, if she’s anything like I was…” before trailing off.

When asked for examples of what he did in his younger years, Tatum explained, “You know, the normal stuff, just sneaking out and whatnot. My dad would snore… and we had a sliding glass door because it’s Florida, so on the inhale of the snore [I would slide the door open]. But it sucked when you came home and he wasn’t snoring!”

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Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘White House Down': Channing Tatum Fights Terrorists with a Toaster


The election is almost upon us, but the truer, more ridiculously-literal wars for the White House are still to come, with both Gerard Butler and Channing Tatum starring in separate films about a cool guy with abs saving the President from an attack on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In this behind-the-scenes feature from the Entertainment Tonight, get a first look at Tatum and director Roland Emmerich’s take on this suddenly-thriving sub-genre, White House Down. Always as hard-hitting as they are always shouting, ET got the scoop that Tatum will probably be shirtless, and will definitely hit guys with a toaster and take a (probably shirtless) dip in the White House pool. So now you know what you’re up against Gerard Butler. Shirtlessness, toasters-as-weapons, and an indoor pool. And terrorists in the White House, obviously.


Channing Tatum Working on Evel Knievel Biopic, ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel


This guy is getting pretty desperate to keep his chest exposed.

evel.jpgAccording to THR, the21 Jump Street star and brief G.I. Joe 2 presence Channing Tatum is in talks to star in and produce a film based on Life of Evel, the 2008 Evel Knievel biography from Stuart Barker. Tatum’s Iron Horse Entertainment partner Reid Carolin–last responsible for fleshing out the actor’s stripping anecdotes for Magic Mike–will write the script about the late stuntman famous for his 433 broken bones and willingness to drive motorcycles over things so that we didn’t have to.

And on the subject of Magic Mike, also we’re getting another one of those. With the male stripper film already grossing $ 70 million over its $ 7 million budget, Glamour (via) logically asked Tatum if a sequel was a possibility, to which he replied:

“Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.”

This time Magic Mike is being tried for murder–in EUROPE! Or maybe they’ll figure out a way to work some more male stripping in. We’ll see. In the meantime, go save the White House, Channing Tatum.

‘G.I. Joe 2′ Actually Delayed Because Paramount Wants More Channing Tatum


Just a week ago, Paramount announced plans to bump this summer’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation to next March–a delay the studio claimed they would use constructively “to do a conscientious 3D job because we’ve seen how it can better box office internationally,” which made some sense, because studios do indeed love charging people more for 3D tickets. But what if I were to tell you that was all part of a massive cover-up meant, as one insider put it, “to not reveal the Tatum of it all”? Then it’s kind of funny, isn’t it? Because who says that?

According to sources who talked to both Deadline and THR, Paramount’s delay has less to do with 3D than it does with fear that their movie is sort of bad and, in a film first, needs more Channing Tatum.

Though the trailers for the G.I. Joe sequel have made it look marginally better than its predecessor, evidently the film is not testing well with audiences, who have reportedly been giving it scores ranging from “mediocre to bad.” The one part test audiences did get behind? The faint tendon of friendship that initially connects the muscles of The Rock and Channing Tatum. Unfortunately, Paramount didn’t know anyone would like that part (this was before The Vow and 21 Jump Street made Tatum’s dumbfounded look so recognizable), and, as it’s cut now, the film sees Tatum die almost immediately. Spoiler.

Seeing how Retaliation would be going up against Magic Mike, which has arguably too much of Channing Tatum, and The Amazing Spider-Man, which has Spider-Man, the studio decided it best to do reshoots with more Tatum, make it 3D while they’re at it, and save their film until next year, when it can be released with less competition and severely deadened expectations. As for why studio executives previously stated the delay was entirely due to 3D conversion, they’re just embarrassed to admit how much they like Channing Tatum’s belly muscles, okay?

Channing Tatum & Rooney Mara: “The Bitter Pill” Buddies

Hard at work on their new project, Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara were spotted on the set of “The Bitter Pill” in Downtown Manhattan today (May 23).

The “Magic Mike” stud and the “Social Network” starlet sat down for some coffee while filming a scene at the Highline Park near the Meatpacking District.

As for her controversial flick “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Rooney told press that she enjoyed getting into her tattooed and pierced character Lisbeth Salander.

“It was kind of great actually. I thought it would be different, but people’s reaction is sort of to ignore you more. It’s sort of like people’s expectations of you are lowered. Which was kind of great, ‘cos people kind of ignore you more. And that’s the reason that this character looks the way she does. It’s not to make a statement, it’s not to draw attention it’s to repel people.”

Alan Duke’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Ryan, Redmond, Tatum O’Neal on HLN’s ShowBiz Tonight

Ryan, Redmond and Tatum O’Neal talk with Alan Duke about Farrah Fawcett pn the first anniversary of her death. HLN’s ShowBiz Tonight features the interview on June 28, 2010.