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Is This The Best Photo Of Bruce Willis Ever Taken?

The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Jason Patric Finally Gets His ‘Taken’ in ‘The Prince’ Trailer


The careers of Bruce Willis and John Cusack, waning pendulums that escape from their straight-to-video lows a little less with each swing, have made their inevitable collision into a Jason Patric vehicle in The Prince.

As was previously described with some confusion, the film is an experiment to see whether Patric can be plugged into Taken as readily as hair is plugged into his skull. Our Speed 2 cruise controller plays a former mob enforcer with a very familiar set of skills (firearms training, hand-to-hand combat, talking to his faraway daughter on the phone, etc). Bruce Willis has got some kind of lasting grudge against him, so he kidnaps Patric’s beautiful young daughter, and you know the drill from there.

Cusack co-stars as Patric’s old friend and, as is only natural for this kind of thing, 50 Cent makes this his third unlikely collaboration with Willis. Korean pop star Rain’s lithe form narrowly covers the hole where you expect to see Robert De Niro. Here’s the trailer:

Mel Gibson Getting His Own ‘Taken’ That Isn’t ‘Ransom’


Now 18 years since he first barked threats in a phone to get his kid back, Mel Gibson will return to the task of nearly making Taken by starring in the latest of our Taken clones. Deadline reports that the Ransom star is in talks for the lead in Blood Father (how on-the-nose!), an action-thriller to be directed by Assault on Precinct 13 remaker Jean-François Richet. Marrying Taken with fellow Taken derivative Stolen, the script from The Town writer Peter Craig sees an ex-con dad reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter by protecting her from the drug dealers out to kill her.

Shame of it is, what we should really be doing is just adding Mel Gibson to Taken itself. We already know that works:

Paul Walker’s Remaining Roles Taken Over by James Marsden and Rupert Friend


James Marsden and Rupert Friend are the latest men accused of stealing parts from the wreckage of Paul Walker’s tragedy. According to THR, Marsden has started talks to take over Walker’s role in The Best of Me, a new bit of schmaltz being adapted from the Nicolas Sparks library. He’ll star opposite Michelle Monaghan, the two playing high school sweethearts who reunite years later in their hometown, where they will, history tell us, share a sensuous embrace, pausing momentarily to savor the passion before bringing their lips together.

Meanwhile, TheWrap reports that Rupert Friend–known best as Homeland‘s Peter Quinn and as the UK market’s name for My Buddy dolls–is replacing Walker on Agent 47, the latest attempt to turn the Hitman video game into a film. Walker was meant to himself be replacing Timothy Olyphant, who played the shorn killer in the largely-reviled 2007 adaptation. Commercials director Aleksander Bach is making his feature debut on the film.

Jason Patric Finally Given His Own ‘Taken’, with Bruce Willis


Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, 50 Cent, and South Korean pop idol Rain are coming together for a film you will one day catch on TV and wonder, “What the fuck are all these guys in?” The answer? The Prince, an action film they’ve all reportedly signed on for to give Speed 2 his own Taken. In the film, Patric will play a family man who, it turns out, is hiding a secret past as a mob enforcer. When his college-aged daughter goes missing, he leans on those old skills to travel across the country and find her. Cusack is playing a friend and fellow former mob guy while Willis, beyond being a man with now three shared credits with 50 Cent, will be making a rare turn as the villain. Shooting is set to begin just after the upcoming holiday, when Americans give thanks for new Jason Patric movies.

What movie so far released in theatres, has taken the longest to make?

Question by markwillstar: What movie so far released in theatres, has taken the longest to make?
Sometimes you hear of Pixar movies that might have started in idea many years ago, but it was technology or something that always put it off.

Im curious what is the longest running production time movie ever.

Best answer:

Answer by Queen Kira
I don’t know exactly, but I know that I’m growing cobwebs waiting for “The Power of the Dark Crystal” to come out. It was announced way back in 2005, and it’s not due to come out until 2011! Aaarrrrggghh! I’ve been waiting 27 years for this sequel!!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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See Nolan’s Batmaniverse Elaborately Taken to ’90s High School Comedy


Bale, Ledger, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, Hathaway, and most of the rest of Nolan’s Bat-cast–right down to Anthony Michael Hall–reprise their Bat-roles, but now in high school, and in a ’90s comedy, in the skillfully-edited Gotham High. You will never be able to see The Dark Knight, nor half-watch 10 Things I Hate About You when it’s on cable, the same way again.

(Thanks, Kelsey)

Taken 2 — $50M

His family targeted by a vengeful crime boss in Istanbul, retired CIA agent Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) must fight an army of killers to ensure their safe return in this action sequel from director Olivier Megaton ({Transporter 3) and producer/co-writer Luc Besson (who penned the screenplay alongside Taken scribe Robert Mark Kamen). ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi [more]

New ‘Taken 2′ Trailer Has Big Taken Reveal


In the previous, extremely-Takeny trailer for Taken 2, loving father/murderer Liam Neeson grumbled, “Your mother is gonna be Taken,” both warning his daughter of coming danger and alerting audiences that this sure is a Taken movie. However, if you believe Liam Neeson’s re-worded monologue in this new international trailer, it seems we may have–are you ready for this?–a SECOND TAKENING to worry about. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but let’s just say, good luck Takening Liam Neeson, you stupid SOBs. (Liam Neeson is also getting Taken.)

Is there anyone who has seen this and not wanted Neeson to say “gonna be taken… too“? If the studio is screening this for test audiences, I bet that’s practically all they’re getting back on the comment cards, and maybe a couple “Liam Neeson should punch a hole in a dude’s gut and flog him with his own intestines.”