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Charlize Theron Wants “Sister, Sister” Star Tia Mowry Banned!

If ’90s star Tia Mowry thought she was hurt when Oscar-winning diva Charlize Theron was “mean” to her at a spin class recently, Mowry could have a more eye-o…

Celebrity Star Emitations Jennifer Aniston’s Inspired Silver Hammered Bar Necklace

Celebrity Star Emitations Jennifer Aniston’s Inspired Silver Hammered Bar Necklace

Celebrity Star Emitations Jennifer Aniston's Inspired Silver Hammered Bar Necklace

  • Stars Emitations jewelry
  • Jennifer Aniston’s Inspired Silver Hammered Bar Necklace
  • Weight: 3.3 g

Jennifer Aniston’s Inspired Silver Hammered Bar Necklace

List Price: $ 64.99

Price: $ 64.99

Former Superman Star Is About To Become ANOTHER Superhero!

Brandon Routh, who played the Man of Steel in Superman Returns, is set to play another superhero!

Maybe it’s not exactly the flying, kryptonite-hating, handsome alien Clark Kent, but it’s pretty close!

Brandon will be on Arrow’s third season as Ray Palmer, otherwise known as The Atom! Smashing news!

The Atom can alter …

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’-Style ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Will Fulfill All Your Space Adventure Needs


Hey, you know all those Guardians of the Galaxy trailers? Remember that movie Star Wars? Okay, then. Time to watch them get married in this fun trailer mash-up from The Unusual Suspect. Nien Nunb and Blue Swede, together at last.

‘Star Wars’ 8 and 9 Coming from ‘Looper’ Writer-Director Rian Johnson


The Star Wars universe will no longer be the one galaxy far, far away enough to be free of Joseph Gordon-Levitt casting rumors, because apparently Brick and Looper director Rian Johnson is taking over the franchise. According to Deadline, Johnson is Disney’s surprising choice to write and direct both of the next two episodes of the trilogy. Maybe now Paul Dano can join Adam Driver as master and apprentice extremely awkward-looking Sith?

Basically confirming the news, Johnson took to his Twitter to post the below space-themed clip–one more apt and telling than any Star Wars scene could ever be.

There’s Still MORE Video Of Justin Bieber Using The N-Word Out There — Like…A Lot More! Will This Racist Rant Leak Or Will The Pop Star Pay To Make It Go Away?

Sounds like it’s going to get worse before it gets better for Justin Bieber!

We’ve already seen two videos of him telling racist, offensive and unfunny jokes as a teenager.

But Biebs must have really liked saying the N-word back in the day because sources say there’s A LOT more footage still …

New ‘Star Wars’ Set Photos Feature Big Rubber Alien Thing, Actual Sets


If you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes photos from Episode VII, look no further than unofficial Star Wars fan site TMZ. They’ve got 45 photos from the film’s Abu Dhabi set, and, like with J.J. Abrams’ on-set video, there’s some refreshing evidence that the series has returned to using practical effects over the prequel trilogy’s reliance on CGI and green screens. The one exception to that new creed: Harrison Ford. He will of course be rendered with computers, the actor having died in 1999 during the shooting of Random Hearts.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit Star Bob Hoskins Passes Away At 71

No, not Super Mario!

Bob Hoskins, who you’ll probably remember best as Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? has tragically passed away.

According to his agent, he died yesterday surrounded by his family and had been suffering from pneumonia.

This is the saddest.

It seems just like yesterday he was Mr. Smee to …

Patrick Stewart To Star in Series from ‘Bored to Death’ Creator


Hist long-planned Bored to Death movie seemingly lost in a haze of pot smoke and white wine, Jonathan Ames is reportedly moving on to another premium cable program with Blunt Talk. Patrick Stewart is attached to star in at least two seasons of the series, which will air on Starz and not just consist of him and Ian McKellen hanging out, even if that’s all anyone wants to watch him do at this point.

Stewart will play William Blunt, a Piers Morgan of sorts, a cable news interview show host hoping to impart his British sensibilities upon his American viewers. Beyond that, he has to deal with various ex-wives and their children, his bosses, and his staff, with his only support coming from “the alcoholic manservant he brought with him from the U.K.” Ames created the series and will serve as executive produce, writer, and showrunner. Seth MacFarlane is also producing and hopefully not therefore voicing the British manservant as some kind of zany cartoon presence. But that sure seems more likely now, doesn’t it?

‘Star Wars’ Headed Back to Tatooine, So Hopefully Someone Cleaned Up All the Charred Skeletons


Star Wars is headed back to Tatooine, that sandy wasteland where many an adventure begins or drags on with a fucking pod race. THR reports that JJ Abrams and Disney are “planning to build out an extensive re-creation of Tatooine, the desolate home planet of Luke and Anakin Skywalker, in a Morocco-like environment (the original was built in Tunisia).” Mark Hamill is expected to reprise his role as Luke in the film, and it is thusly expected to be pathetic if the crew is doing these sets because Luke is living and raising his kids there now. I mean, the guy already said, “If there’s a bright center to the universe, [Tatooine is] the planet that it’s farthest from.” Don’t be such a townie, Skywalker.