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When will they be releasing the Twilight saga New Moon movie clips and tv spots?

Question by autumn92292: When will they be releasing the Twilight saga New Moon movie clips and tv spots?
on the New Moon movie website when you go under media and click videos it has the 3 trailers and on top it says “clips” and “tv spots” and when you click them it says “coming soon” i was just wondering if anybody had any idea of when or around what time would they be releasing any movie clips and/or tv spots??? would that not be til October and/or beginning or middle of November?

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Answer by ALCABU
the movie comes out in 65 days. i have a countdown on my dashboard, november 20 2009

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‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Spots: The McClanes Are Not a Hugging Family; They’re a Balding Family


Explosions! Quips! Cars! Bruce Willis’s smooth, damp, grimacing head! That one shot where some babe is unzipping her catsuit! Just a little pretty much all of what you can expect from these new 30-second spots for A Good Day To Die Hard.

‘Dark Knight Rises’ TV Spots: New Footage, New Sarcastic Eyebrow Raises, New Pushups


Here are the first couple TV spots for The Dark Knight Rises, that new Batman movie you’ve been wanting to see. As far as Batman commercials go, these rank just below the Dark Knight’s Diet Coke commercial from the original Batman VHS, and that is some high praise, so watch them.

That incredulous “my WIFE???” is just what I’m going to use next time someone thinks I have a wife. It’s getting boring always saying, “I’m LONELY!”

New ‘Avengers’ Spots: Captain America Tells Hulk To Smash, Hulk Does That


There’s this now: some new Avengers spots, these ones focusing on Captain America’s leadership and authoritative command of when Hulk does or does not “smash.” They’re lacking a certain quality in comparison to the clip of Scarlett Johansson escaping chair and dress, but at this point, isn’t everything?

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Gossip Girl – Chuck Spots Blair And Nate Kissing

Gossip Girl – Chuck Spots Blair And Nate Kissing episode part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 chace crawford blake lively versace chanel spoilers rumors
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Into The Woods Sonic Version!!! (Still open spots!!! Please Join!!!)

Guys this is a project I NEED to do, please join and fill the rest of the spots!!! I’ll love you all forever! Please? ~Nipah? Cast List (Current): Narrator: Brendan Baker: (Male, has to be nice) Baker’s Wife: Caitlyn Cinderella: Amy Rose Rapunzel: Amethyst Cinderella’s Prince: Sonic Rapunzel’s Prince: Tails Witch: Kayla Wolf: Madalyn Little Red Ridinghood: Lexie Grandma: Christie Cinderella’s Stepmother: 3 Cinderella’s Mother: Siiku Cinderella’s Father: Ivory Lucinda: Darkness Florinda: Sapphire Steward: (Male, nervous, but mean) Jack: Tyler Jack’s Mother: Tikka Milky-White: (Is a cow, and must female) Sleeping Beauty: Meremy Snow White: Jirna Giant (Female): X Baker’s Father: Sly

Muirfield has its lively spots, but no wild party holes

Andre 3000 covers the Beatles
By Simon Vozick-Levinson Simon Vozick-Levinson on OutKast man’s version of ”All Together Now,” soundtracking a Nike ad in heavy rotation on the NBA finals

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Kickham twins climb the ladder
The one-on-one basketball battles in the driveway were so intense that Kevin Kickham finally had to pull the plug.

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Muirfield has its lively spots, but no wild party holes
Golf bills itself as a gentleman’s game, but occasionally the 19th hole backs up onto the course to create a party atmosphere that tests the limits of self-control.

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