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Some Jennifer Aniston To Get Your Motor Running

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US ‘Mood Indigo’ Trailer Adds Some Subtitles to the Whimsy


We long-ago saw the French trailer for Mood Indigo, but with the film’s July 18th US release fast approaching, here’s a new look at Michel Gondry’s vision of romance filtered through cotton candy. Amélie Audrey Tautou and The Beat My Heart Skipped‘s Romain Duris star. In the future, when the idea of distinct races becomes a relic of the past, this film is going to be found by anthropologists and assumed to be a recording of what white people’s dreams looked like.

Here Are Some Things To Watch While You Wait for the ‘True Detective’ Finale


We all must wait until Sunday before True Detective‘s finale reveals that the entire mystery was but a viral campaign for Lone Star beer. So, to tide you over, here are a couple dumb but sort of brilliant True Detective-related things to fill just over a minute of the time left to go. Though, really, time is just a flat circle, etc.

(Thanks, Kevin Tomorrow!)

Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson for Some Reason Join Werner Herzog’s Latest


Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson, and Russell Brand have been cast in Vernon God Little, the Werner Herzog film that will most resemble a Funny or Die bit. The film reportedly tells “the story of a normal teenager whose word falls apart when his best friend, Jesus Navarro, murders their classmates in the schoolyard, and Vernon is taken in for questioning.” According to THR, Brand will play “a scheming newspaper reporter looking for an angle on the story,” while Anderson’s part isn’t yet revealed. Tyson will play “the axe murderer,” as Herzog has finally discovered a role for Tyson even more believable than “himself.”

’24: Live Another Day’ Teaser: Jack Bauer Returns To Yell and Shoot Some More


In case you missed it during the Super Bowl: here’s the trailer for 24: Live Another Day, the latest in Jack Bauer’s saga of day-in-the-life adventures. Like Star Trek: Into Cumberbatch, this time the terrorism has moved to London, and like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, now Kiefer Sutherland is a snarling dude protecting an extreme haircut and make-up from danger. But just give him a day or so. He’ll yell and shoot his way out of this.

What are some new good horror movies releases?

Question by Em-ily: What are some new good horror movies releases?
I’m having a party this weekend & my mom offered to buy a scary movie on DVD for me & my friends to watch.
What are the best new horror movie releases?
They can’t be rated R, PG-13 please :)

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Answer by Alexa

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Some Blue Ray movies have black bars on the top and bottom Why ?

Question by jim m: Some Blue Ray movies have black bars on the top and bottom Why ?
I have a week old blue ray player(Phillips) and a new 1080p HD TV (Phillips).Some newly released blue ray movies have black bars on the top and bottom.NO settings on the TV or the BD player will correct this.Shouldn’t this be corrected automatically when both are set to auto picture

Best answer:

Answer by Jon
This is part of the video itself, and not a problem with the hardware. The reasoning is that your TV doesn’t have the same dimensions as the original film, so the bars make the video smaller, using the full width to show the whole shot.

Often, with DVDs as well, you can select a full-frame video that makes use of Pan&Scan or another technology that was used to modify the video before placing it on the disc.

In addition, some TVs can “see” this black area and accommodate by stretching the video vertically to fill the screen. With this, everything will appear stretched and look odd. I find it’s best to eithe renjoy the full screen with the black bars, or to watch an alternative full-frame version, although you do miss out on a lot of the film.

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‘Justified’ Season 5 Trailer: Raylan Givens Rationalizes Some More Necessary Shootings


With the January 7th premiere of Justified just a couple weeks away, FX has released a new trailer teasing the show’s fifth season. In short, Timothy Olyphant’s Handsome Cowboy Mark II is going to end up shooting some more dudes, and now he’s also going to justly shoot a backyard pool.

‘Grand Budapest Hotel’, ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Debut Some New Posters


Good news if you like ridiculously artificial-looking worlds spattered in vivid reds: there are some new posters for Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City sequel, A Dame To Kill For. Have a look below, but first know that the Grand Budapest one is a motion poster. Don’t let the movement and sound panic and frighten you.


Whats Some Good music?

Question by Kasey: Whats Some Good music?
Guys what are some good songs Name and artist please

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Answer by AlEssiA_BaBii
all taylor swift songs are amazing.

help me?

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