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GRAMMY Signature Schools Presentation At Cherry Creek High School

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – MAY 02: Sarah Harrison leads the Cherry Creek High School Choir during performance at the GRAMMY… 

New ‘Mission: Impossible’ Trailer Lets Jeremy Renner Do Signature ‘Mission: Impossible’ Pose


Yes, the “I’m floating! I’m floating!” pose. As if to confirm the rumors that Jeremy Renner would be taking over the Mission: Impossible franchise so that Tom Cruise can flee from one last explosion and continue off into the sunset, the latest trailer for M:I – Ghost Protocol places our new Bourne-like character in the role popularized by Cruise: man suspended inches from the dangers below. If that isn’t a symbolic passing of the Mission: Impossible crackling wick, I don’t know what is. Curiously missing from the trailer: any indication of Ving Rhames. I’m sorry, Ving, you are not our new Tom Cruise: Impossible.

Skyscraper repelling! Now we know Tom Cruise is at least equal to or slightly more daring than all the Amazing Race contestants who have done that.