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Help Get Paul Giamatti in Animated Short Involving Giant Sloth


As collaborations between Paul Giamatti and indie comics people have a pretty solid track record, you should probably get in on, or at least be aware of, Giant Sloth. The animated short is being put together by graphic novelist Paul Hornschemeier (Mother, Come Home; Life with Mr. Dangerous), and he’s now looking for Kickstarter funding to get things going. Even without money, he’s got a pretty impressive cast already lined up, including Giamatti, The League‘s Jason Mantzoukas, SNL‘s Kate McKinnon, Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s Scott Aukerman, and Look Around You co-creator Robert Popper. You pay him, he will pay them, your eyes and ears will potentially profit. Animated Paul Giamatti looks like the actor mixed with one of those plastic crying dog banks from old restaurants! What more could you ask for?

Finally Explore Space as a Teenage Girl in the Amazing ‘Prospect’ Short


Featuring beautiful cinematography, lush environments, and masterful production design, Prospect is a sci-fi short that deserves the attention of fans of science fiction and short things. The dreamily-shot film focuses on a girl and her father trying to hit it rich prospecting on a rich, sunlit forest planet filled with bandits–sort of a Paper Moon of Endor by way of Where the Wild Things Are. It looks beautiful, wisely lives within its budgetary scope, and does well to remind us of the dangers of following our father’s get-rich-quick ideas. Please stop spending everything on scratch-offs, Dad.

(Thanks to Erin, and apologies to co-director Zeek Earl for not posting about this when he was trying to get earlier support for it. I thought I had, but it looks like I didn’t. Whups.)

‘Elefante’ Short: The Second Most Depressing Elephant Man, After ‘The Elephant Man’


In Pablo Larcuen’s dark comedy short Elefante, a miserably disenfranchised man ends up turning into an elephant. It’s like Metamorphosis meets Daft Punk’s Da Funk video meets clinical depression meets Babar. Ignoring a synopsis like that is only hurting yourself.

Watch This Short, Because It’s the Most Charming Way Children Will Merge with Spirits of the Dead Today


Artist Charles Huettner does a lot of strange and colorful illustrations and animation loops that he posts fairly frequently. He also recently took on a larger project in a pretty neat two-and-a-half minute short called The Jump that he just made public for general watching. Like a charming children’s book by way of Miyazaki, it’s got a lot of bold and fun character design but also stuff with kids, death, and spirits. Both cute and horrifying–like newborns, or small dogs whose eyeballs look like they might burst out.

The Virus || A biological thriller short film Psy Creations

‘The Virus’, a biological thriller, is about a deadly contagion that spreads in a residential campus. The authorities call for complete evacuation. Later, on…

Miley Cyrus’ Seksi Short Shorts Put Her Legs For Days On Grand Display!

Leggy goodness!

Miley Cyrus has been quite fond of showing her stems off, but this might just be their best look yet…even though she’s got her back to us!

While heading into a studio in Toluca Lake, Mileybird was allll legs in her short shorts and fiery red high heels. Perhaps she …

Side swept rolled updo hairstyle for medium short hair tutorial Charlize Theron vintage retro twist

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How come i save a movie on netflix months in advance im still put on short wait?

Question by ich werde gehat: How come i save a movie on netflix months in advance im still put on short wait?
seems to me that it should go in order of who added it first. so someone like me who saves movies months in advance of release date should get movies first in line compared to someone who just put in they’re queue the day before it came out. so why am i being put on short wait when movies are released all the time?

Best answer:

Answer by khcrazy213
It could mean that because the movie just got available, you have a short wait to get the movie because they’re still getting it in order but they can at least take it off your saved list, or there is somebody exactly like you who does that same thing only a wee bit faster.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

‘Short Term 12′ Trailer: You Can’t Bike Away from Your Past, Brie Larson!


A hit at SXSW this year, where it picked up the Grand Jury and Audience Award for Narrative Feature, Short Term stars Brie Larson as a dedicated foster-care supervisor at a home for at-risk teens. She’s passionate about her job, and gets to work alongside her equally-impassioned boyfriend, but the arrival of a troubled girl soon begins to stir up memories of Larson’s own difficult past. Drama unfolds, cupcakes are destroyed, and so on, because not even truly good people can be spared from life’s constant indignities. Best to learn that now, before you try too hard.

Here’s the trailer:

Shia LaBeouf Directs Dark Short Film: Watch Here!

Delving into directing, Shia LaBeouf created a creepy short film entitled “Haunted Love,” set to the song by the same title by the band Future Unlimited.

In the short, the “Transformer” actor’s girlfriend Mia Goth plays the lead female role, with Future Unlimited frontman David Miller as her male counterpart.

Scenes include Mia poisoning David as a baby cries on the floor, the child later burning in a fireplace, a bloody bathtub birth, and a brutal ax attack.

In an interview with the New York Times, the 26-year-old budding director explained that the work was inspired by the dancer Deena Thompsen and music video director Alma Har’el. He shared, “Working with them re-introduced me to dance as an emotive art form — last dance I [played around] with was the Tootsie Roll. The experience both in being around them and keeping in touch creatively inspired me to start writing a treatment, which quickly became a monologue of a scorned woman.”

Check out the video in the player below, but take care if you’re part of the younger audience.