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Vincent D’Onofrio Joins Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Series


Like the Men in Black, J.Lo in The Cell, and so many perps with a criminal intent, Daredevil is going to go up against Vincent D’Onofrio. As officially announced by Marvel, the versatile character actor will return to his Full Metal Jacket days of being fat, bald, and eventually deadly to play crime lord and businessman Wilson Fist, aka The Kingpin, on Netflix’s Daredevil series. It’s said Fisk’s “interests in the future of Hell’s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.” And because this is 2014’s Hell’s Kitchen, those conflicts about its future will take the form of opinionated, clashing Yelp reviews about which new restaurants deserve to stay open.

Patrick Stewart To Star in Series from ‘Bored to Death’ Creator


Hist long-planned Bored to Death movie seemingly lost in a haze of pot smoke and white wine, Jonathan Ames is reportedly moving on to another premium cable program with Blunt Talk. Patrick Stewart is attached to star in at least two seasons of the series, which will air on Starz and not just consist of him and Ian McKellen hanging out, even if that’s all anyone wants to watch him do at this point.

Stewart will play William Blunt, a Piers Morgan of sorts, a cable news interview show host hoping to impart his British sensibilities upon his American viewers. Beyond that, he has to deal with various ex-wives and their children, his bosses, and his staff, with his only support coming from “the alcoholic manservant he brought with him from the U.K.” Ames created the series and will serve as executive produce, writer, and showrunner. Seth MacFarlane is also producing and hopefully not therefore voicing the British manservant as some kind of zany cartoon presence. But that sure seems more likely now, doesn’t it?

Fox Orders Potentially Great Series from Will Forte and ‘Lego Movie’ Guys


Following the categorical success of The Lego Movie, Fox has decided to skip the pilot season and go straight to series on a single-camera pitch from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and their Lego/Clone High Lincoln, Will Forte. Titled The Last Man on Earth, the show was first given a pilot order last October, and was described as the tale of “two strangers who must overcome their differences and work together to ensure the survival of the human race.” Apparently that concept has changed since then; now Variety confirms that, truer to the title, Forte is the only lead. Forte also created and is executive producing with Miller and Lord, who are co-directing.

Miller and Lord previously turned a toy movie, a 21 Jump Street reboot, and the picture book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs into wildly entertaining films. Forte turned a recurring Saturday Night Live parody of MacGyver into one of the funniest films in recent memory. If we can’t believe in this series, then who or what can we believe in?


Age of the Dragons (Canadian Release) New DVD

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The Pirates of Penzance (Canadian Release) New DVD
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill Developing Series About Q-Tip


Giving The Wolf of Wall Street a bizarre and unexpected epilogue, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are today continuing their investment work together in the big-money business of Q-Tip-based television.

Deadline reports that DiCaprio and Hill are teaming with Q-Tip to produce a drama series loosely based on the hip-hop artist’s life in the late ’80s and early ’90s. That’s when he was first active in A Tribe Called Quest and, more broadly, a part of the Native Tongues collective that included similar acts like De La Soul and Jungle Brothers. The show will reportedly “reflect on the stories of their friendship and how their music played a part in culture then and influenced the music of today.” Really, though, it should just be Midnight Marauders played behind this:

Breaking Bad Wins Its First Golden Globe For Best Dramatic TV Series!


After one IN-SANE year for television — especially that stuff that’s so good it’s almost too hard to watch — we have a winner! Breaking Bad is this year’s Best Dramatic TV Series at the 2014 Golden Globes!

The acclaimed series won out against strong contenders Downton Abbey, The Goodwife, House …

David Mamet Making Seven-Episode Series for Fox


S.D.S. “S”: Seven. “D:”: Deadly. “S”: Sins. Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Deadly Sins. The reason for this vague, sloppy reference to Baldwin’s Glengarry Glen Ross speech? Because the Seven Deadly Sins are the subject of the latest project from David Mamet, and that is the sort of lazy segue one comes up with on the Friday before Christmas. Mamet is reportedly teaming with Lionsgate Television and 20th Century Fox for a seven-episode limited series in which the cardinal sins “will serve as a backdrop of a series of interconnected stories the reflect on the human condition through Mamet’s distinctive lens.” Despite the playwright and screenwriter’s tendency for vulgarity, the series will be airing on Fox. David Mamet probably just really likes Bones.

Sound Storm Laboratories PSY4000D PSYCLONE Series 4000-Watt Class D Monoblock Amp, One Ohm Stable, with Remote Sub Level Control

Sound Storm Laboratories PSY4000D PSYCLONE Series 4000-Watt Class D Monoblock Amp, One Ohm Stable, with Remote Sub Level Control

Sound Storm Laboratories PSY4000D PSYCLONE Series 4000-Watt Class D Monoblock Amp, One Ohm Stable, with Remote Sub Level Control

  • Class D Topology
  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • 1 Ohm Stable
  • Variable Crossover
  • Remote Subwoofer Level Control

The Sound Storm Laboratories team of engineers set out to design a line of amplifiers that would take the industry by storm. The result is PSYCLONE perhaps the most finely tuned application-oriented series of amplifiers in our lineup. The PSYCLONE Series of amplifiers includes everything an enthusiast needs to construct a heart pounding, bone rattling, and award winning mobile audio system: fierce monoblocks to power big subwoofers, two 4-channel amplifiers for door speakers and tweeters, and three 2-channel amplifiers for maximum flexibility. PSYCLONE is a stylish, serious, no frills amplifier series that is bound to leave massive auditory enjoyment in its path. Like their name implies, these amplifiers are crazy good. The PSY4000D is a powerful, 1 ohms stable Class D monoblock amplifier with a variable crossover, variable subsonic filter, variable phase selector, and, of course, a wired remote subwoofer level control. Sound Storm Laboratories is committed to maintaining our role as an industry leading provider of mobile entertainment. SSL has reached the pinnacle of the industry by designing and building a broad selection of innovative and exciting products for a wide variety of mobile applications. The SSL product development team devotes vast resources to ensure that SSL remains on the leading edge of industry trends and related technologies while our sales and marketing team works to balance the price/value relationship. These efforts enable SSL to provide outstanding products with unparalleled reliability, durability and performance to our fans at a tremendous value.

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MTV Developing Series from Terry Brooks’ ‘Shannara’ Books


Taking their understanding of “fantasy” beyond the staged reality of a professional skateboarder, MTV has set about making their own Game of Thrones of sorts. With Jon Favreau and Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, they’re reportedly developing a show based on the Shannara books, the Terry Brooks series that was a fair indicator its reader owned a dice bag. Though the still-growing twenty-some book epic began with The Sword of Shannara, producers are said to be bypassing that to go straight to its follow-up, The Elfstones of Shannara. The show has a straight-to-series order, meaning it will by-pass the pilot stage if the network likes the script, going into production with Favreau directing and Gough and Millar writing.

“I am thrilled to be working with the Smallville creators, Al and Miles, again along with the amazingly talented Jon Favreau,” MTV programming president Susanne Daniels said in a statement. “We feel that the Shannara novels are a perfect fit for MTV, as this type of fantasy genre has continuously proved to resonate with our audience.” What are Snooki’s various shows are, after all, but unreal elven tales that just won’t seem to end.

NBC Developing ‘Wolfman’ Series in Bid To Become Spookiest Network


Enlivened by the success of their Dracula not quite needing to be canceled just yet, NBC has set about returning to the world of stock Halloween costumes for another venture. Now they’re reportedly working on a Wolfman show, and Dracula‘s head writer Daniel Knauf is developing it, though not from an original take. Instead, he’ll be building off of Joe Johnson’s 2010 Benicio del Toro Wolfman–the one that in the U.S. made only $ 62 million back on its $ 150 million budget, so they’ll obviously have to dramatically lessen that interest-cost disparity if they hope to make this work. Thankfully, that should all work itself out the moment development reaches the point where it turns out this Wolfman time-traveled to the present to sniff out New York’s toughest criminals.