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‘Now You See Me’ Sequel Still Happening, Probably with ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Director


Jon M. Chu has apparently become the go-to guy to replicate the most undeserved $ 300 million-plus grosses. The G.I. Joe sequel director is reportedly the frontrunner to direct a sequel to Now You See Me, the 2013 film in which the promise of Jesse Eisenberg and stage magic proved a weirdly huge draw, grossing over $ 350 million worldwide. Details on the new film aren’t yet available, but chances are it will again involve Jesse Eisenberg and stage magic. As it turns out, that’s probably enough.

‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequel Will Also Have Hailee Steinfeld Singing Things Sans Music


Much as a superhero film will add more villains with each successive film, so will Pitch Perfect bring in more Barden Bellas to be killed off in the sequels. Variety has reported that Hailee Steinfeld is joining Pitch Perfect 2, and Pitch Perfect 2 has since confirmed the news with this tweeted image of the actress in front of purple. (As indicated by their background image, that means someone is in the movie.) Steinfeld’s role has not yet been revealed. She’s probably Spike, or Gasher, or Nutzball.

You Can Maybe Blame Basic Cable for the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Sequel


If news of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel left you wondering why anyone would ever think to do that, you can probably blame basic cable as a whole. According to a new study from analytics company IHS (via), the amount of movies aired on cable networks hit a three-year high on 2013, and at the top of the list for individual airings was Mrs. Doubtfire. Keeping the 1993 Chris Columbus comedy in the public eye, cable averaged over one airing a week of the film, playing it 66 times across five separate networks. Sadly, like with a stovetop slowly scorching a prosthetic bosom, it’s only after the damage is done that we realize what a painful mistake that was.

EXCLUSIVE! Diddy Dishes On Dropping $100M On A Tequila Co.! Deets On His Cîroc Sequel HERE!

The Most Interesting Man in the World ain’t got NOTHING on Puffy Daddy, LOLz!!

Diddy has been bringing joy to the tastebuds of vodka lovers across the world for years with Cîroc, his ultra successful line of premium vodka, but now he’s branching out!!

The mega-successful producer, entrepreneur, and recording artist reportedly …

‘Paul Blart’ Sequel Moving Forward (on Hilarious Segway, No Doubt)


After Paul Blart: Mall Cop ended up being an unexpected hit, becoming one of the top 20 grossers of 2009, star and co-writer Kevin James went on to try the pratfalls + pedestrian career model two more times over the following three years. But while the disproportionately-attractive love interests kept coming, audiences did not, and his UFC Teacher and Schizophrenic Park Employee debuted to decreasing box office returns.

So, the UPS man of Queens has decided to return to the film that started it all, with THR reporting he’ll star and write a sequel to his anodyne counterpart to Observe & Report. Blart co-writer Nick Bakay is also back on board for the follow-up, as is producer Adam Sandler, but not original director Steve Carr. His duties have been passed on to Andy Fickman, director of such “what was that? ohhhh, that” titles as The Game Plan, You Again, and last year’s Parental Guidance. Plot details likely hinge on whether Paul Blart should become a crossing guard or if that should be its own series where Kevin James has a different funny name.

Good News, Bad News For Jen Aniston In 'We're The Millers' Sequel Negotiation

Good News, Bad News For Jen Aniston In 'We're The Millers' Sequel Negotiation
It was the best of times and worst of times for Jennifer Aniston in 2013, as she's negotiating a reported $ 15 million salary for at least one We're The Millers sequel, though the back-and-forth has been undermined by her appearance on Forbes' “Most …
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Jennifer Aniston Bald? No, Photo of Shaved Head, 'Cancer' Buzz-Cut for Niece
A viral Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram rumor that's being spread on Tuesday is claiming that Jennifer Aniston shaved her head for her cancer-stricken niece, showing a photo of her with a bald, buzz cut-style haircut, but it's a hoax. A photo was …
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Allegedly Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Advises Jennifer Lawrence After Canceled
A new report claims that Jennifer Aniston, who is allegedly pregnant, recently offered some fashion advice to Jennifer Lawrence. Unfortunately, that story comes from one of the most disreputable publications in existence. Their latest rumors comes …
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‘World War Z’ Sequel Has Director


Paramount and producer-star Brad Pitt have found a new director to loosely sling around the neck of their World War Z sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, the Spanish The Orphanage director who last helmed the Naomi Watts-Ewan McGregor tsunami drama The Impossible. A writer is still needed on the project, but now that Bayona is on board, he’ll be overseeing that process. What he will not have input on is whether or not they’re going to call this thing Z2. That’s a foregone conclusion, right?

Merry Christmas: You’re Getting an ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Sequel


The joyful, unambiguous ending of the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life is getting another chapter added on, because maybe life isn’t all that great after all, eh, George?

Variety claims Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions are teaming up for It’s a Wonderful Life: The Rest of the Story, a follow-up said to be a real movie that will actually be in theaters and everything for Christmas 2015. Karolyn Grimes, who played George Bailey’s petal-loving daughter Zuzu in the original, is already attached to return to the role, even though the character is technically being killed off; she’ll now be an angel who, instead of telling someone what a wonderful life they’ve got, shows Bailey’s grandson how much better off the world would be were he to not exist. Sort of like how an It’s a Wonderful Life sequel will show us how the world will be now that satire does not exist.

confessions of a shopaholic movie sequel?

Question by feedin time at dezeuww: confessions of a shopaholic movie sequel?
are there any plans to release a movie sequel to the film confessions of a shopaholic?

Best answer:

Answer by WarholFan
I haven’t heard anything about it but it definitely possible, after all there were four sequels to the book.

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‘Olympus Has Fallen’ To Have Sequel Where Gerard Butler Saves London


Millennium Films’ Die Hard-but-in-the-White-House is, logically, getting its Die Harder-but-in-England. ScreenDaily reports plans are being made for a sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, one of the year’s two biggest films about a guy briefly interrupting his sit-up regimen to stop an attack on the U.S. President’s home. Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, and Angela Bassett are all attached to reprise their roles, though the White House, sadly, will not. This time, the cast is headed to London, where there’s a plot to destroy the city and “only the President of the United States, his secret service head and an English MI6 agent can save the day.” (The UK government is weakened and distracted by the funeral of the British Prime Minister, and they lack a trained Gerard Butler except in real life.)

The film is obviously going by the title London Has Fallen. Production is already scheduled to begin in May, though a director has not yet been announced. Antoine Fuqua is not returning, so smart money says to hold out for Buckingham Palace Has Fallen.