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Robot & Frank — $35.5K

An aging thief with a fading memory finds his love for larceny reinvigorated after receiving a companion robot from his concerned son in this tender sci-fi comedy-drama starring Academy Award nominee Frank Langella. Frank (Langella) is a former criminal living out his twilight years in quiet solitude. Though frequent trips to the local library keep him physically active and mentally stimulated, there’s little question that his memory isn’t what it used to be, and lately his grown children have begun to express… [more]

‘Robot & Frank’ stills

An aging thief with a fading memory finds his love for larceny reinvigorated after receiving a companion robot from his… 

‘Blinky’ Short: Don’t Buy Your Jerk Kid of the Future a Robot, Okay?


Written, directed and edited by Ruairi Robinson for 45k euro, Blinky is a sharp-looking 12-minute short that stars Where the Wild Things Are‘s Max Records as an petulant, spoiled child whose relationship with an indentured companion robot deteriorates in some fairly surprising ways. Director Robinson also did all the 3D robot modeling and provided the voice for Blinky, and after seeing the results, I think you’ll agree he should be respectively commended and sued by Dave Coulier for theft of riotous Jackalope voice.


‘Robot & Frank’ Trailer: Frank Langella and Asimo Forge Friendship Between Elderly and Creepy Robot


Taking place in what the trailer calls “the near future,” Robot & Frank depicts a world in which robot companions have replaced “a cat and a faint understanding of how to get photographs off the email” as the primary means of keeping the aged distracted from their impending death. Thus, when the film’s James Marsden grows concerned his father and The Box co-star Frank Langella has become a depressed hoarder, he brings in an Asimo-esque automaton programmed to be an uplifting, house-tending helper that will improve Langella’s life by assumedly reminding him how much he liked the 1999 Robin Williams comedy Bicentennial Man. Unfortunately, the robot instead seems to remind Langella of the exploitative crimes of Edward Scissorhands, and the septuagenarian enlists his companion to naïvely aid him in a life of endearing theft via some robotic lock-picking skills. In a far less endearing crime, he also has the innocent robot using his dextrous robo-hands for enemas:

Come on, Sarandon, look at yourself. You can do better than Skeletor.

First ‘Prometheus’ Clip: Robot Michael Fassbender Seems Like a Bit of an A-Hole


In the Alien series, androids have played the parts of both benevolent heroes and pompous, secretive assholes who need to be shoved into a wall and eventually decapitated. With this first clip from Prometheus that premiered on last night’s Tonight Show, it’s starting to look like Michael Fassbender’s David is probably going to fall into the latter camp. Have a look below, and stay tuned for Headlines.

Is there any moment in this film that is not super intense? Because at this point, the previews have set this up such that I’m going to pretty disappointed if there is a single line of dialogue not screamed or menacingly whispered over icy stares.

[PrometheusForum (via)]

‘Short Circuit’ Remake Will Have More Threatening Robot, A Pre-Teen


Speaking to the L.A. Times, Alvin and the Chipmunks director Tim Hill has revealed how he plans to update his Short Circuit remake for savvy audiences more aware of robotic technology and what an actual Indian guy looks like. Think more realistic for the robot and more pre-pubescent for the Ally Sheedy.

The Garfield 2 and Hop director–whom the Times calls “one of the more eclectic director voices out in Hollywood,” apparently in reference to the breadth of CGI animal characters he has employed–explained that while he is “tempted to go back and grab the original” design for robot Johnny Five, that path being most faithful to the spirit of this lazy remake, he will be updating the character to reflect “what modern design actually is.”

“You’ve got to find the balance between something fierce and something endearing,” Hill told the paper. “The original was cute. But no one was threatened by it,” he said, overlooking the fear evoked in hapless burglars faced with narrowed eye slats and a robotic “bad humans!”

This new, more threatening appearance is meant to reflect that, as in the original, Number Five’s origins are as a military robot. This point Hill finds particularly relevant, as we now really do “have drones that do our fighting for us,” and this remake can now finally answer the question of what if those drones suddenly got really depressed and overcome dwelling on their inevitable death and the morality of wartime killing?

Said Hill, “That’s what makes this so interesting — things like this moment in the story when Johnny realizes he’s going to be disassembled and contemplates death, and whether it’s right to terminate someone else.” As the director himself recognized, hearing the harmonic plea of “Help Me, Rhonda” but knowing no one can help the inevitability of death, “These are heavy themes for a family movie.” Sometimes inputting doesn’t even seem like it’s worth it, you know?

But don’t worry, Hill also has a plan to make sure his remake will keep that family focus: now the Ally Sheedy character will be a teenager or pre-teen, “because it adds a wish-fulfillment dimension not present in the original.” As if this remake isn’t already the ultimate wish fulfillment, Tim.

This Poster Has Hugh Jackman Posing in Front of a Boxing Robot


Real Steel: a movie starring Hugh Jackman, and co-starring a CGI robot that Hugh Jackman trains in fisticuffs. Here’s a poster representing that, with the image of Hugh Jackman and a CGI robot whose fists sort of look like boxing gloves–the perfect reminder to go see this on October 7th and send the studios the clear message that what we want are movies in which Hugh Jackman trains CGI robots in the sweet science. Everything else has been wasting our time.


The New Poster for Real Steel, Starring Hugh Jackman [ComingSoon]

‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ Trailer: Robot Tentacles Rape Chicago


The Decepticons’ hatred of the Chicagoland area being what it is, they’ve returned to finish the job in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and they are so over all the “look, I’m a jet, whoops I’m a robot-guy” more-than-meets-the-eye stuff. Remember the giant robot blimp Transformers toy that had hundreds of missiles? Yeah, me neither, but if this trailer is any indication, that’s apparently what someone–be it Decepticon or moon-bot–is using to attack us now, just really dusting the place with barely even the dignity to briefly drive around as a new-model GM car or truck. Have a look:

Boy, Earth is sure fucked, huh? Optimus is telling us this is our problem–even though he’s the only living truck with arm swords–Tyrese has absolutely given in to our robot overlords, and, Jesus, who is this unconsolable collection of hair and lips that won’t stop crying? Blow-up Doll, can you not see that Shia is trying to shout loud enough to somehow make sense of all this absolutely un-followable action and plot? God bless her midriff, I thought we’d be better off without Megan Fox, but now there’s this sobbing human Pokemon? Who knew Michael Bay’s main improvements to the series would be providing masturbation fodder for tentacle rape fanatics and dacryphiliacs who think Julianne Moore is too old.

toy story 2 boss 9 King Robot

ninth boss from toy story 2