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Cat Forced To Reenact Film Scenes for Our Brief Amusement


I somehow doubt this is the first time someone on the internet has done this, but nevertheless, someone has forced their visibly-annoyed cat into recreating a variety of famous film scenes, and you can look at those here. According to the pet-owners responsible, this photo shoot cost them the entirety of their pet’s trust and willingness to be posed, so if you want more, you’re going to have to find someone else who will take cute photos of their cat and post them on the internet.

Jason Bateman Time: Watch Bateman Re-Enact ‘TW Too’ and Demand Mercy from Green Lantern


Just when it was starting seem like surely The Change-Up‘s only contribution to society would be the addition of a nomadic, piss-fueled fountain as a plot device option, suddenly the body-switch comedy has a new, inadvertently pleasant offering: actual humor! Thanks to the film’s press tour forcing Jason Bateman to promote this goddammer, I now have two legitimately entertaining clips to share that I swear do not involve how funny it is that Bateman takes care of babies while Ryan Reynolds takes care of two women. One clip, from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, gives Bateman a second chance at his acting in Teen Wolf Too; the other includes the line “Don’t hurt him, Lantern!”, which should speak for itself. Watch!: