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Real-Life Walter White Found, Is Also a Meth Manufacturer


In a classic case of case of depressing, substance-dependent life imitating art, currently at the top of Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office’s Most Wanted List (via) is one Walter White, an Alabama man wanted for violating his parole after a 2008 conviction on the manufacturing of methamphetamine. As Breaking Bad fans will recognize, this is more than just another instance of pitiable cyclical criminality because, hey, Walter White is the name of Bryan Cranston’s character on AMC’s award-winning program! And he is also a 50-something white guy whose profession is meth cook! And it’s just these kinds of happy coinkidinks that makes the whole rising meth epidemic so worth it in the end.

Anyone with information as to Actual Walter White’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at 205-752-0616, and not to say “look for the brand new Chrysler 300″ or “Why you after Mr. White, bitch?” because they’ve already heard all that shit.

(Thanks, Wes.)