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‘Last Stand’ Poster: Schwarzenegger Has Several Cool, Manly Personal Effects


Does The Last Stand have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it? Is he a sheriff? Does that sheriff have a fucking huge gun, and a sports car that seems a little over-extravagant? In his town? On his watch? All of these nagging questions have been answered with the film’s first poster, just debuted at IGN. Find the remaining answers below.


How can a personal assistant to a celebrity have time 2 meet a potential spouse or start a family?

Question by JA+JH: How can a personal assistant to a celebrity have time 2 meet a potential spouse or start a family?
If there w/ the celebrity 24/7 do they have a life? i dont understand how it works.

Best answer:

Answer by arielz10
Yeah they do have a life. They have people that can step in for them and they do get vacations also. I would hate for that to be my job though. GOOD QUESTION.

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How do I become a celebrity personal assistant?

Question by Bethany Stewart: How do I become a celebrity personal assistant?
I’m so fascinated with the celebrity life style. I love it!! I would like to become a personal assistant for a celebrity, producer, or director. I have a degree in public relations.

Best answer:

Answer by himeko
Did you try looking on the web try there they might have something

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Joss Whedon Wants Smaller, More Personal ‘Avengers 2′, Hates Iron Man’s Triangle Chest Thing


Director Joss Whedon is still finishing up The Avengers for its May 4 release, but already he’s bravely presuming that Marvel might have an interest in making more of these things. He’s also presuming Marvel would be cool with an Avengers sequel being “smaller [and] more painful,” which does not sound like a tagline Marvel would approve of.

In a recent interview with SFX (via) the Buffy creator was asked how he could possibly make the film any bigger, he replied:

“By not trying to. By being smaller. More personal, more painful… By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself.”

So what he’s saying is that a film with two Norse Gods, a man in a metal suit, a babe in a leather jumpsuit, Samuel L. Jackson, bow-and-arrow guy, a huge green monster in pants, a patriotic shield-bearer from the past, and a group of some kind of flying aliens does not need to be any larger? It’s a fairly convincing argument, Whedon, but I’m curious how it will fare against Marvel’s superhero masterplan of amassing a custodian’s keychain of the biggest, brightest, shiniest things guaranteed to grab our attention when jingled in front us. “Small, personal, and painful” sounds mature and all, guy, but Marvel would really like to sell some stuff to some ten-year-olds and manchildren, don’t forget.

On that point, here’s an interview of Whedon talking to Empire about why the Iron Man suit in the trailer no longer has the triangular arc reactor from Iron Man 2. In short, he thinks “the triangle is ass,” and even if he’d kept the triangle, you wouldn’t see it long anyway: in the spirit of Iron Man 2 and Marvel wanting to have a bunch of variants to sell as toys, there are going to be all sorts of suits worn and Battle Damaged™.

So there you go.

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2010 Ironman World Championships up close and personal: the swim (part 1)

( ) It has been two years since someone else besides Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington has win the Ironman World Championships. But all of that changed in 2010 when Chrissie dropped out before the race started and Craig struggled to stay with the leaders in the bike. Consider this your front row seat to this year’s race. Today we start with part 1…the swim.

Personal & Beauty Favorites- September 2010

personal & Beauty Favorites :) book- The Time Travelers Wife Nail Polish- Maybeline Express Finish Pearl in White Cloud -Maybeline Forever Strong in Blanc Pur Baby Mascara- Maybeline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara Lip Gloss- Maybeline Superstay Gloss in Rhinestone Pearl Song- My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless Ringtone- Supermasive Black Hole by Muse Jewelry Piece- Ring from Accessorize Movie- Vampires Suck TV Show – Jonas LA

APEX Personal Training Calgary 70.3

Darryl & Renee, owners of APEX Personal Training, take on their first 1/2 Iron Man Distance Triathlon in Calgary, Alberta on August 1, 2010. 1/2 Iron-Man Distance = 1900 m Swim / 58 mile Bike / 13.1 mile Run Results: Darryl Sobering – 05:27:06; Renee Sobering – 05:45:08

Irnman Austria 2010 personal video

Ironman Austria

What kind of people follow celebrity news and love to follow the PERSONAL lives of celebrities?

If you like celebrity news or infotainment–and if you like see television cameras or magazines following the PERSONAL LIVES of celebrities–you need help.

So who follows celebrity news the most? Prep kids? Teenyboppers? Idiots?