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Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club — $8.1M

When five struggling single moms put aside their differences to form a
support group, they find inspiration and laughter in their new sisterhood, and
help each other overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. “Tyler Perry’s
The Single Moms Club” is written, produced and directed by Tyler
Perry. [more]

Controversial Image Removed From Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Video

Taking notice of some fans’ request, Katy Perry has removed the word “Allah” from her “Dark Horse” music video.

After the video came out, U.K. resident Shazad Iqbal started a petition to get the 29-year-old pop star to remove the image.

Referring to a man being engulfed in flames while wearing a pendant with “Allah” on it, the petition states, “Such goes to show, that blasphemy is clearly conveyed in the video, since Katy Perry (who appears to be representing an opposition of God) engulfs the believe and the word God in flames.”

Alleging that she is promoting blasphemy and using the name of God in a “distasteful manner,” the petition grabbed over 65,000 signatures.

On Wednesday, Iqbal announced, “Guys I’m thrilled to let you all know the name of Allah has been removed from the ‘Dark Horse’ video. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support, so I thank each and every one of you deeply.”

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas — $16M

Tyler Perry’s Madea returns to the big screen with this Lionsgate release surrounding a trip to the country during the holiday season. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi [more]

Here’s Tyler Perry’s Next Thing That Doesn’t Involve Madea


Madea Christmas doesn’t hit theaters until Thursday night, but as is the Tyler Perry’s tradition, the director is giving you one of your Madea Christmas gifts early. It’s a trailer for The Single Moms Club, one of the Madea-free films Perry likes to sprinkle into his catalogue every now and then while he lets the fat suit air out. This one focuses on a group of single moms (naturally) who support each other by sitting in a circle sipping wine, as they’ve seen other women do in other movies. They also dish about all the hunks they’re pursuing in apparent bids to no longer be single moms, one of said “hunks” being writer-director Tyler Perry (naturally). But who better to tell of the very real struggle of the single mother than a rich 44-year-old man who occasionally pretends he’s an intermittent single mom by way of lipstick and a wig? Hallelujer.

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas


Katy Perry’s Hair At Paris Fashion Week Deserves A Prize

Over the past week, she’s done everything that I attempted to do in 5th grade, without the incessant grease!





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John Mayer Admits To Getting ‘Swallowed Up’ By Katy Perry’s Great, ‘Big’… Roar!

No need to ask this guy Who You Love!

It’s Katy Perry, and her fab fresh track off of Prism!!

John Mayer recently spoke out about Roar’s super-duper success, but he says he isn’t the least bit surprised by what his lover and collaborative partner was able to achieve!!!

In fact, he swears …

Katy Perry’s New Single “Roar”: Listen Here!

Hitting the web a couple days early, Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” leaked on Saturday (August 10).

Originally scheduled for a big Monday release, the track is off of her upcoming album, Prism, and features some empowering lyrics.

In the tune, the 28-year-old songstress sings, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire ’cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

Sharing a teaser of the song, last week Katy tweeted, “This one’s for the kittens. It’s time to make those meows.” Check out the full song below and be sure to pick up Prism when it hits stores on October 22nd.

Good Morning, Katy Perry’s Cleavage, And Other News

Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway Katy Perry Cleavage Kinky Boots Broadway

Posted by Photo Boy – Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon shut down Disneyland for the completely sane practice of renewing their wedding vows ANNUALLY. – Kate Moss‘ “Shitfaced Tara Reid At The Prom” costume is going to be all the rage this Halloween. – Redheads and their partially covered lady parts. Read More …

Tyler Perry’s Temptation — $4.5M

Acclaimed playwright Tyler Perry explores the hardships of marriage and the benefits of confronting problems in this drama about the stressful union between a hardworking accountant and his loving wife, a harried marriage counselor. Roger Jackson strives to support his family, a group that includes not only his Ivy League-educated wife Judith (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), but his ganja-smoking father Stanley and her Bible-thumping mother TT as well. Meanwhile, Judith doles out thoughtful advice to couples every… [more]