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‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Director Doing a Live-Action Fairy Tale Mash-Up


In kind of disappointing news today, Coraline director Henry Selick is reportedly giving up the labors of stop-motion for the comforts of living actors, who will just move around however he wants for money. He’s signed to direct A Tale Dark & Grimm, a live-action adaptation of the children’s book of the same name from Adam Gidwitz. Selick will be the latest director to take on some fairy tale stuff in telling a new spin on Hansel and Gretel–one which sees the siblings exit their fairy tale and wander into some other Grimm works, encountering a variety of evil foes and even Satan himself. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for dressing up in leather and fighting witches, but surely they’ll find a way. Otherwise, what kind of shitty, primitive Hansel and Gretel movie is this?

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Steve Carell Showed Up to ‘Ellen’ as His ‘Despicable Me’ Character, and It Was Slightly a Nightmare


Doing his best, likely contractually-obligated duty to promote July’s Despicable Me 2, Steve Carell appeared on Ellen in full Gru costume for an in-character interview and some of the dancing Ellen is apparently still doing. It was sort of like when Inspector Gadget voice Don Adams showed up on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show as personified Inspector Gadget, except how that wasn’t terrifying, Cronenbergian body horror. Here’s the video:

And that’s why Despicable Me 2 is not suddenly live-action.

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Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare [Official Music Video]

© 2011 WMG “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold from ‘Nightmare,’ available now. Download on iTunes – wbr.fm Links: Website- avengedsevenfold.com Twitter- http Facebook- facebook.com Nightmare! (Now your nightmare comes to life) Dragged ya down below Down to the devil’s show To be his guest forever Peace of mind is less than never Hate to twist your mind But God ain’t on your side An old acquaintance severed Burn the world your last endeavor Flesh is burning You can smell it in the air Cause men like you have Such easy soul to steal (steal) So stand in line while They ink numbers in your head You’re now a slave Until the end of time here Nothing stops the madness, Burning, haunting, yearning Pull the trigger You should have known The price of evil And it hurts to know That you belong here, yeah Ooh, it’s your fuckin’ nightmare (While your nightmare comes to life) Can’t wake up and sweat ‘Cause it ain’t over yet Still dancing with your demons Victim of your own creation Beyond the will to fight Where all that’s wrong is right Where hate don’t need a reason Loathing self-assassination You’ve been lied to Just to rape you of your site And now they have the nerve To tell you how to feel (feel) So sedated as they Medicate your brain And while you slowly Go insane they tell ya “Given with the best intentions help you with your complications” You should have known The price of evil And it hurts to know That you belong here, yeah No one to call Everybody to fear Your tragic fate is
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition – Lost in Nightmare “Walkthrough Part 4/4″ ☆ SINGLE ☆

Please Read The Description First Before Watching My Gameplay ATTENTION : There Other Channels Who’s Trying To Steal My Videos Without Permission So if You Know The Link of Video or That Channel, Please Add a Comment & Let Me Know. “Channel That Trying To Steal The Videos” = UCWHD Channel = = Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition = = BioHazard 5 Alternative Edition = (JPN) = バイオハザード5オルタナティブエディション = Date Released : February 18th 2009 (JPN) Type : BLU-RAY DISC Type (Not DLC from PSN) You Can Also Follow Me on TWITTER & FACEBOOK if you want an UPDATED VIDEOS for my Channel. Follow Me on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com Follow Me on TWITTER twitter.com ============================ NOTE : I Only have Japanese Version of all my Games Because i live in JAPAN. so if some of you wondering where did i get this version, the answer is i buyed this BLU-RAY DISC Type (Not Downloadable Content from PSN) “Gameplay By : hsypersakura2009″ “Level : Normal Level” “Character Used : Jill Valenatine” “Rank : S-Rank Cleared” ============================ Okay About This Walkthrough This is my 2nd time to finish this episode “LOST IN NIGHTMARES” my 1st run was on VETERAN Level Just to UNLOCK the PROFESSIONAL Level. ============================ Q. How To UNLOCK PROFESSIONAL? A. Finish The Episode on VETERAN. Q. How Do You Play as JILL VALENTINE? A. Just Beat The Episode Once. Q. How To Get an Overall S-RANK? A. If You Watch This Walkthrough You Can UNLOCK the Trophy if you Wish Too. Q. How To

“Perfect Nightmare” – Jennifer Aniston


Bodybags Count: A Nightmare On Elm Street Deaths

This video is the first of the “Bodybags Count” series which looks into the deaths of some of our greatest horror movies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Teaser Trailer


Halloweenathon #19 A Nightmare on Elm Street

To see the entire film, you can buy the dvd here: www.amazon.com Years after being burned alive by a mob of angry parents, child murderer Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) returns to haunt the dreams — and reality — of local teenagers in Wes Craven’s spine-chilling slasher classic. As the town’s teens begin dropping like flies, Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and her boyfriend, Glen (Johnny Depp, in his big-screen debut), devise a plan to lure the monster out of the realm of nightmares and into the real world.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 0: Sister’s Keeper TRAILER

Original Name: Freddy’s Nightmares: Sister’s Keeper This is the long overdue follow-up to my “Nightmare On Elm Street 0: No More Mr. Nice Guy” edit. We pick up a short while after the events of that film, following the twin sisters and their encounters with Freddy in their dreams. Before Nancy, these are the ORIGINAL “Elm Street” children! Re-cut and re-scored! Coming August 1st! Download Here: www.freewebs.com/retrohorrorremix/

NEW FREDDY KRUEGER A Nightmare On Elm Street Official Trailer

If your scared. I mean REALLY Scared… www.youtube.com