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Midyear Music Exam: 2012’s Hits and Misses So Far

A look at music’s hits and misses so far this year.  

J.J. Abrams’ Television Hits and Misses

As creator, writer, director and executive producer, is he an all-around hit-maker? 

2011’s Hits and Misses

Highs, lows and a few in-betweens from this year’s musical harvest 

Shia LaBeouf Misses Megan Fox On Transformers 3! – Follow Us! Shia LaBeouf is missing his Costar while Michael Bay admits he isn’t perfect! All the details coming up next! Welcome back to Clevver Movies, I’m your Host Chelsea Cannell! Just behind Avatar, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was the #2 movie of last year but Director Michael Bay recently admitted he knows the film may not have lived up to fans expectations! Bay recently remarked that it was VERY HARD to put the sequel together quickly after the writers strike causing a few problems which were unavoidable. Which is Understandable, but fans of the franchise are already looking ahead. So what changes can be expected from the newest transformers installment? Well, one change that’s already being mourned by fans is the replacement of the films ex- hottie Megan Fox. But fans arnt the only ones who are missing Megan. Shia LaBeouf recently told USA Today that he “loves and misses” his former co-star. He added, however, that he has hope for the future though, saying that his and fox’s characters, Sam and Mikeala, had become one character and that the new casting of Victoria’s Secret Model Rosie Huntington Whitely brings “discovery and a new perspective to the film!” As for some of the other changes, Bay revealed the 3rd installment will be more of a mystery, tying in much of the history from the original and added that what he likes to call “the dork comedy” will be gone, which includes the Twins, and the slang spewing robots with the exception of
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