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Shailene Woodley Might Be the Next Jennifer Aniston

Shailene Woodley Might Be the Next Jennifer Aniston
Given the similarities between the two stars, an argument could be made as to why Shailene Woodley might be the next Jennifer Aniston. Both were part of ensemble casts, but really shined. Of course, The Secret Life of the American Teen – or just Secret …
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Jennifer Aniston Jealous of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's New Movie – Wants
Now, don't be surprised if Jennifer Aniston also announces that she'll be working on a project with Justin Theroux. Except in this scenario, Justin would have to write the project – and it shouldn't be hard for him, since he's actually a professional …
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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Fight Over Her Writing
When the actress' fiance Justin Theroux suggest EDthe pair co-write a comedy movie, Jen reportedly turned down the idea, saying: “No, I'm not a good writer!” But Justin persisted, showering her with compliments, saying how funny she is — and finally …
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Larry David and Seinfeld’s Big Thing Might Be a Stage Play


Just a week ago, Jerry Seinfeld alluded to something “big, huge, gigantic” that he and Larry David were working on but that he couldn’t reveal yet. Now comes the big reveal sure to disappoint anyone hoping for Seinfeld: The College Years: he was probably talking about a play. Speaking to Showbiz411, David revealed that he’s written what will be his Broadway debut (unless you count The Producers), and Seinfeld may star in it:

[David] told me: “I’ve written a play.” A play? For, like, Broadway? “Yes.” And Jerry would star in it? “Maybe,” he said. “We’re talking about it.”

Surprisingly, there’s somehow already a preview of how that would go:

‘Snowpiercer’ Might Make It To Theaters Unedited After All


In Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer, human life on Earth is contained entirely within a train, where a class war emerges between upper and lower classes. In reality, of course, trains are super boring, but there is, in reality, a war going on behind-the-scenes of the film. On one side: Bong Joon-ho, his fans, the film’s stars, and by all accounts, pretty much everyone who’s seen the film. One the other: Harvey Weinstein, who for some reason wants to cut like 20 minutes out of the film despite the fact that the edited version has been testing more poorly. But there’s some good news for everyone who is not Harvey Weinstein: there’s still some hope the U.S. will get the original cut.

According to ThePlaylist, the director says we should “have faith” that the film will still hit theaters uncut. Speaking at the Mar del Plata Film Festival, Bong explained, “I stayed in New York for two weeks before coming here to Mar del Plata, mostly because of this [the editing] matter, and the good news is that after all the speculation and comments about that 20-minute cut, and considering the original version that was released in Korea and France also will be released in Japan and Hong Kong, we have been talking a lot about keeping the original cut for the U.S. release, so what I can say is… have faith.” To which all I can say is… alright, but why does placing my faith in a powerful media mogul showing me a complete, unadulterated story not feel like I’m doing the smart thing here?

28 Famous People You Might Not Know Were Band Geeks

Oh, so you’re musically talented and in the spotlight? GOOD FOR YOU.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

Instrument Played: Clarinet

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Instrument Played: Flute

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Instrument Played: Oboe / Clarinet

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Instrument Played: Saxophone

Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library

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Adam Driver Might Be Nightwing in ‘Batman-Superman’


Looks like Wonder Woman isn’t the only secondary hero Warner is thinking of tossing in with Batman and Superman for some extra action figure revenue. It seems Batman might have a sidekick too, and according to TheWrap, it might be Girls and Frances Ha supporting star Adam Driver. He’d reportedly be playing Nighthawk–the aged form of Dick Grayson’s Robin–which fits with what LatinoReview has said about the studio looking for a “young John Hawkes” type for that part. Assuming that by “young John Hawkes” they meant “rangy guy with a face like a lazy caricature.”

Sources apparently claim that at least two other actors are in line for the part, though, so don’t count on Driver getting the part just yet. Especially because DJ Qualls has been auditioning for “young John Hawkes” since forever.

DiCaprio Might Play Romantic-Assassin, Ellen Page Surviving the Apocalypse, and More


Hey, casting news! Better look, so you’ll know who will be in the things.

- Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly come on to produce and possibly star in Warner Bros. adaptation of the Jo Nesbo thriller Blood in the Snow. The actor would potentially play an assassin given task of killing his boss’s wife; instead, he ends up falling for her. Oh why must we always fall in love with the things we’re trying to shoot?

- Hey, do you like post-apocalyptic tales of survival!? You sure do, Hollywood assures us yet again, this time by casting Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood in an adaptation of Jean Hegland’s Into the Forest, a 1998 novel about sisters surviving in the northern California wilderness after the collapse of society. Exactly how the series Sister, Sister should have ended.

- John Krasinski is joining the cast of Cameron Crowe‘s latest, but not as the relatable everyman you just assumed once you heard John Krasinski and Cameron Crowe. He’ll reportedly join Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, Alec Baldwin, and Bill Murray to play “a military man married to McAdams, who is playing Cooper’s ex-wife.” Guy’s really got a thing for taking someone else’s significant other.

- Tony winner Billy Magnussen and The Fall‘s Jamie Dornan are reportedly two actors on the shortlist to take over from Charlie Hunnum the coveted role of Christian Grey. Please picture one of them next time you’re breathlessly reading 50 Shades of Grey.

‘Jurassic World’ Might Send Some Dinosaurs at Josh Brolin


Jurassic World next attraction may lie within the preserved DNA of James Brolin. TheWrap reports Josh Brolin is the latest actor in talks to join the Jurassic Park sequel, already set to star Bryce Howard and some kids you couldn’t care less about. Safety Not Guaranteed‘s Colin Trevorrow is directing from a script co-written with Derek Connolly. It’s thought to involve dinosaurs being really cool until they become a safety issue.

Britney Spears Might Have To Work (Harder) Bitch To Score Top 10 Spot On Billboard Hot 100 List!

Has Britney Spears lost her touch?!

Well, hellz NO!

But gurlfriend might need to get her fans begging for more Work Bitch if she expects to crack the top 10 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list for the song’s first week out.

The song is expected to make the top 20 even …

Spider-Man Might Have a New Mary Jane


Entertainment Tonight Canada may have finally found the scoop to push them ahead of Access Winnipeg. The Northern division of ET–split off to ensure celebrity birthdays will never rest solely in the hands of a single government–has some big news from the world of Spider-Men, reporting that David Cronenberg’s Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon has “confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.” A role hasn’t been named, but the internet has quickly jumped to the conclusion that will make Shailene Woodley feel the worst: that Gadon is taking over the role of Mary Jane following Woodley getting cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earlier this week. Though, considering how many villains Marc Web has reportedly been shoehorning into his sequel, it’s also just as likely Gadon will belatedly fill the role of Molten Man (as a young woman). Probably one of those things, though.

These Notable Guys Might Get ‘Bond 24′ Offers Too


With Skyfall director Sam Mendes leaving behind 007 to pursue making a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage musical, the question on everyone Bond fan’s mind is who will be taking over the franchise, followed closely by “why doesn’t Bond ever use a jetpack anymore?” There’s still a sad lack of clarity to the latter question, but as for the director thing, we now have some possible candidates.

Sources for Variety caution “it could still be some time until a decision is made” but claim that Iron Man 3‘s Shane Black, Les Misérables‘ Tom Hooper, latter-day Harry Potter‘s David Yates, and Life of Pi‘s recent Best Director winner Ang Lee are among what could end up being several other candidates taking meetings with Eon and Sony to helm the next Bond. What’s more, it sounds like Drive and Only God Forgives‘s Nicolas Winding Refn is likely one of the others up for the job. When asked by FirstShowing about the issue, he clammed up but still seemed to reveal a bit too much, flashing the kind of coy grin he typically reserves for dinners with Gosling.

Of course, just a couple weeks ago Christopher Nolan was supposedly taking meetings with producers too, and whether some of these varyingly-prestigious and/or franchise-exhausted directors would even take a job like this is up for debate. What’s less up for debate is that if Refn does get hired, it’s going to be pretty crazy when Bond smashes a cocktail glass in a guy’s face and stabs him into an unrecognizable mush with the broken stem.