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Hublot’s Legendary Evening Of Boxing After Party At The Bank Nightclub At The Bellagio

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 29: Former world champion boxer Thomas Hearns attends the Hublot’s Legendary Evening of Boxing… 

Legendary Pictures Getting Back into ‘World of Warcraft’


Though Sam Raimi is no longer involved in the project, Legendary Pictures just can’t give up on World of Warcraft, hiring on K-Pax writer Charles Leavitt to work the game’s fleeting, hollow feelings of accomplishment into a new script.

According to Variety, Leavitt’s script may finally push the languishing adaptation into development, prompting a search for a director to replace the departing Raimi, who at Comic Con announced that he, like so many before him, had to give up WoW to focus on less pathetic things–in this case, his upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. Activision’s Bobby Kotick told the trade that video game-maker Blizzard is “very excited about having a World of Warcraft film,” adding, “They’ve been very careful and thoughtful about the development process,” but gave no hints as to how the expansive, massively-multiplayer game will be pared down for a movie. I just hope Thurngallt Windflender is in it. I still owe him one for giving me a White Leather Jerkin.

Legendary New York “Captains” Jason Sehorn And Keyshawn Johnson Join Captain Morgan To Lau

Marvel Legends Hulk Buster Iron Man Action Figure Review (Legendary Riders)

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Legendary — $0.1M

His family shattered by the tragedy that took his father, an unathletic teen from a blue-collar town decides to follow in the family tradition by becoming a high school wrestler in this inspirational family drama from WWE Studios. Mac Chetley was a state collegiate wrester with a promising future when he was killed in a car accident, and years later, his family still hasn’t recovered from their loss. His son, Mike (John Cena), a once-promising high school wrestler, gave up grappling and ran away from home. No… [more]