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‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Begins, Asks Us To Leave the House


Not to be outdone by the competitions’ recent outpourings of trailers for trailers, The Dark Knight Rises is now offering up a preview of individual frames from its final trailer, which debuts this Friday on prints of The Avengers. It’s all the action of the trailer, none of the bothersome persistence of vision! Of course, this being a Batman viral campaign, the WB marketing team isn’t just going to reveal these images as readily as they reveal that the anonymous vigilante known as The Batman is, in fact, muscular. You’re going to have to work for these frames. And by work, I mean the modern-day man’s work of going outside and taking a cell phone photo.

tdk-viral.jpg has a list of locations worldwide where, if you venture to look around, you will apparently see something resembling the crude bat symbol above (via). If you or someone else takes a photo of said graffiti–making sure that “location services” or “store location” or whatever is enabled on your camera device–and tweet/email it to #tdkr07202012 or tdkr07202012[at], a corresponding frame from the new trailer will be revealed here. If we, as a Batman-loving community of citizens with location-recording photographic devices unlock them all, presumably we’ll get the trailer early. Or, if nothing else, someone will cobble the frames into an animated gif, and that will function as a silent trailer over which we can imagine our own ideal Bane-mumbles and Bat-growls.

Or maybe the photos will together form a collage depicting a female Riddler, and you’ll all finally say, “Wow, I Watch Stuff was right all along: There IS a LadyRiddler. And she’s BEAUTIFUL.” Probably just a trailer, though.

Miley Cyrus Is Acting Out Because Liam’s Getting Too Famous And Might Leave Her. Makes Sense.

Miley Cyrus See-Through Shirt Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra Miley Cyrus See-Through Bra

If you’re wondering why over the past weeks you’ve seen Miley Cyrus upstage The Hunger Games premiere with her breasts, pretend to be engaged and generally ride around town with her vulva steering a bicycle, it turns out she’s afraid Liam Hemsworth will get too famous and leave her. So at least she’s handling things Read More …


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Avatar 2 sequel but they will leave Pandora?

Question by Josh: Avatar 2 sequel but they will leave Pandora?
Like how will that happen.
The director said that there are many moons that are by Pandora so he wants to focus on one of them.
That is going to suck!
Unless if Jake Sulley and his new “friends” go to one of the moons together and see how that works.
Or will there be a whole new avatar guy/girl and start something else that has nothing to do with Avatar (1).
What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by me.
I think that movie is gay and everyone should die in an explosion.

What do you think? Answer below!

PINK: Please Don’t Leave Me — LIVE- Toyota Concert Series on The Today Show

PINK: performing “Please Don’t Leave Me” Live, as part of the Toyota Concert Series on The Today Show, on NBC

Kate Gosselin and Her Brood Leave Bald Head Island

Finished up with her Carolina family getaway, Kate Gosselin and her eight children were spotted leaving their vacation house on Bald Head Island on Saturday (August 14).

Joined by her bodyguard pal Steve Neild, the TLC reality star mom got a bit upset with her helping hand as they tried to round up the brood for the trip to Pennsylvania.

Once calmed down, the group took a shuttle to the ferry while crew members loaded their enormous amount of luggage onto the sea vessel.

Having been filming material for “Kate Plus 8,” a local told the Huffington Post that mama Gosselin wasn’t the most graceful of visitors the ritzy island locale has seen.

“She is not a classy person,” the Bald Head Island resident tells. “Just talking on her phone, ignoring her kids. And that tattoo!”

Photo Credit: INF Daily

Crysis Warhead Ironman 02: Shore Leave 2/5

New ‘Kato’ series seems destined to leave a legacy

‘Shrek’ leads slow movie weekend
Hollywood is in a June swoon as a rush of new movies fails to grab audiences.

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AU BASEBALL: Simpson’s 3-run shot lets Tigers live another day
Creede Simpson’s fingers flickered on the handle of his bat as Clemson’s Tomas Cruz stared him down, one strike away from sending the visitors to their ninth NCAA Super Regional.

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New ‘Kato’ series seems destined to leave a legacy
The new “Kato” series from Dynamite is the literary equivalent of ordering chicken chow mein from your favorite Chinese take-out – not many surprises, but it doesn’t disappoint and reminds you why you keep going back.

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