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The Britney Spears Producer Who Defended Her Leaked Raw Vocals Is BACK!! And He’s Explaining Why She Is Queen No Matter What!


We’re still not sure where we stand on this whole Britney Spears auto-tune scandal.

Perhaps you don’t know either?

Well, to help us decide, Alien’s producer William Orbit, who already went to bat for Brit, is back with even MORE to say on the topic

“…With songwriting today, many of us do …

Cher Tweets Fury Over Leaked Lady Gaga Duet

Given her decades-long career in the entertainment industry, it’s no wonder Cher felt so violated when a hacker leaked her new song “The Greatest Thing” with Lady Gaga.

The “I Got You Babe” singer took to her Twitter account to share her anger over the whole ordeal, including some colorful language.


She added, “Disappointed( I’ve Sat on fkng song 4 over a yr )NOW SOME A**HOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION ! GaGa’s SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.”

Lady Gaga’s “Posh Live” Demo for TLC Leaked: Listen Here!

Delighting fans who have been waiting for new music from Lady Gaga since 2011’s Born This Way album, her new song written for TLC’s upcoming greatest hits album leaked on Friday (July 26).

Called “Posh Live,” in the demo, the 27-year-old songstress sings, “In God we trust and it’s okay / He said I’m Black, Latin, and Gay / I went to them, they turned away / Where life is holding you down / And you’re having trouble finding peace / You gotta be brave, and pray until you bleed.”

Produced by Dallas Austin, the tune will reportedly be just one of the Gaga-penned tunes to appear on the album.

While her Little Monsters are waiting until August 19th for the latest single off her upcoming album, ARTPOP, check out the leaked demo below.

The Next COD: MW4 Leaked Release Date? – MW3 ACR Moab 50-5 (Gameplay/Commentary)

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The Heat part 1 of 8 FULL LEAKED

Watch it at: Uptight and straight-laced, FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a methodical investigator with a reputation for excellence–and hyper-arrogance. Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy), one of Boston PD’s “finest,” is foul-mouthed and has a very short fuse, and uses her gut instinct and street smarts to catch the most elusive criminals. Neither has ever had a partner, or a friend for that matter. When these two wildly incompatible law officers join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord, they become the last thing anyone expected: buddies. From Paul Feig, the director of “Bridesmaids.” the heat, action, comedy, sandra bullock, melissa mccarthy, demian bichir, marlon wayans, watch, full length, full, movie, part 1, of, part1, exclusive, leaked, clips, entire, film, scenes, HD, HQ, high quality, definition, news, release, online, free, feature, complete, footage, stream, 2012, trailer, 3D, 3-D, official, blockbuster, sequel, reviews, latest, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower FULL Movie leaked Part 1/9

For the full version go to: Release Date: September 21, 2012 (limited) Studio: Summit Entertainment Director: Stephen Chbosky Screenwriter: Stephen Chbosky Starring: Emma Watson, Logan Ler¬man, Ezra Miller, Mae Whitman, Nina Dobrev, Johnny Simmons, Dylan McDermott Genre: Drama Plot Summary: A funny and touching coming-of-age story based on the beloved best-selling novel by Stephen Chbosky, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a modern classic that captures the dizzying highs and crushing lows of growing up. Starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” is a moving tale of love, loss, fear and hope-and the unforgettable friends that help us through life.

Assassins Creed Revelations Skidrow Crack Leaked Free Download Update By BartelLannon

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Avatar 2 – (Trailer Real Leaked) IN HD If you like Avatar please visit that site! Thanks for coming and Enjoy!
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Resident Evil 5 Jill’s Secret Leaked & Spoilers

Here is a video of the RE5 Demo where you can actually find out more about Jill’s death. LISTEN FOR THOSE WHO ARE IGNORANT!!! I KNOW THERES NO 14 MONTHS! JUST READ EVERY NOW AND THEN SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY FREAKING POINT!!! America : Date Written = MONTH / DAY / YEAR Africa : Date Written = DAY / MONTH / YEAR Europe : Date Written = DAY / MONTH / YEAR Australia : Date Written = DAY / MONTH / YEAR Japan : Date Written = DAY / MONTH / YEAR IT TOO FREAKING EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!!! In Africa, Kijuju the date is backwards compared to us. And if you don’t understand this then please go to school and get your degree. The spoilers are NOT IN THE VIDEO!!! Its on my website. Resident Evil Link:
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Vampires Suck – leaked here

Visit this web page to download the video,