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CAUGHT KISSING!! Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus TOGETHER FLIRTING In Cali!! New Couple?

CAUGHT KISSING!! Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus TOGETHER FLIRTING In Cali!! New Couple? CAUGHT KISSING!! Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus TOGETHER FLIRTING In Ca…
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The Alan Partridge Movie Teaser: Steve Coogan, Heavy Kissing, and Guns


After over twenty years of intermittent appearances as narcissistic presenter Alan Partridge, Steven Coogan is at last bringing his most enduring character to screens in a feature film. And it turns out that film is probably going to be called Alpha Papa. Here’s a teaser to explain why that is.

Justin Bieber Meets Fans at Bowling Center in Texas Bull Riding kissing Girls?

Remember when a little girl cried over Justin Bieber? Now Justin went to meet some fans before the concert and they did something special for him. Do you think Justin rode the bull at the rodeo? Did Justin Bieber get hurt? The final concert of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo featured…
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Justin Bieber Kissing Girlfriend Jasmine!!! – Demi Hates Joe! – GLEE Season Premiere!

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‘Dark Knight Rises’ NYC Shoot Became a Real Kissing Party, and More…


- The Dark Knight Rises shoot in New York City appears to have been a re-shoot of the same scenes shot in Pittsburgh in August–except this time, Batman and Bane probably kissed.

- James Bond’s official Twitter account has announced Helen McCrory and Ola Rapace as the newest cast members on Skyfall. Meanwhile, prior James Bond Roger Moore’s official Twitter account last posted a trailer for the Hallmark Channel original movie A Princess for Christmas.

- Absolutely Fabulous creator and co-star Jennifer Saunders has revealed plans to write and develop a film version of her television comedy. The story reportedly begins “with Patsy and Edina waking up hungover in the empty drifting yacht of an oligarch in the middle of the ocean,” and right after that is when Comedy Central will cut to commercial when they repeatedly air this over the next decade.

- Tree of Life‘s Jessica Chastain will play Princess Diana in Caught in Flight. The film said to be about the late princess’s secret affair, which is an exciting topic if you are the personification an early ’90s British tabloid.

Justin Bieber Kissed a Girl Backstage (Kissing a Woman on The Lips! Must See!)

Justin Bieber was backstage when he approached this pretty girl believed to be Steffi Landerer and then he kissed her on the lips! This girls seems much older than him and she is even taller. Looks like a mutual kiss! What do you think of this? Was the girl wrong? Was Justin wrong? Or does it really mean anything at all? There was also a rumor going around that Justin Bieber had died in an accident. Find out the truth right here in this video. Be sure to check out our other video where Justin Bieber meets 3 year old little girl Cody who was crying for him. Rumor is that Justin Bieber is still reading these comments after meeting her and has been watching these videos so post your comment if you want him to read them as well. Hope you enjoyed our Justin Bieber Month! Now we will be going back to regular programming. Once a month we will do celebrity news so see who is in our spotlight during our next celebrity monthly news event. Due to time restrictions we broke the videos to once a week but we will post them all each month for two days. Audition to be on TV, Acting, Singing by visiting our website at Royalty free music by Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 Some images and media used under fair use for informational, commentary, and educational purposes. You can find Justin Bieber at the following channels below: Thanks


JUSTIN BIEBER & SELENA GOMEZ KISSING ————————————————- People, I can’t control where this video is featured. Chances are, you looked up a Justin Bieber video, and now this video is going to popping up repeatedly for you because you searched him. JUSTIN BIEBER & SELENA GOMEZ KISSING MORE RECENT JUSTIN & SELENA KISSING PICTURES: BUY THE “BURGH VERIFIED SHIRT” Check Out “The Fresh Factory” For Cool Shirts! http ————————————————- Mo’Stuff! I’ve been getting really interested into vlogging and videos lately, so this is where I’m going to post my random thoughts, rants, and whatever. Other than that, sit back, and watch my life unfold. You’re either going to hate me or love me. Rate, Comment, Subscribe & Share! Links: My Other Channel: Clicker Channel: Twitter: Facebook: DailyBooth BlogTV Digg Me: StumbleUpon Me: Sub Link Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Kissing Pictures, Wizards of Waverly Place, Princess Protection Program, Ramona and Beezus, Another Cinderella Story, Disney Channel, “Selena Gomez & The Scene”, “Kiss & Tell”, “Naturally”, “A Year Without Rain”, “One Time”, “My World”, “My World 2.0″, “Baby”, Ludacris, “Somebody To Love”, “Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez”, “Justin Bieber Selena Gomez kissing”, “Justin
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Gossip Girl – Chuck Spots Blair And Nate Kissing

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Sandra Bullock kissing Scarlett Johansson

Watch video of Sandra Bullock MTV Movie Awards 2010 at our link for free Sandra Bullock sparkled at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a short and backless, but long-sleeved black dress by Oday Shakar. She kept the rest of her look simple with her hair in a ponytail, diamond studs and coral lipstick.