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Courteney Cox Confirms Engagement To Johnny McDaid On Twitter! Congrats!

What once was just an engagement rumor based on the appearance of a very conspicuous ring on THAT finger is now officially news! Courteney Cox is engaged to Johnny McDaid!

And there was much rejoicing throughout the land!

Looks like this cougar of Cougar Town has officially found her prey for life, …

Johnny Depp Will Be Your Action-Adventure Houdini


One of the various Houdini projects currently in development will now be known as the one where Houdini is Johnny Depp. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Depp is talks to star in Lionsgate’s The Secret Life of Houdini–a film that, like ABC’s Houdini crime procedural series, for some reason does not have Houdini doing magic. Like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, this postulates that the magician was a British spy who quietly worked for the Secret Service in between getting chained up in his underwear. Red 2‘s Dean Parisot is attached to direct, and the studio is looking to start production in the fall before Depp has to shoot Pirates of the Caribbean–the inescapable franchise box that even our new Houdini remains hopelessly drowning in.

First Look at ‘Mortdecai’ Reveals Johnny Depp’s Latest Visual Eccentricities


Here’s a look at Johnny Depp as the titular roguish, charismatic but mildly-psychopathic art dealer in Mortdecai. The blonde hair and waxed mustache are pretty tame eccentricity-wise for Depp standards, but here’s hoping that the skin wrinkling at his neck means this is just a rubber mask that will come off to reveal some white makeup or a wig or something.

Johnny Depp Explains Engagement Ring on “The Late Show with David Letterman”

He’s betrothed to the beautiful Amber Heard, and Johnny Depp doesn’t mind wearing a reminder that he’s spoken for.

During his interview on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” actor offered an explanation as to why he has a diamond engagement ring on his hand.

Depp simply stated, “I have a female engagement ring. It was too big for my girl.” Presumably he purchased one in her size as well.

Meanwhile, Johnny also commented on Letterman’s announcement that he’s retiring from the show next year, joking that Dave stole his thunder regarding a departure from acting.

Johnny Depp Becomes a Lawnmower Depp in First Looks at ‘Transcendence’


Transcendence marks the directorial debut of Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister, and also marks an increasingly-rare occasion of Johnny Depp looking like a normal human being. Proving that later point, here are the first photos from the film, showing Depp and a selection of Nolanverse usual suspects Pfister quietly poached from his frequent collaborator.

The shots come from EW, where they’ve also put out a synopsis for the techno-thriller. Apparently Depp’s wardrobe has been restrained to Secret Window levels so he can play a computer scientist–one specializing in “the singularity,” described as the point when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, and Siri asks us where to get the tomato soup. The thrills kick in when some luddite activists attack Depp and, somehow, he “literally gets uploaded into the mainframe, becoming a ghost in the machine.” And then you just know he’ll reprogram himself with more pancake makeup, and start getting it all over the delicate circuitry.

Have another early look at Lawnmower Depp below.


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Johnny Depp & Tom Cruise Come Together For Jerry Bruckheimer’s Star On The Walk Of Fame!

Who needs the rest of the alphabet when you’ve got all these A’s just walkin’ all over the place!?

On Monday, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise both came out for Jerry Bruckheimer’s star ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

The producer was honored for his work and contribution in the …

Johnny Depp To Star in ‘Inception’ Cinematographer’s Directorial Debut


Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister, who won Oscar in 2010 for Inception, has scored a big, hat-loving name to headline his directorial debut. According to Alcon Entertainment, Pfister’s Transcendence is going to be led by Johnny Depp, possibly explaining why Depp is no longer staying at the hotel Wes Anderson. Plot details are being kept secret, so for now we can continue making up whatever we want Transendence to be. I’m saying Depp plays a cop on the hunt for an incarcerated serial killer who’s been continuing to commit murders by leaving his physical body, thus forcing Det. Depp to meditate in after him. Really awesome.

Here Are More Photos of Johnny Depp Wearing a Bird


Well, we won’t be seeing Johnny Depp in a Wes Anderson film, but we sure will see him wearing a bird like a hat. Here are some further reminders of that in some new stills from Disney’s The Lone Ranger, starring Armie Hammer in the title role and Depp as a Kirby Sattler-inspired Tonto. Also pictured below: horsies! And the heavily-implied indication that the bird-hat will change/emote. Because of course it will.







Sneak Peek: The Lone Ranger and Tonto Ride Again [USA Today] (via)

Johnny Lewis Was A Scientologist

Johnny Lewis Half-Sack Sons of Anarchy Katy Perry Bikini Katy Perry Bikini Katy Perry Bikini Katy Perry Bikini Katy Perry Bikini Katy Perry Bikini

“Or was I? XENU MIND-GAZE ACTIVATE. You too, blondie.” “Right! Neeeeeeeeooooooooowahhhh… Yesterday, the Internet learned that Johnny Lewis, the dude best known for being in two seasons of Sons of Anarchy and then getting killed off after having “creative differences,” randomly murdered his 81-year-old landlord and dismembered her cat before falling off a roof and Read More …