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Homelessness Affects Everyone, Richard Gere Included


Now that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel casting has informed him that he can now play old, Richard Gere’s life has spiraled down into now also playing homeless. He’s reportedly producing and starring in Time Out of Mind, a drama that will see Gere living in a New York shelter and struggling to piece together his life and relationship with his daughter. The project is the next for The Messenger writer-director Owen Moverman, who described his film as “[one] that doesn’t pussyfoot around social issues while telling a very accessible, human tale about a dispossessed man who is also a father, a lover, a friend and a statistic that deserves our attention.” Gere already laid out the issue of runaway brides to us, so this just seems like an obvious next step.

Instructions Not Included — $8.1M

An Acapulco playboy finds a baby on his doorstep, and he embraces his newfound role as a parent while also stumbling into a new career as a Hollywood stuntman after moving to Los Angeles to search for the girl’s missing mother. Valentin (Eugenio Derbez) romanced his fair share of beauties, but he never realized he had become a father until a former lover left him with a screaming infant. The mother nowhere to be found, Mexico native Valentin sets his sights on L.A., and moves to the city with baby in tow. Over… [more]


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Racist ‘Hunger Games’ Fans Very Upset Movie Included Black People


The first chapter of the Hunger Games trilogy made to to screens in a critically-praised, hugely-successful adaptation, but it’s not all smiles for some fans whose Peeta posters are flanked by Confederate flags and unfocused rage. They are very upset about there being black people in their Hunger Games!

As depressingly documented by HungerGamesTweets, many racist fans of Suzanne Collins’ books are apparently tweeting their fury over the fact that the actors who played Rue, Thresh, and Cinna are black and, in one instance, Lenny Kravitz. Though (as related by Jezebel) passages from the novel describe Rue and Thresh as having “dark brown skin”–Cinna’s skin color is never mentioned–these people are seriously P.O.’d that this description was not interpreted as “dark brown skin (for a white person, obviously),” and they’re making no secret of the shameful subject of their wrath.

In the eyes of one terrible person, the movie was basically ruined because someone she did not imagine as black ended up being black. Terrible Person attempted to explain:

why does rue have to be black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie

Wow, she is awful! But not as awful as this guy, who questions whether or not he is racist just for saying a super-crazy racist thing:

call me racist but when I found out rue was black her death wasn’t as sad

“Oh, does shrugging off the death of other races make me racist? Huh, guess I am. Well, then, in retrospect, I should have probably put a #spoiler tag before telling everyone about both the death and my being a racist, then. Sorry, everyone.”

Then this other absolute piece of shit said:

Sense when has Rue been a n****

Because that guy is like, “Fuck you, previous racists, I am so much worse at spelling AND being a human being!”

Sadly, that is only a very small sampling of the crazy person tweets accurately labeled with a #racist tag on HungerGamesTweets. If you have the free time and the drive to lose even more faith in humanity, go ahead and do a little browsing. What better way to momentarily distract yourself from the nation’s current, serious discussion about race and murder than with this other, stupider discussion about race and murder and if Lenny Kravitz was the right casting choice?

Are 3d effetcs included in the Resident Evil Afterlife movie?

Question by Jose: Are 3d effetcs included in the Resident Evil Afterlife movie?

Best answer:

Answer by Nunyo
You can pretty much tell by the trailer when the giant hammer comes towards the screen

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

what do you think about this? pictures included?

if my cuzin gets a perm will it end up exaclly like this>
of more like this>
and do you like her hair on the first picture?