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Barron Hilton Hospitalized After Lindsay Lohan Incident! Cocaine & Alcohol Were Seen At The Party!

This thing just keeps looking worse and worse!

In case you missed it, Lindsay Lohan allegedly instigated a fight, which left Paris Hilton’s brother Barron Hilton seriously injured!

After getting beat up, Barron went back to the Fontainebleau Hotel, where he was staying, and an ambulance was called to come get him! …

Celebrity News – Paris Hilton, Kanye West, Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner

An Extra TV segment last night said that Paris Hilton is having trouble launching her music career. Right. Of course, that fact has nothing to do with the Paris’ only real talent being forgetting her panties and opening her legs — the former being an ability she shares with Britney Spears and other lost starlets.

Speaking of stars, is Kanye West insane? During his kiss-and-make-up appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye launched into a crazy rant about how great he is and also said there’s no way Kim Kardashian doesn’t deserve her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Uh huh, sure Kanye. Of course, while you *can* buy yourself a star on the Walk for $ 30,000, you still have to be approved. But if Kim passes for acting talent, Jimmy Stewart is crying in Heaven.

Crying with boredom is what I’m doing about the ongoing saga of the split of Kim’s stepdad and mom, Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner. Some people are saying this split is a publicity stunt. Is nothing sacred anymore? How can they dare pimp the sacred act of divorce — or in this, case official separation that they hid for a year?

A Look Back At The Impressive Resume Of Paris Hilton

From reality star to author, the heiress has held more jobs than you might expect.

Justine Zwiebel for BuzzFeed / Jason Merritt / Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images, Isaac Brekken / Getty Images, Valerie Macon / Getty Images, Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images, Jason Kempin / Getty Images

While she’s certainly never lived paycheck to paycheck, former famous person Paris Hilton is much like the rest of us, just hustling to survive. Recently inking a deal to man the ones and twos at an Ibiza nightclub, resort town disc jockey is just another in a long line of unconventional job titles tried and tested by the heiress. Unsatisfied with an idle life spent purchasing Chihuahua clothes on QVC and cashing “That's hot” trademark royalty checks, Paris Hilton approaches any paying job with a skip in her step and a wonk in her eye. Here are a few career highlights from the résumé of the hardest-working gal in showbiz.



Phil McCarten / Getty Images

Back before her grandfather Barron Hilton pledged 97% of his fortune to charity, Paris was really into doin’ up the whole heiress thing. Tiaras, small dogs, bottle service, Backstreet boyfriends, and Kitson shopping sprees were de rigueur. Back in the halcyon days of the early aughts, Hilton stood to inherit an estimated $ 100 million, but will now receive closer to $ 5 million after tax. Time to update your LinkedIn, girl.

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Thomas Gold Performs As Allison Melnick Celebrates Her Birthday With Paris Hilton And Cher

LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 08: (L-R) Cheryl Burke, Allison Melnick and Paris Hilton attend Melnick's birthday celebration at… 

‘The Bling Ring’ Trailer: Emma Watson Wants To Rob (Paris Hilton, Specifically)


Spoiled, awful kids at last get their own take on the Robin Hood story with The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola’s tale of rich little shits robbing from even richer little shits. Based on a true story, the film stars Emma Watson as one of a group of a Hollywood Hills kids whose ennui and shittiness leads them to become burglars of the rich and famous, robbing the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Megan Fox, and Orlando Bloom–who assumedly just got mistaken for Hilton while wearing a Legolas wig, because otherwise, come on. Does he really deserve to be lumped in there? He’s just out there bein’ Bloom, man.

Here’s the first full trailer. If you’re a Sofia Coppola fan, be prepared to be let down by the lack of dreamy gazes through car windows and what looks like her most straightforward, plot-driven work yet.

Miley Cyrus Owns Perez Hilton On Twitter

Plus nine other tweets you missed on celeb twitter today.

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Paris Hilton Show her Malibu Beach Bod to New Boyfriend

Showing off her bikini bod for her new beau, Paris Hilton relaxed on the beach in Maui with her new flame on Saturday (September 22).

The blonde socialite sported a pretty pink and white bikini with a pink-flowered sari and a headband of pink roses as she stayed close to her man.

Earlier today, she tweeted a photo of her in the bikini with the comment, “Fun in the sun! Love Maui!”

According to the former reality star’s Twitter account, it seems the mystery man is male model River Viiperi. On Friday, she tweeted, “Just landed on a magical island with @RiverViiperi. Can’t wait to go surfing tomorrow!”

Later, she retweeted one of her new love interest’s tweets, reading, “Sunset hawaii #beautiful #paradise having the most amazing time with @parishilton #memories.”

Perez Hilton Gets Punched By Will.I.Am Posse

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Perez Hilton and Victoria Beckham: When Divas Collide!

Perez Hilton and Victoria Beckham: When Divas Collide!

What happened when everybody’s favorite gossip blogger, web celeb Perez Hilton, met Posh herself, Lady Victoria Beckham??? Find out on Monday, July 16th, at 8 PM when “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America” airs on NBC. Here’s a little taste of what went down when 2 Become 1. For all the latest breaking celebrity news, visit PS She didn’t have a bite!
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deadmau5 Isn’t Mentoring Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton deadmau5 Paris Hilton deadmau5 Paris Hilton deadmau5 

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Paris Hilton wants to be a house DJ now and is under the tutelage of deadmau5 who might produce her next album. Well, deadmau5 caught wind of this, more than likely from fans on Twitter saying, “WTF?!” so here he is on Facebook setting the record straight: HEY WORLD… im not Read More …