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When Does Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince come out in England?

Question by PhotographyChick: When Does Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince come out in England?
“sadly” I will be in Europe during the release of the movie here in America, but I will be in England the day it comes out here. So does anyone know when it comes out over there, so I could potentially be able to go and see it? I’ll only be in London for four days though before we make our way to Paris for a few days so hopefully it’ll be released before we leave! but if you know the France release date, thatd be great too!

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Answer by natasha8177
According to Mugglenet the movie will be released on July 17th. However I read the other day that they had bumped it up to the 15th like they are doing in the US. So i would assume its one of those two dates. Mugglenet has yet to update the widget at the top to reflect the new release date so they may not have gotten arround to updating the new release dates.

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Animated Dracula Movie Adds Half the Cast of ‘Grown Ups’, Others


Reaffirming Grown Ups‘ timeless message that Adam Sandler likes getting his friends jobs, that film’s amassing of Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Steve Buscemi will once again be happening, this time for Sony Pictures Animation’s 3-D comedy Hotel Transylvania. Andy Samberg, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher, and Cee Lo Green have also joined the Genndy Tartakovsky-directed film, which takes place in a Transylvanian resort inhabited by vampires, Frankensteins, mummies, and so on. Sandler will be providing the voice for Dracula, the proprietor of what the film’s press release calls a “five-stake” resort (because “stake” is vaguely like “star”) and an overprotective father trying to keep his vampire teenage daughter away from a human boy, because he does not want her humping him through a wall. Samberg provides the voice for said boy, while James will play a Frankenstein monster, Drescher will play Bride thereof (naturally), Spade will play a hunchback/chef, Shannon and Buscemi will play a werewolf couple, and Green will play a mummy, and will undoubtedly break into a rendition of “Fuck You” that’s been adapted into “Haunt You” or whatever. Rob Schneider’s name wasn’t mentioned, but unfortunately he still heard us crack open the can of Adam Sandler comedy and he’s already rubbing against our legs like he’s sure we’re going to give him some.

Ashton Kutcher Replacing Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men’


“Remember, Desmond Hume is your constant.” Wait, wrong bearded guy.
If you’re like me, you just assumed Charlie Sheen appearing on Entourage would be the most douche-filled casting news you’d hear all week and got to work engraving the trophy. Well, put down that chisel, mon frere, for au contraire, according to The Hollywood Reporter:
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Charlie Sheen Writes Open Letter About ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Surprise, It’s Crazy.


“Mm.. eh.. licking your lips is winning.”
With reports coming in that Two and a Half Men is most likely going to be canceled completely, Charlie Sheen felt this would be a great time to send an open letter to Chuck Lorre via TMZ gloating that’s his absence caused the show’s demise:
MY fans may tune in Read More …

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Brian crossing the finish line of the Augusta Half Ironman

WDU #018 half ironman swim with vinho verde

Learn about Portugal’s vinho verde region while swimmers tackle the half ironman swim just outside Fredericton, New Brunswick. “Share” Wine dine unwind with your friends and ask them to “Like” it to keep connected to our upcoming events.

Priscilla’s Half Ironman (08-08-10).mov

TWO and a half MEN theme song – “Manly Men”

My friends were watchin it at the time i made this. random. but i like this lil song. Good Show. great cast. sing along , uh if you want i guess.