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Roger Ebert Gives Assumed Posthumous Thumbs Up to ‘Life Itself’ Trailer


Directed by Hoops Dreams‘ Steve James and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Life Itself is a documentary on Roger Ebert, the man who elevated film criticism while also reducing it to a primitive system of binary digits. Sadly, while Ebert survived to learn the film was happening, he’ll never get to see the finished product, but it seems like he’d probably be pretty satisfied with it. The likes of Scorsese, Werner Herzog, and Errol Morris show up to sing his praises, while, to keep this from drifting too far into hagiographic territory, it also hit on famous Ebert missteps–like writing Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and that time he insisted Benji, The Hunted was better than Full Metal Jacket. Here’s the trailer.

Hayden Panettiere Gives a Cat’s Eye View of Her Engagement Ring

Still engaging in some Halloween shenanigans, the gorgeous Hayden Panettiere posted a self-pic featuring a pair of creepy-kitty contact lenses, as well as her flawless engagement ring.

The lenses were pink, giving the 24-year-old a cat’s eye look. She tweeted about her lenses, writing, “Halloween contacts finally came….better late than never I guess.”

Hayden’s ring may have also hogged our attention, as the rock covers a good portion of her finger. In an interview, the “Nashville” beauty said that she actually created the ring herself with Montblanc, it being presented to her when boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko bent his knee to her.

“They made me this amazing book where they did a bunch of sketches,” she said. “I told them my idea over time and tweaking things here and there, and it came to fruition.”

Martha Stewart Gives Bethenny Frankel Divorce Advice

Martha Stewart Gives Bethenny Frankel Divorce Advice
Bethenny Frankel is not one to shy away from talking about divorce, and if this clip from next Monday's episode of her show "Bethenny" is any indication, she knows how to get her guests to open up about the subject as well. In the clip, Martha Stewart …
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Bethenny Frankel Divorce Update: Martha Stewart Bashes Ex Husband and
Bethenny Frankel may be going through a high-profile divorce, but she seems to be taking it pretty well. That could be because of friends like Martha Stewart, who recently appeared on Bethenny's new show. During the interview, Stewart bashed her own …
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Martha Stewart Reveals to Bethenny Frankel Why She Didn't Win Celebrity
Burn! Martha Stewart has put to rest why Bethenny Frankel didn't win Celebrity Apprentice: Martha Stewart back in 2005. During a pre-taped interview with the reality star on her new daytime talk show, the Skinnygirl mogul flat out asked Stewart if she …
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X Factor’s Fifth Harmony Gives Their All For Survival & Final Four Acts Revealed!

X Factor’s season two just seems to be FLYING by and now, we’re already left with our top four contestants!

Last night featured special performances from Ke$ ha and season one winner, Melanie Amaro, but it also got rid of two finalists, in its double elimination.

Whether you loved her or hated her, …

Brad Pitt’s World War Z Wood Gives Big Blue-Veined Blood Sausages To All Of Britain

Is there a rock-hard length of lumber in Brad Pitt’s hand, or is he just happy to see us?

Mmm! Can’t it be both!?

Angelina Jolie’s better half was bloodied, beaten, and beside himself in London today, but, don’t worry, it’s for World War Z reshoots.

The zombie apocalypse flick has been in …

‘Not Fade Away’ Trailer: ‘Sopranos’ Creator Gives ’60s Music a Shot


Five years after the finale of his most famous series, The Sopranos creator David Chase brings James Gandolfini with him in another tale of competing family lives with Not Fade Away. Set in the mid ’60s, the film follows a young frontman of a nascent Jersey band as he strikes out to make it big in New York City while dealing with the shouted condescension of his mobster-like father. Dads just don’t get packing up and joining bands, man! Though, in my experience, they also don’t get packing up and joining LAN parties, so really there’s no winning with these guys.

I hope it doesn’t turn out that, in the final scene, the band somehow ends up being Journey.

Pitbull’s ‘Men in Black 3′ Theme Now Has a Music Video, if Anyone Gives #2


Pitbull’s “Back in Time”–the sample-heavy, subtext-free Men in Black III theme in which Pitbull (and by extension, though his silence, Will Smith) boldly but tastefully declared he “don’t give a number two”–now has a music video. It is not a very good music video, as it is mostly just an enthusiastic Pitbull dancing, sneering (is that smiling?), and sometimes howling to the sample he is very proud of picking out. But it does reveal some new footage from the new MiB film, if you’re into that. It also reveals that Pitbull’s accompanying gesture for “not giving a number two” is holding up two fingers, which is sort of a letdown. I’d always pictured Pitbull doing a finger-waggle with sort of a pouty squat.



Selena Gomez Gives Details on Justin Bieber!

Now that Selena Gomez is publicly dating Justin Bieber, Ellen wanted all the details on the cute couple. Then she gave Selena the perfect gift for when the two are apart!

i posted a compliment for jennifer aniston yahoo would not show it but replied are you sure? what gives them?

Question by : i posted a compliment for jennifer aniston yahoo would not show it but replied are you sure? what gives them?
i posted a compliment for jennifer aniston and yahoo would not post it but they replied back are you sure?what gives them the right to reply back and not post a compliment?

Best answer:

Answer by D.A.V.E.
Don’t understand your question at all. Do you mean Yahoo said This question may have been asked before, are you sure?

You probably used language that triggered the filters.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

‘Prometheus’ Viral: Peter Weyland Gives a TED Talk, Greek Mythology Lesson


Those of you familiar with the Alien franchise will likely recognize the name “Weyland-Yutani.” Set up in the first film through logo only and implicitly referred to as “the company,” and later fleshed out some by Paul Reiser and co., Weyland-Yutani played the Alien series’ stock role as greedy corporate entity that values profit and alien egg acquisition over human life. (Reiser is the 1%, occupy planetoid LV-426, etc.) In Ridley Scott’s Alien sort-of-prequel, Prometheus, Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, head of a pre-Yutani-merger Weyland Corporation. So, as a viral stunt, here’s Pearce giving an in-character TED talk from the future, telling the titular story of Prometheus and describing his ambitions to create synthetic life. Compared to the usual TED talk, it comes across as pretty ominous. Weyland probably should have kept it a bit lighter by not saying man had become God, and maybe by wearing some casual jeans.