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Jim Parsons and Beck to Give SNL Peculiar, Gangling Return


The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons and Beck will respectively play host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live when the series returns after NBC runs out of good Russia to show. Beck will promoting his new album, Morning Phase, due out on the 25th. Parsons, as always, will be keeping up awareness of “Bazinga!” t-shirts. Both will take the stage March 1.

Jonny Greenwood To Give Paul Thomas Anderson Another Presumably-Haunting Score


Johnny Greenwood is going to continue his work with Paul Thomas Anderson, even though that work has for some reason been woefully unfruitful award-wise. Film Music Reporter (via) claims that Greenwood, who provided Anderson with the memorable scores for There Will Be Blood and The Master, will this month lead London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to record the score for Anderson’s upcoming Inherent Vice. The film sees Joaquin Phoenix playing a oft-stoned detective, so this is, if ever, the Radiohead multi-instrumentalist’s chance to finally experiment with some groovy, psychedelic organ solos.

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Give SNL Their Highest Ratings In Two Years!!!

Um, duh! LOLz!

The minute that we heard Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake were going to be on Saturday Night Live together, we knew that it was going to be HIGHlarious!

And apparently everyone else thought so too because their show gave SNL the highest ratings they’ve had in almost two whole …

Fashion Police Writers Picket & Rally: ‘Give Us Our Paycheck, Bitch!’

If you were planning on hitting up the Fashion Police writers rally, you’re too late!

The rally took place today outside of E!’s headquarters, and the picketers wrapped up around 12:30 this afternoon (as planned).

In the morning, strikers took up the HIGHlarious chant of:

“We’re still poor, you’re still …

Can you give me some workout songs?

Question by : Can you give me some workout songs?

Best answer:

Answer by Suzy Q
firework by katy perry usually rap songs can get me running good and i dont know how old you are but abba and the new generation a*teens are really great amazing and hyped up beats

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Chris Evans & Michael Shannon Give Us The Shivers In New Iceman Trailer!

The Iceman is coming (in May)!

No, it’s not another X-Men sequel! It’s a thriller, based on a true story, about a ruthless hitman played by Oscar nominee Michael Shannon!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see who will survive his wrath!

Chris Evans will protect us!

Oh, please don’t kill Winona Ryder!

See Some Famous Directors Give ‘Star Wars’ a Shot


While directors like Spielberg, Tarantino, and Visionary Zack Snyder have been quickly denying they would ever make a Star War, other famed directors that haven’t been so preemptively dismissive remain possibilities we can still pretend would somehow do this. So Team Coco has done just that, imagining how iconic, easily-parodied directors like Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Michael Moore, and a few others might tackle the franchise in a recent series of videos you can watch below. Auteur clichés!

First ‘Taken 2′ Poster: Liam Neeson Just Going To Sit Around Scowling Until You Give Him Someone Else To Shoot


From Empire, here is a photo of Liam Neeson loitering about, pistol in hand, waiting for someone to show up so he can Taken them to death. Or maybe he just finished Takening someone, and now he’s reflecting on how awesomely he used his extremely specific skillset. Regardless, this is the first poster for Taken 2. It’s these quiet moments between Takens that really make it all worthwhile, you know?

‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel Will Give You More of That


Now we’ll see who’s fairest of them all… in tropical Hawaii!

Following a larger-than-expected opening weekend that saw Snow White and the Huntsman bring in $ 56 million domestic–which isn’t entirely all that great for a film with a $ 170 million budget, but anyway–Universal is looking to move forward with their long-held plans to turn Snow White into the franchise character the Brothers Grimm always intended her to become. The prolific David Koepp has been hired to put together a script for a sequel, and director Rupert Sanders is already in talks to come back and direct with all the gravitas he put in Huntsman. The main actors all have contracts that extend their stay into a trilogy, if Universal so desires, so Thor and the dead eyes of Kristen Stewart are certain to return to their eponymous roles. But will the titlbe be Snow White and the Huntsman and ZOMBIES or Snow White and the Huntsman and VAMPIRES…?

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