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‘Oculus’ Trailer: We’ve Finally Circled Back Around to Just Ghosts in Sheets


When it comes to horror movie scares, oftentimes we forget that less can be more. As a helpful reminder, here’s the teaser for Oculus, a film that takes the ghostly scares old school, back to the days of representing ghosts with just some people standing around in sheets.

But if that’s a bit too raw for you, don’t worry, there are some modern frights as well. Like the fear of accident while trying to beat someone’s competitive light bulb-eating record, and the dread of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica universes crossing over non-canonically. Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff star. A mirror bleeds. A Paranormal Activity and Insidious producer produces, because who else?

Dan Aykroyd Promises ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Will at Least Be Sort of Scientifically Sound, Besides the Ghosts


Pretending for a moment that Larry King doesn’t know anything about particle physics, dimensions, or planes of existence, Dan Aykroyd recently told Larry King what the hell is going on with Ghostbusters 3.

Though the typically too-vocal actor hasn’t been talking about the sequel much as of late, it’s apparently still going to happen, even though Bill Murray is still a decided “no” for returning. Aykroyd didn’t get into a lot of the details of the script, or offer any casting possibilities beyond Larry King reprising his role as himself, but did hint that the film could reference actual science that has more support than the “kill a painted ghost, you replace him in the painting” theory of Ghostbusters 2.

“It’s based upon new research that’s being done in particle physics by the young people, young men and women at Columbia University,” Aykroyd said (via).

King responded, “You believe in this?” All these years later, still skeptical of “ghost busting” and “research.”

“Well, I believe in science. I believe in entertainment,” Aykroyd continued, “And I think to contemplate the ideas of ghosts and survival of the consciousness, it’s very, very entertaining.

“Basically, there’s research being done that… I can say that our world, our dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence–length, height, width, and time–become threatened by some of the research that’s being done. And Ghostbusters–new Ghostbusters–have to come and solve the problem.”

Then all the skeptics were quickly quieted and became enthusiastic, because no one had told them length was going to involved in this thing.

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The Haunting in Connecticut 2 The Ghosts of Georgia Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Horror Movie HD

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‘Hold Your Breath’ Trailer: A Cautionary Tale About Inhaling Serial Killer Ghosts


Centered around one of our bat-shit-craziest urban legends–the one that asserts you should hold your breath when passing cemeteries, lest you huff up a spectre–Asylum’s Hold Your Breath stars The Hot One from 30 Rock and some other people as a group of young vacationers stuck in the contrived scenario of simultaneously camping and fighting for their lives. The threat? A serial killer’s ghost–accidentally inhaled by a pot smoker who brazenly ignored graveyard respiratory decorum–passing itself around like the pipe it flew in on, one-by-one possessing the campers’ bodies to get back to murdering. Basically, it’s the 1998 supernatural-thriller Fallen, now with less Denzel Washington, more stock horror clichés and muddled anti-drug sentiments.

Don’t do drugs, you guys: inhaling is the gateway to murdering all your friends with an electric hand mixer.

‘The Apparition’ Trailer: Ghosts Definitely Exist, But Only Because You Believed in Them So Hard


According to this trailer for The Apparition, “There is a scientific theory that paranormal events are products of the human mind, and ghosts only exist because we believe in them.” I’m not sure where the film’s lead researcher, Draco Malfoy, is getting his facts, but this is definitely not an accepted scientific theory–and if it were, it would obviously be our scientific theory about why faeries exist, not ghosts. Duh, science.

But such is the conceit of this film, in which three young, extremely questionable scientists (the other two are Captain America‘s Bucky Barnes and a lingerie-wearing Ashley Greene from Twilight) conduct an experiment in which they “believe” so hard in ghosts that they will one into existence, and then that ghost starts horrifyingly degrading their home’s property value. Scary!

Whatever you do, do NOT believe you’re being tucked in to death! Also do not believe you’re being groped by a team of mechanics, even if that is very clearly happening. Because then it will somehow more be happening, I guess? Draco should probably recheck his maths on that one.

Neil Gaiman and Steve Kloves Projects Put Us at Three ‘Jungle Book’ Takes (One Includes Ghosts)


Chernin Entertainment’s “futuristic Jungle Book” now has some company: Warner Bros. and Disney, too, are preparing skewed takes on Rudyard Kipling’s world of unlikely community childrearing.

According to Deadline, Disney has just paid something in the high six figures for The Graveyard Book, the bestselling children’s fiction author Neil Gaiman has himself described as “kind of like The Jungle Book, only instead of a jungle it’s a graveyard.” As that implies, the story tells of an orphaned child raised by a group of ghosts, who impart on him the knowledge of the dead. No writer or director is yet attached, but considering the subject matter and studio, hard to imagine Tim Burton won’t want to at least sniff it and push it around his bowl a little bit.

Over at Warner, Steve Kloves is nearing a deal to write and direct a new, live-action take on The Jungle Book as well. Kloves hasn’t directed a film since 1993’s Flesh and Bone, but he’s been busy at Warner writing Glasses Wizard adaptations for the last decade, and more recently worked on the Amazing Spider-Man script. Presumably this Jungle Book adaptation will not add “from the future” or “with ghosts” or anything, but who knows–maybe the spirit of competition will get Mowgli fighting some vampires yet.

deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts N Stuff

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

New ‘Apollo 18′ Trailer: The Moon Still Has Ghosts or Gremlins or Something


So many revelations to be had about who’s been on the moon! Not only have Transformers beat us there but, according to Apollo 18, apparently the Russians showed up, too. The reason we never heard about it? BECAUSE OF THE MOON GOBLINS. Or maybe aliens? I don’t know; there’s some sort of bullshit on the moon, anyway. Maybe you can sort it out: