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Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine

With Joel McHale and Tony Hale. Would watch!

E! / sneakychino.tumblr.com

E! / sneakychino.tumblr.com

E! / sneakychino.tumblr.com

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‘Community’ Not Getting That Sixth Season, ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ Still Determining US Funny Video Heirarchy


Well, it seems Community won’t be making it to six seasons and a movie–at least not on NBC. The network today made official the news that’s been feared since the show’s first season, giving the cult sitcom the boot after five increasingly-tentative only made more anxiety-filled by Ken Jeong screaming so much. Not that NBC has anything against shows that constantly reference films, though: both Hannibal and somehow About a Boy will be coming back next year. Also, sorry if you’ve been following Revolution. You won’t be finding out how that ends.

ABC likewise made some cuts, dropping their alien family comedy The Neighbors alongside newcomers Mixology and Trophy Wife. Expectedly, big dumb continually-popular reality things The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, and Shark Tank, were picked up for the ’14-’15 season, as were a mess of dramas, including Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Resurrection, Once Upon a Time, and Castle. American’s Funniest Home Videos was also renewed for one more year of pretending the internet doesn’t exist.

Is Justin Bieber getting special treatment?

Is Justin Bieber getting special treatment?
Washington (CNN) — Justin Bieber is allowed to stay in the United States — for now. The White House won't comment on a petition signed by more than 270,000 asking for the pop star to be deported for his repeated starring role in …
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Justin Bieber Debuts Surprise R&B Ballad “Hard2FaceReality”: Listen
Justin Bieber debuted a new song, “Hard2FaceReality,” April 26 on SoundCloud. In the '90s-inspired R&B ballad, he and singer Poo Bear exchange wounded verses of a long-distance relationship, slowly falling apart. “Relationships over the phone, talking …
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Justin Bieber Latest Social Media Snafu Offends Billions
Justin Bieber has once again managed to offend people via social media … this time posting a photo of himself visiting a controversial Japanese war shrine … mistaking it for a place of prayer. Bieber posted (and then quickly deleted) the photo of …
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Sandra Bullock Getting $70 Million Paycheck For _Gravity_.flv

Sandra Bullock Getting Million Paycheck For _Gravity_.flv.

Mel Gibson Getting His Own ‘Taken’ That Isn’t ‘Ransom’


Now 18 years since he first barked threats in a phone to get his kid back, Mel Gibson will return to the task of nearly making Taken by starring in the latest of our Taken clones. Deadline reports that the Ransom star is in talks for the lead in Blood Father (how on-the-nose!), an action-thriller to be directed by Assault on Precinct 13 remaker Jean-François Richet. Marrying Taken with fellow Taken derivative Stolen, the script from The Town writer Peter Craig sees an ex-con dad reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter by protecting her from the drug dealers out to kill her.

Shame of it is, what we should really be doing is just adding Mel Gibson to Taken itself. We already know that works:

Winnie the Pooh Getting Live-Action Origin Story, Sort Of


Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment is reportedly developing a film based on Winnipeg the Bear, the ursine orphan that became the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh and, later, Winnie the Pooh letterman jackets. The story will be drawn from Lindsay Mattick and Sophie Blackall’s upcoming picture book Finding Winnie, that being based on the true story of Lt. Harry Colebourn and the bear cub he brought from Canada to London during the first World War. Nicknamed Winnie, the bear ended up being donated to the London Zoo. There, it lead A. A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin to change his teddy bear’s name to Winnie the Pooh, thus becoming the inspiration for Milne’s beloved character. The tale has already been adapted into the 2004 TV movie A Bear Named Winnie, which starred Michael Fassbender as Coleburn. Like Winnie, that Fassbender would go on to inspire the beloved Michael Fassbender character we now enjoy today.

‘The Grudge’ Is Getting Remade Again


Continuing the curse of remaking Ju-on every decade or so, Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe have reportedly set about yet another version of The Grudge. The original remade Grudge came out in 2004, back when you’d see Sarah Michelle Gellar in movies, and it’s since been followed up by two sequels, the latter of those hitting not-theaters just in 2009. As with all those prior chapters, Sam Raimi is producing, and Midnight Meat Train writer Jeff Buhler is providing a script. Now the rest of us can get to the real work of re-remaking Jessica Alba’s The Eye.

Final ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Trailer Suggests We May One Day Stop Getting Shown Early ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Footage


Ut oh, Spydroman! Blue Man Group, Pissy Haircut, and Academy Award-nominated actor Paul Giamatti are all after you! Use your powers! Try your best! Succeed!

‘Smurfs’ Already Getting Rebooted


Though originally “planned [as] a straight trilogy,” as you no doubt noted from its dramatic arc, The Smurfs franchise will not be getting the third entry Sony once intended. Creatively bankrupt after Smurfs 2, now it’s getting a reboot, so it can start over and make a new life for itself in the woods. The new film will reportedly abandon the Smurfs-in-the-city of the last couple efforts, returning the characters to their mushroom home origins in a purely animated adventure Neil Patrick Harrison won’t even have to show his face in. The studio’s hope is to reverse the series’ trend toward falling profits after the second film grossed only 60% of what the original did. It’s not yet clear if Sony hopes to reverse the series trend of being the movie equivalent of cat food smell.

Gabrielle Union Is Naked & Getting Boned In The Shower! See The Pics & Trailer HERE!

Whoa!! Bring it on, INDEED!

Last week, we learned Hollywood hottie Gabrielle Union poops with the door open, even when her fiancé Dwyane Wade is lurking about, but that’s child’s play compared to her bathroom behavior these days!

A steamy new trailer – srsly, steam is EVERYWHERE – for the upcoming season …