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Jason Patric Finally Gets His ‘Taken’ in ‘The Prince’ Trailer


The careers of Bruce Willis and John Cusack, waning pendulums that escape from their straight-to-video lows a little less with each swing, have made their inevitable collision into a Jason Patric vehicle in The Prince.

As was previously described with some confusion, the film is an experiment to see whether Patric can be plugged into Taken as readily as hair is plugged into his skull. Our Speed 2 cruise controller plays a former mob enforcer with a very familiar set of skills (firearms training, hand-to-hand combat, talking to his faraway daughter on the phone, etc). Bruce Willis has got some kind of lasting grudge against him, so he kidnaps Patric’s beautiful young daughter, and you know the drill from there.

Cusack co-stars as Patric’s old friend and, as is only natural for this kind of thing, 50 Cent makes this his third unlikely collaboration with Willis. Korean pop star Rain’s lithe form narrowly covers the hole where you expect to see Robert De Niro. Here’s the trailer:

We Finally Know When We’ll Have More Steven Spielberg Movies


The guy who made that Lincoln movie has finally settled on what he’ll make as his follow-up effort. Though director Steven Spielberg (Lincoln) has been attached to numerous project over the last couple years, it seems the next film he’ll tackle will be that Cold War drama the Coen brothers are writing for Tom Hanks to star. Spielberg’s own DreamWorks has given the still-untitled film an October 16, 2015 release on their calendar. An adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG will then follow that up as Spielberg’s next project; that’s scheduled to open less than nine months later, July 1, 2016. This guy is really going to make us wait fur Lincoln: Resurrection.

Coen Brothers Finally Finishing Their Numbskull Trilogy, Probably


Clooney buffoonery at last comes to those who wait, hopefully, as Deadline reports that the Coen brothers are finally getting to work on the long-planned Hail Caesar. Long thought to be a closer to the directors’ uneven “Numbskull Trilogy” (as seen previously in Intolerable Cruelty and O Brother, Where Art Thou?), the film is still described as a comedy but now comes with a very different logline than has previously been described.

While the Coens previously alluded to it starring Clooney as an old matinee idol making a biblical epic, now it’s said to focus on Eddie Mannix, the real-life Hollywood fixer of the ’50s who climbed the ranks and eventually became VP of MGM. Mannix was also still-arguably involved in Superman star George Reeves’s death, which was deemed a suicide despite the fact that Reeves left no prints on the suicide weapon and had been sleeping with Mannix’s wife. It’s unclear how much of the real-life tale the Coens will stick to in their telling, nor is it yet certain if Clooney will still be in it. Jon Polito totally will be, though. That’s not up for debate. Put your pencil mustache on, Jon.

Finally Explore Space as a Teenage Girl in the Amazing ‘Prospect’ Short


Featuring beautiful cinematography, lush environments, and masterful production design, Prospect is a sci-fi short that deserves the attention of fans of science fiction and short things. The dreamily-shot film focuses on a girl and her father trying to hit it rich prospecting on a rich, sunlit forest planet filled with bandits–sort of a Paper Moon of Endor by way of Where the Wild Things Are. It looks beautiful, wisely lives within its budgetary scope, and does well to remind us of the dangers of following our father’s get-rich-quick ideas. Please stop spending everything on scratch-offs, Dad.

(Thanks to Erin, and apologies to co-director Zeek Earl for not posting about this when he was trying to get earlier support for it. I thought I had, but it looks like I didn’t. Whups.)

Finally, We’ll Get ‘Home Alone’ with a Toy Store, But It Won’t Just Be ‘Home Alone 2′


Did you watch Home Alone 2 and think, “Hey, why isn’t the toy store more heavily featured?” Did you then think, “Hey, you know what would also be good? If the dad was there. So instead of just a kid taking care of burglars alone, John Heard would have a broader heroic arc”? If so, you are going to really enjoy this movie Gangster Squad‘s Ruben Fleischer is making! Set up at Disney, it’s called Overnight, and it’s reportedly being compared to Home Alone. The differences: now it takes place in an FAO Schwarz-esque toy store where a father and son have won an overnight stay. When thieves break in, the duo apparently decide not to bother the authorities about it, instead taking care of the problem themselves with the some Straw Dogs-style hijinks.

Considering the demand Home Alone 2 created for Talkboys, just imagine the huge marketing options possible when the backdrop is an entire toy store. Plus, with this added dad component, well, there’s no telling what this could mean for sales with the right Dockers tie-in.

New ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Clip and Featurette: Finally Get the Goldblum Synopsis


For some, there’s a special, unique joy to each new Wes Anderson production. For absolutely everyone, there is unprecedented joy in hearing Jeff Goldblum excitedly describe a passionate young love. Whichever you’re more interested in, you’ll find a little of both below in a new featurette and clip from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Two things: Conversation really gives Harvey Keitel a pec workout, huh? And: The Goldblum Synopsis should have been a Robert Ludlum thriller.

Ariana Grande Finally Dishes On Her Relationship With The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes! Are They Or Aren’t They?!

According to Ariana Grande, they aren’t.

As much as we would LOVE to see Ari and Nathan Sykes back together, it’s definitely not happening anytime soon.

Nope, not even those cryptic tweets meant anything! Sadsies!

The Honeymoon Avenue songstress recently dished on her current relationship with her ex-boyfy and former The Wanted member.

She …

Natalie Portman’s Hubby Benjamin Millepied Is Finally Converting To Judaism For Her!

How do you say Mazel Tov in French? LOLz!

Natalie Portman’s hunky dancer hubby Benjamin Millepied is finally going from goy to proper Jewish boy!

The dancer and choreographer told an Israeli newspaper that after spending some time in the country (in which Natalie has dual citizenship), he has chosen to become …

‘Oculus’ Trailer: We’ve Finally Circled Back Around to Just Ghosts in Sheets


When it comes to horror movie scares, oftentimes we forget that less can be more. As a helpful reminder, here’s the teaser for Oculus, a film that takes the ghostly scares old school, back to the days of representing ghosts with just some people standing around in sheets.

But if that’s a bit too raw for you, don’t worry, there are some modern frights as well. Like the fear of accident while trying to beat someone’s competitive light bulb-eating record, and the dread of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica universes crossing over non-canonically. Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff star. A mirror bleeds. A Paranormal Activity and Insidious producer produces, because who else?

New ‘The Raid 2′ Trailer Finally Subtitles All That Ass-Kicking and Hammering


In The Raid: Redemption, Iko Uwais’s Rama (better known as “the main, awesome cop guy”) manages to take down an entire skyrise full of violent thugs and ruthless criminals. Now, for the sequel, he’s taking down “the entire underworld,” because beating the shit out of more people thankfully counts as character growth in these films. Also, this time Rama’s undercover, so now he’ll be clandestinely beating the shit out of all those people. Shhhh, don’t tell. He’s trying to clean up the entire underworld!