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What is the episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Burke doesn’t know who Madonna is?

Question by dsfsfagfhvvdcbrdgwea: What is the episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Burke doesn’t know who Madonna is?
Burke, Christina, Callie and George are all playing a game at Burke’s apartment and he doesn’t know Madonna. Does anyone know what episode that is in or any more information, like what else happened around that time?? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by lombakabi
Season 2 Episode 22: The Name of the Game

Here’s a summary of the episode;
George begins to overstay his welcome at Burke and Cristina’s apartment. Cristina takes a seminar and discovers that Chief Webber is taking it too. Meanwhile, Meredith learns a startling secret about her father, Bailey worries her colleagues will not treat her the same now that she’s a mother, and Alex gets a lesson in bedside manners.

Here’s the part of the script where Burke&Cristina lose the game;
George: Are you ready?

Cristina: Mm-hmm.

George: Go.

Cristina: Blond ambition tour. (Burke says nothing) Blond ambition tour.

Callie: Oh!

Cristina: Vogue. (Burke says nothing) Oh, are you kidding? Ok, she’s blonde, she’s blonde! She’s ambitious. With the…she’s ambitious! And with the tour! And the vogueing! And the…Honey, ok, look at me! (To George) Ok…Shut up! Cones! Cones! Blond ambition, boob cones, and, uh, vogueing, honey, vogueing. Sean Penn! Sean Penn!

George: Time! (Cristina looks frustrated) Zero points for Madonna.

Burke: Oh! Madonna. Right.

(Gallery, Cristina is pacing and Meredith and Izzie are knitting.)

Cristina: Who doesn’t know Madonna?

Izzie: (Coughing) Sore loser.

The full script can be seen on below source

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