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MADONNA Papa Don’t Preach (Extended Version) P-3603 OBI 12″ Ac1683

Madonna - TRUE BLUE (LP) PROMO : very rare translucent black vinyl :rebel heart
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Madonna – Evita – Don’t cry for Me Argentina 11/19

It won’t be easy, you’ll think it’s strange when I try to explain how I feel, that I still need your love after all that I’ve done. You won’t believe me all you will see is a girl you once….

Take A Walk Down Cole Sprouse’s Happy Trail, Don’t Forget Your Hiking Boots

Much happy, so trail.

Cole Sprouse, (not the Sprouse twin whose almost-nude pics leaked — that was Dylan) is now giving his brother a run for his money because he tweeted out these pics:



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Adele – dont you remember karaoke Instrumental with lyrics LOWER KEY 2 semitones

Download: Adele – dont you remember karaoke Instrumental with lyrics LOWER KEY 2 semitones Adele – dont you remember karaoke Instrument…
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Don’t Worry, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering Will Continue Doing ‘Sharknado’ Films


Ensuring that Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One can be viewed as one cohesive body, a vast cyclone of tooth-filled cartilage that we may judge future shark tornado cinema on, SyFy has confirmed that Sharknado stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will be returning for the sequel. Reed and Ziering will reportedly reprise their respective roles as April and, ugh, Fin as the two take to New York City, where surely sharknadoes are a possible weather occurrence, right? So you’d think! Turns out, nothing attracts a sharknado like the chance to meet their least-favorite blonde from a high school series.

How come they don’t release slave movies anymore?

Question by Revolution: How come they don’t release slave movies anymore?
You know, ones like Amistad, Color Purple, Beloved, and those Uncle Remus ones? Are they afraid of people’s reactions? I actually liked those movies. I wish they would start releasing them again. Like they can release one called Slavery: The Chronicles; which details everything from 1619 to 1865.

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Answer by Back*Da*Phuck*Up
Great ?, I agree.

PS-I am interested in playing the main role of the black girl in the box ‘Kindred’

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FXX Has Pretty Much All ‘The Simpsons’ Episodes, Even If You Still Don’t Have FXX


FXX is your new home for old Simpsons reruns–unless you’ve already got all the DVDs of the seasons you want, in which case you’re good.

In an agreement the network is describing as “the biggest off-network deal ever,” the fledgling cable channel has secured exclusive cable, on-demand, and non-linear rights to the longest-running comedy ever, giving FXX access to all seasons of the series beyond whatever season is currently in first-run on Fox. So starting next year, they get 24 seasons and 530 episodes; the next year after they get the 25th season, and so on. It’s being variously said it was a hugely competitive bidding war, and while exact financial details aren’t yet known, word is it’s going to end up being somewhere between $ 750 million and a cool billion. Of course, since Fox and FXX are divisions of the Fox Entertainment Group, it may seem like this is just a tale of money being shifted from one’s right pocket up to the little pocket above that. For the financial reasoning for why that isn’t entirely the case, please ask someone with a savings account.

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Age of the Dragons (Canadian Release) New DVD

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Ever Since the World Ended (Canadian Release) New DVD
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Cinema Paradiso (Bilingual) (Canadian Release) New DVD
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Why don’t they start putting new releases and more movies on net flicks streaming?

Question by Bud: Why don’t they start putting new releases and more movies on net flicks streaming?
I mean its the way of the future there is no reason to be a slow poke with it!

I don’t even use netflicks for the stupid mailing movies. I am not like hmmmmm I wanna watch a movie tommarow. I wanna see it now!

Best answer:

Answer by Kaligirl
Mainly because they want to make more money. New releases at movie rental places always cost more than the older titles. If it is a popular movie and they are still making a decent amount on it in the rental locations, then they will want to maintain that, not have that money taken away by online viewing. If you notice, the online viewing selection is mainly old movies, or movies that didn’t have a lot of hype. If it’s really popular, it takes quite a while for it to reach the instant viewing.

It sucks for those of us who want to just watch it now, but it’s how it works. There are even people who wouldn’t be too thrilled with it anyway since some don’t like watching things on their computer screen.

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