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Tim Tufuga does the Gold Coast 70.3 Ironman Triathlon 2010

Talofa lava, o lenei, ua ou toe faia le Gold Coast 70.3 Ironman Triathlon, mo lenei tausaga o le 2010. O le sauniniga lenei mo le a’au mo le 1.9 kilomita ona so’o lea o le 90 kilomita o le ti’eti’e o le uila, ona i’u lea ma le tamo’e mo le 21.1kilomita. Fa’a fetai mo le matamata ma le a’u maimoa. Ia manuia tatou Tagata Samoa!

Does anyone know Heidi Montag’s (from the t.v. show The Hills) height?

How tall is Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag’s height? Thanks. Oh, and how tall is “Jennifer Aniston”?
Please serious answers and real facts.

Why are peoples nationalities always asked when someone does not look arian white?

Why if a white person looks Italian, Greek, french, hungarian, etc people ask immediatly what they are even though they are American? For example no one has ever stated the nationalities of Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, george bush, Bill clinton, Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jessica Simpson, I can go on.
The media says no mention of their ethnicity because they all look arian.
But if someone looks Italian, eastern european, or hispanic they want to know right away what nationality they are and the media makes a HUGE deal about,, For example.. The media refrences Criss Angel as “the Greek “,, They also call Jennifer Aniston ,, “the greek”,, also they call Jon Bon Jovi-“the italian”, or they call Cher “the armenian”… and also John Stamos “the greek,, also alyssa Milano,, “the italian””,, Also in politics they call Guilanni(the italian) yet no mention of the others nationalities,,,, The media does not even ask them, I find it offending since their all Americans,
If Kelly Clarkson was in jail, the media would be saying “the greek-american” yet there is not one word mentioned about paris hiltons ethnicity…is she irish, british, german? guess you are considered a pure American if your one of those

Shrek the Ogre does MOT on KXF 4 stoke

Shrek out in day light stonned doing MOT”S on bike’s check it.!!!

Does Oprah’s Book Club Kill Movies?

Oprah’s picks for books have been the kiss of death for movies based on them 

“Scott Pilgrim” Cast Does Dublin

They’re hot on the promotional trail, and earlier today (August 16) the cast of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” was spotted out and about in Dublin, Ireland.

And though they received all kinds of buzz at this year’s Comic-Con, it looks like the “Scott Pilgrim” crew ended up with some less-than-stellar numbers at the box office this past weekend.

Raking in only $10.5 million, the film landed at the #5 spot for its opening weekend, beat out by flicks like “The Expendables” ($35 million) and “Eat Pray Love” ($23.7 million).

Photo Credit: INF Daily

Alix Paige does three different Roses from “Gypsy”

Alix Paige sings “You’ll Never Get Away From Me” as three different Roses: Bernadette, Ethel, and of course, Patti.

Sandra Bullock: Does Oil Influence PSA Campaign?

SANDRA Bullock isn’t planning to reconcile with ex-husband Jesse James – despite reports to the contrary. It was claimed earlier this week that the Oscar-winning actress — who divorced Jesse after he cheated on her with a string of different women — was planning to get back with her former spouse, but was worried that doing […]

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Sandra Bullock wants out of Gulf restoration video
A spokeswoman for Sandra Bullock says the actress wants her parts of a video promoting Gulf Coast restoration removed until she learns whether oil companies influenced it.

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Sandra Bullock: Does Oil Influence PSA Campaign?
A spokeswoman for Sandra Bullock says the actress wants her parts of a video promoting Gulf Coast restoration removed until she learns whether oil companies influenced it.

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Why Does Love Hurt?(a justin bieber love story)Episode 10

Heey (: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ justin-oh ok *sad*umm wanna watch a movie jasmine-uhh sure *lets him in* justin-umm wanna watch the notebook jasmine-You watch the notebook? Justin-Yeah. Jasmine-*laughs* C’mon, Popstar. Lets watch it. *puts it in and sits on the couch* Justin-Popstar? I like it. *sits next to her* Jasmine-*laughs and watches the movie* Justin-*watches the movie* ***After the movie*** Justin-*crying* Jasmine-Are you crying? Justin-*clears his thoat* No. Just something in my eye. Jasmine-Justin, i think its cute if you cry. Justin-Well, im crying. Jasmine-*giggles and kisses his cheek* Justin-*blushes* Jasmine-*giggles* Justin-Hey, can i ask you something? Jasmine-You just did. Justin-Im serious. Jasmine-*laughs* Sorry, go ahead. Justin-You want to be in my new music video? Jasmine-Umm. Im not that pretty. You should find someone else. Justin-You are pretty! And im choosing you. Jasmine-Okay. When do we flim? Justin-Tomorrow and all week. Jasmine-Ahh! Okay. Justin-I have to go. I’ll pick you up at 11 tomorrow. *kisses her forehead and leaves* Jasmine-What am i getting myself into? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes Jasmine. What are you getting yourself into? ahahaha Comment(:

Anything a Pirate can do, a Princess does Better! (FFXII)

Balthier and Ashe compete musical style. Bad things happen. Clips – Final Fantasy XII Song – Anything you can do/Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat.