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Discuss the development of psychology as a science with reference to evolutionary psy, social psy an neurology?

Question by Magb: Discuss the development of psychology as a science with reference to evolutionary psy, social psy an neurology?
Struggling a little on the above qu for my essay. So I know how to describe the 3 topics but I don’t know how to say they have helped psy to develop as a science. Any ideas for how I could do this? Thanks in advance :)

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Answer by Cherry
describing things is not discussing things, so try to avoid that when possible.
Think about what the question is really asking you. What makes something a science? Discuss things like testing hypotheses, producing results that can be replicated, etc. Use examples from the areas given and discuss how this has made psych accepted like other sciences. Discuss how it adds to other sciences – e.g. How it fits with and can compliment biology.
Good luck

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