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Desperate ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Willing To Show More if You’ll Go See ‘Men in Black 3′


Those who pay to see Men in Black 3 in IMAX 3D will be rewarded with more than just 690 square meters of T.L. Jones bursting from the screen. You’re getting six minutes of The Amazing Spider-Man, too, you lucky dogs. (Plus: that theme by Pitbull!)

Though only been a week since a four-minute “super preview” of the film debuted to audiences of America’s Got Talent, revealing that C. Thomas Howell is in this thing, Sony is apparently still pretty worried no one will see their film unless they’ve already seen most of it beforehand. On the official Amazing Spider-Man Facebook page, they’ve now promised, “an exclusive 6-minute sneak peek of The Amazing Spider-Man when you experience Men In Black in IMAX 3D starting Thursday at Midnight!”, and that is not at all desperate, no matter how frightened and last-ditch it may seem.

If you go, let me know if it ends up being a supercut of just the parts where Sally Field cries and frets. I might be interested.

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