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‘Community’/’Arrested Development’ Brother Directors Might Get ‘Captain America 2′ Job


Of course, the less optimistic way to say it is that the sibling directors of the basic cable-haunting comedy You, Me and Dupree might direct Captain America 2. But why make ourselves sad?

Though The Avengers has yet to hit theaters and debut Captain America’s new jammies, Marvel is moving quickly to sort out what next to do with our most jingoistic shield-based superhero. As reported by Vulture, studio head Kevin Feige is expected to select a director for Captain America 2 by as early as the middle of next month, and already the candidate pool is said to be down to three (or four, if you count directing duos as two): Anthony and Joseph Russo, F. Gary Gray, and George Nolfi.

As mentioned, the Russos are brother co-directors (why are there so many of these?) known mostly for their work in the cult television world. Their pilots for Arrested Development, Running Wilde, and Community helped to define what those series would grow into before their premature cancellations (good luck, Community!). Unfortunately, their last feature was You, Me and Dupree, which was not a very good movie. No one has ever said, “Captain America was decent enough, but I’d like to see the next one go in the direction of Owen Wilson moves in and HE JUST WON’T LEAVE!” I somehow doubt the Russos would say that either, though, so they seem like a reasonable enough choice. No odder than Jon Favreau directing Iron Man or Kenneth Branagh directing Thor, at least.

Meanwhile, there’s also Friday director F. Gary Gray in the running. His last two films were Law Abiding Citizen and Be Cool, and after those turds, he could definitely use a career pick-me-up. But shouldn’t that pick-me-up really be earned through the close examination of yet another Friday? Look deep into your Ice Cube and you’ll know it’s true.

Finally, there’s George Nolfi. His only directing job is on last year’s The Adjustment Bureau, though he has writing credits on Ocean’s Twelve, The Bourne Ultimatum, and more. Like The First Avenger director Joe Johnston, he would probably do a dutifully competent enough job on the film, but he would probably also keep complaining about how much better Matt Damon would throw a shield.

So, what do you think of the options? Who should be instructing Chris Evans on his motivations for pouting?

Madonna’s Brother Is Homeless

Madonna Booed WE London Film Festival Madonna Booed WE London Film Festival Madonna Booed WE London Film Festival 

Seen here being booed at the London Film Festival premiere of W.E. – Fools! She feeds off your lamentations! – Madonna‘s oldest brother Anthony Ciccone is reportedly homeless and has been living on the streets for over a year despite his sister having million of dollars along with a secret volcano lair filled with gold Read More …

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan — $0.4M

An upper-middle class Indian man falls madly in love with the beautiful bride he hand selected for his brother in London as the families come together to make preparations, and the wedding looms ever closer. Luv Agnihotri (Ali Zafar) lives in London; his brother Kush (Imram Khan) lives with their family in India. In his frantic quest to find a spouse for his sibling, Kush interviews a wide variety of eligible bachelorettes. But none of them strike his eye or his intellect quite like Dimple Dixit (Katrina… [more]

‘Blues Brother’ Will Be a TV Show Now, and More…


- Dwayne Johnson tweeted the above photo as evidence that actor/comedian DeRay Davis has a part in G.I. Joe 2. Also as evidence that the two of them arm wrestled outside a ladies’ room.

- Actor Ben Whishaw says Tom Tykwer’s Wachowski-produced adaptation of Cloud Altas will see the cast all playing multiple roles and genders, which is either inventively progressive or a sign that this film has the production values of a local theater production of Our Town.

- HBO has picked up Mike Tyson and Spike Lee’s boxing drama, Da Brick, thus continuing Tyson’s slightly disconcerting path towards surprising redemption.

- Considering Dan Aykroyd’s vodka-soaked enthusiasm for stretching his beloved creations to the limits of their tolerability, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise that he and the widow Belushi have decided to bring the Blues Brothers back in a television series described by writer and former SNL staffer Anne Beatts as “Route 66 meets Glee.” I can’t wait for that harmonica-laced rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’, and then my own death.

Our Idiot Brother — $7M

Scruffy idealist Ned (Paul Rudd) wreaks havoc on the lives of his mother (Shirley Knight) and three sisters, Miranda (Elizabeth Banks), Natalie (Zooey Deschanel), and Liz (Emily Mortimer), while overstaying his welcome in each of their homes and voicing his opinions when they aren’t wanted. Organic farmer Ned always looks for the best in everyone, but his unfailing honesty continually lands him in hot water. Arrested for selling drugs to a uniformed police officer, Ned gets the boot from his girlfriend, and… [more]

‘My Idiot Brother’ Gets Red-Band Trailer, Invented Controversy


With Our Idiot Brother opening nationwide tomorrow, the Weinstein Company wants to make sure you know, this film is more than just Paul Rudd acting affably goofy in a pair of Crocs: it earns its R-rating, everyone! It is very edgy! So edgy that, according the studio’s PR department, ABC supposedly won’t even air the latest Our Idiot Brother TV spot unless the Weinsteins comply with the network’s request to PLEASE REMOVE THE VISUAL OF THE EXCHANGE OF WHAT IS ASSUMED TO BE DRUGS; PLEASE REMOVE THE VISUAL OF THE CHARACTER USING THE JUICE BOX TO DEPICT URINATION; [and] PLEASE REMOVE THE REFERENCES TO GETTING HIGH AND SMOKING. TWC’s response? Sorry, THE MAN, but it is not going to happen. Rather, the studio has defiantly released a new red-band trailer filled with just the kind of references to getting high and smoking, child swearing, and Steve Coogan nudity those stodgy old coots would hate, essentially using their juice box to depict urination right back onto ABC’s censors, metaphorically speaking. So much controversy coincidentally falling on the eve of a big film release! Anyway, if you want to buy into it, here’s that new trailer:

Pirahnna 3d, Vampires Suck, Big Brother & Glee! Justin Bieber! -sucks, actually : )

So the link! I’m still blonde, I actually kinda like it, and might keep it. I actually saw The Expendables too – and didn’t like it. I was totally disappointed. I fell asleep during Dinner for Schmucks (it was at the drive-in… shit happens lol) so I don’t know if it was good? And I saw a ton of other stuff at the drive-in, I can’t even remember what. Also, I took a picture of my boyfriend holding my cat the other day, with the kitchen in the background like this and someone tagged all the Frebreze in the background LOL so I tagged it in this video as well.

Josie tipped to win ‘Ultimate Big Brother’

Arrgh-Ye Matie!! Pirates Off The Starboard Bow
Go aboard one of the majestic vessels harbored at Navy Pier for the Tall Ships Festival. Piracy – Tall ship – United States – Navy Pier – Military

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Gay cadets tough it out under military code
The ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy has taken its toll, reports Corey Kilgannon from West Point.

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Josie tipped to win ‘Ultimate Big Brother’
Andrew and Mario have both tipped Josie – who triumphed as winner of the eleventh series of ‘Big Brother’ last night – to win ‘Ultimate Big Brother’.

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My six year old danish little brother singing Justin Bieber:)

This is my six year old danish little brother singing Justin Bieber;) Isnt that cool, i mean hes danish, and the song is english, and he is not even going to school. So thats very cool i think;) Hope u enjoy:) He keeps telling me: Put on the internet, so Justin Bieber can see my singing, hurry up!;) He thinks that Justin Bieber is a BIG inspiration:) Subscribe and comment please!

‘Big Brother’ Breakdown

We size up the Season 12 housemates 

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