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Posthumous ‘Waiting to Exhale’ Reunion! Angela Bassett To Direct Whitney Houston Biopic


Whitney Houston’s lengthy, troubled relationship with Bobby Brown was long the stuff of Lifetime movies, and now it literally will be thanks to Angela Bassett. Lifetime announced yesterday that they’re planning an official Lifetime Original Movie on Houston, and that the biopic will mark the directorial debut of the pop star’s Waiting to Exhale co-star Angela Bassett. Considering Houston hits like I Will Always Love You, I Belong to You, All the Man That I Need, Didn’t We Almost Have It All, and Saving All My Life for You, Lifetime is going to have one hell of a time settling on an over-the-top title for this thing.

Mister Rogers Biopic To Reveal What He WASN’T Teaching Us


What secrets were Mister Rogers hiding in his cardigan-filled closet? Get ready to find out it’s probably just more cardigans with A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, a biopic on the children’s show host that reportedly just sold on spec to Treehouse Pictures. Details of the film’s scope and story aren’t yet revealed, and to look at Rogers’ Wikipedia page, it’s not all that easy to make-believe what the interesting angle will be. Rogers lived a healthy Presbyterian life of exercise and vegetarianism, abstaining from drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and hookers, so there’s not a clear dramatic arc beyond everyone loving Mister Rogers. But since the script comes from Alexis Jolly, an Ellen staff writer, you can count on it nailing the voice of “friendly person talking directly at an afternoon audience.” Maybe with some early-years stuff where Rogers’ mom obsesses over wearing “indoor sneakers,” then a big climax where his famous appearance before Congress has more impassioned shouting and swelling music?

Get Your First Steve Jobs Biopic Out of the Way with ‘iSteve’


As promised with a trailer earlier this month, Funny or Die has beaten Aaron Sorkin and Ashton Kutcher to market with a Steve Jobs biopic, today releasing iSteve in its full 78-minute length. Given that it’s a Funny or Die production, it’s not exactly accurate, but then, according to Steve Wozniak and common sense, neither is the Kutcher version, so why not just watch the one that starts with a ridiculous old janitor archetype? (Note: this one has that, and you can see him here.)

Watch the Shouty, Surprisingly-Serious Trailer for Justin Long’s Steve Jobs Biopic


After years of bringing the Mac brand to life as a guy you’d like to choke, Justin Long at last become his maker in iSteve, the Steve Jobs biopic that’s beating the Kutcher version to the punch in remembrance via someone from That ’70s Show. Arriving on Funny or Die April 15th, the shortish-length film is ostensibly a comedy–judging by the above photo and the site’s explicit death penalty policy–but you don’t really get that much of that from this teaser for the film. What you do get is the reminder that no one is even trying to get a Kickstarter going for Justin Long’s cult-appreciated NBC sitcom, Ed. What’s the hold up here?

Miyazaki Doing a Biopic on a Fighter Plane Designer


The director behind such imaginative favorites as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away is dialing back the whimsy to levels scarcely fanciful enough to support charming spirit life.

According to the AnimeNewsNetwork (via), Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s next animated feature will focus on the designer of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero–Japan’s long-range fighter craft that was famously used throughout World War II. A Ghibli producer previously said the project was “not the sort of work that everyone in the audience can relax and watch,” which would seem to support this rumored plot; the story of a warcraft used in the attack on Pearl Harbor is indeed not the most relaxing subject matter. And it might particularly be a tough sell in the U.S., for both the obvious historical reasoning and the fact that Miyazaki’s more family-friendly Ponyo still only brought in $ 15 million. Is there enough Liam Neeson overdubbing in the world to turn this into a hit?

Regardless, the animated biopic is set for a late 2013 completion, with Studio Ghibli reportedly already carrying out “a large-scale search for animators skilled at drawing aeroplanes.” Now it’s even more upsetting Mom threw out all our cool plane designs.

Channing Tatum Working on Evel Knievel Biopic, ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel


This guy is getting pretty desperate to keep his chest exposed.

evel.jpgAccording to THR, the21 Jump Street star and brief G.I. Joe 2 presence Channing Tatum is in talks to star in and produce a film based on Life of Evel, the 2008 Evel Knievel biography from Stuart Barker. Tatum’s Iron Horse Entertainment partner Reid Carolin–last responsible for fleshing out the actor’s stripping anecdotes for Magic Mike–will write the script about the late stuntman famous for his 433 broken bones and willingness to drive motorcycles over things so that we didn’t have to.

And on the subject of Magic Mike, also we’re getting another one of those. With the male stripper film already grossing $ 70 million over its $ 7 million budget, Glamour (via) logically asked Tatum if a sequel was a possibility, to which he replied:

“Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.”

This time Magic Mike is being tried for murder–in EUROPE! Or maybe they’ll figure out a way to work some more male stripping in. We’ll see. In the meantime, go save the White House, Channing Tatum.

Hey Girl, Here’s What Ryan Gosling Would Look Like in a Walt Disney Biopic


Because the ticker emerging from Walt Disney’s cryochamber has not yet commanded it, the Walt Disney Company is not making a Walt Disney biopic. After all, some things are best left in the Disney vault. But if they were making a biopic, and if they got Ryan Gosling to star in it, this is maybe what the poster would look like, as realized by French art director Pascal Witaszek. Well done, Pascal Witaszek. I’m probably going to spend the rest of the day imagining this film, picturing life in this parallel universe wherein a Disney biopic would not star Johnny Depp, for some reason wearing a decorative headband.


‘American Psycho’ Remake Now Author-Approved, Poster for the Less Accurate Lincoln Biopic, and More…


- When viewed in person, this new Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter poster switches between the image of the 16th President in the Oval Office and a crazy, drunk man alone in the woods and dressed like Lincoln for reasons he can’t clearly recall.

- Brian de Palma’s remake of Crime d’Amour–which the director claims will “combine eroticism, suspense, mystery and murder into one spell-binding cinematic experience”–will reportedly re-team Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows co-stars Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams in the roles of a vengeful executive and her protégé. Considering these facts, you can pretty much count on some lesbian kissing happening. Try to play it cool.

- Though the modern-day American Psycho remake definitely sounds like a terrible idea, the book’s author, Bret Easton Ellis, claims otherwise, recently tweeting, “Haters beware: I just had a long discussion with Noble Jones, the writer/director of the ‘new’ American Psycho movie. His take is genuine…” Yeah, genuinely STUPID! Oooooooh. Anyway, I guess it’s fine. (via!)

You’re Getting a Rod Serling Biopic


Stanley Weiser–writer of both Wall Street films, W., and that movie with Matthew Broderick and chimps–has been hired to write a Rod Serling biopic for Andrew Meieran and his Bureau of Moving Pictures production company, reports Deadline. No further details have yet been divulged about the film’s approach but, hey, there sure is some stuff in Serling’s life to portray. They’ll probably start with a young Serling’s eagerness to join the military immediately after high school, and then get into how his time in the 511th’s demolition platoon–nicknamed “death squad” not because it was awesome but because everyone in it kept dying–would forever change his worldview. That way it will totally make sense when, later, as we’re shown the most famous role in Serling’s life–producer, creator, and host of The Twilight Zone–we’ll totally get why episodes of his groundbreaking series were so often morality tales, and frequently just as vocally anti-war as Serling was outside the show. Throughout all that, there will probably also be a lot of scenes featuring rage, arguments, and chain smoking, too, because then when he dies after multiple heart attacks at age 50, the audience will be all, “Yeah, that makes sense.” And then someone will get an Academy Award for doing such a good Rod Serling impression. Doesn’t that sound like a biopic? Look for that in theaters eventually.