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Charlize Theron shows spankable ass in a floral bikini! – HQ Charlize Theron hot babe topless tanning pics and groping girl on stage.
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Bethenny Frankel Posts Bikini Photo, Looks Skinnier Than Ever

Bethenny Frankel Posts Bikini Photo, Looks Skinnier Than Ever.

Kim Kardashian’s Beach Bikini Photos Now Include North West

A public service announcement.

We *all* know that Kim Kardashian loves to share photos of her butt in a bikini on her Instagram feed.

16.7 million Instagram followers and counting, to be precise.

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Andrea Calle in a Bikini is The Crap I Missed – 4.29.14

Posted by Photo Boy

Here’s Andrea Calle, whose bio says she has something to do with MMA, so I’m kind of confused as to why she’s not pretending to work out. I’m also starting to realize that posting shots of a model walking around Miami Beach in her bikini is equivalent to me posting pics of yellow cabs driving around Manhattan or pics of John Travolta (like the one embedded below – I CAN’T STOP MYSELF, I’M SICK!!) looking like a ventriloquist’s gay vampire doll, but how else would you guys fantasize about turning these women down for perceived facial flaws and a modicum of body fat? Glad we’re all on the same page here.

John Travolta Gay Vampire Ventriloquist Doll

I went to counseling, yes, but all the inkblots look like Prince Charles to me. It’s over for me, I’m ruined.

Photo: Splash News

Casey Batchelor in a Bikini is The Crap I Missed – Monday 4.28.14

Posted by Photo Boy

It’s vacation mode TCWM time, so here goes another round of random shitty show star/model person, Casey Batchelor, in a bikini, because Fish is a selfish bastard who doesn’t care if I get to know what Constantine Maroulis might have worn to a D-level red carpet event this weekend.

It could have been fingerless gloves and a studded denim vest, you prick! HOPE YOU’RE HAVING FUN!!

Photo: Fame/Flynet

Lauren Stoner in a Bikini is The Crap I Missed – Friday 4.25.14

Alright guys, Fish is officially south of the Mason-Dixon line by now, which if you’re a regular reader, you know means he will be terrified for the next week I’m steering the tit-ship solo for a while. That doesn’t leave me enough time to put together the usual end-of-day compilation of butts and derpfaces, so you get random models who are probably pretty good with a bucket of soapy water and some Turtle Wax. (There are exactly two things I currently and will ever know about Lauren Stoner: 1.) She has a butt/wears a bikini. 2.) She is/was dating Michael Bay.)

Expect this high level of journalistic commitment to random boob loosely associated with Hollywood people to continue for the next week,

- Photo Boy

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Splash News

Charlize Theron Dons A Bikini For Miami Photo shot

Charlize Theron donned a metallic bikini and other fashionable swim attire for a photo shoot in sunny Florida on Wednesday, March 19. Theron wore a silver bi…

Michelle Lewin in a Bikini: The Crap I Missed – Thursday 2.20.14

Today’s The Crap We Missed is just a giant gallery of Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin, or “The Female Jennifer Nicole Lee,” as I’m calling her. They’re practically the same person, right down to the “Bikini string knots, how do they work?” move, but without the feverish anticipation menacing dread that a penis could spring out at any moment. I could have left you guys hanging, but I feel I hooked it up. It’s like I’m maturing…could it soon be time for me to graduate to Young Man of Photography? Teen Pic Wonder?

Nevermind, that last one sounded like a German site on “the deep web,”

- Photo Boy

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Katie Holmes vs. Jennifer Aniston — FINAL BIKINI WAR OF 2013

Katie Holmes vs. Jennifer Aniston — FINAL BIKINI WAR OF 2013
JENNIFER ANISTON!!!! Katie was out in Miami, flaunting her post-Tom Cruise physique in a hot pink 2-piece. Jennifer is still in Cabo … hangin' out with her man Justin Theroux. 1231-jennifer-anniston-Splash Two hot bodies — but there can only be one …

OFFBEAT: Reader asks about Marlo Thomas and Jennifer Aniston
"During the holidays, actress Jennifer Aniston appeared in a number of commercial advertisements helping promote the good great cause of St. Jude's Hospital. This got us to wondering if maybe she might be somehow related to actress Marlo Thomas who …

Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, & Cameron Diaz Want to Star in a Comedy reports that Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz are looking for a comedy script that would unite the three actresses and "give them all meaty roles." Bullock is the mutual friend link between the trio. "Although there …
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Rihanna’s In A Bikini, It’s A MLK Day Miracle!

Here are new bikini shots of Rihanna that just came in, and you have no idea how much of miracle that is because let me let you in on a harsh truth about the paparazzi: They hardly ever take bikini pics of black celebrities. For every eight billion sets of white women (and, okay, Brazilians with giant asses) there’s one set of a black woman. Which is a shame, but Dr. Martin Luther King preached equality and therefore a love of titties of all colors, so he’d probably say maybe work a little harder but wouldn’t sweat you about it. Anyway, Photo Boy and I will be back tomorrow, so Happy MLK Day, and I’m not just saying that because Cuba Gooding Jr. has my family. Although if you happen to be near him, maybe show him this post. No reason.

- The Superficial

Adding… This Richard Sherman business is some racist horseshit, and you know it.