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Man Arrested For Assaulting & Locking His Wife In A Shed Because She Wouldn’t Stop Singing ‘Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead’ After His Mom Died!

We don’t usually suggest divorce for any couple but we might be making an exception for these two!

A husband and wife in the UK got a visit from police after the man locked his old lady up in his tool shed!

The reason: she wouldn’t stop singing Ding-Dong The Witch Is …

‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Now Available in Chronological Order


Hey, have you finished off the new season of Arrested Development yet? Ready to now watch them again, with the sequences re-ordered to probably mess up most of the joke set-ups and payoffs? Well, you’re in luck, because someone has already edited them together into new episodes that play out chronologically–jumping between ordered storylines like how the first three seasons played out, but with more frequent ostrich references. Should this experiment/compulsion interest you, you can download the new cuts from links here (via).

‘Arrested Godfather’ Doubly Stresses the Importance of Family


I can’t believe this has taken so long, and it’s probably not quite as perfect as what you’re hoping for. But given the nature of Arrested Development and The Godfather trilogy, that’s only appropriate, right?

Whet Your Appetite for BEANS??? with ‘Arrested Development’ Clips


The fourth season of Arrested Development arrives on Sunday! So close! Don’t spoil it now! Or, like usual, be a weak-willed chump and watch these five very brief clips, rationalizing it to yourself by thinking, “Well, if this were on network TV, I would have probably seen some clips in ads, anyway. And besides, it’s meant to be watched multiple times, so I’m just getting a head start.” I regret nothing.

(Thanks, Laura)

UNC Professor Gets Arrested In Argentina For Drug Smuggling

Holy shiz!

Oxford-educated scientist and UNC professor Paul Frampton has been arrested in Argentina for drug smuggling.

The prof thought he was going to meet up with a bikini model, but he was tricked and instead got stuck in a bad situation.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to get the whole story and …

Jersey Shore’s Deena Gets Arrested This Thursday

MTV Shows


We’ve been waiting four long months for this moment to arrive.

Remember when the whole world found out that Deena Cortese got so wasted while boozing in New Jersey last summer that she got arrested?

We get to watch it happen this Thursday!

The all …

‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Gets a Broad Release Date

Still no exact date for when we’ll all be breaking Netflix trying to watch the new season of Arrested Development, but HuffPo has at least given us a broad timeframe to get excited about: SPRING! It’s coming next spring. That is all.

‘Arrested Development’ Adds ‘Mad Men’ Star John Slattery


The Workaholics cast will not be the only hard-drinking office workers on the set of the new Arrested Development.

TVLine says we can also count on seeing Mad Men‘s John Slattery being all grey-haired in the series redux. What will his role be? Will it involve hilarious baby props? Unknown! But considering the just-released news that his Mad Men co-star is going to provide the voice of a talking, animated toilet, it had better be good. Talking, animated toilet good.

Jersey Shore’s Deena Arrested For Drunkenly Slapping Cars

Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct Deena Cortese Arrested Public Drunkenness And Disorderly Conduct

In her defense, I’m sober and it even took me an hour to realize she’s not hugging Snooki. While filming an episode of Jersey Shore yesterday, Deena Cortese apparently looked down at her script and saw the words, “You’re the one who gets arrested this season,” so here she is horse-hammered drunk before being hauled Read More …

“Jersey Shore” Star Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

Not having herself the best of days, Deena Nicole Cortese of ‘Jersey Shore’ fame was arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ on Sunday (June 10).

The MTV reality star caught police’s attention after being spotted dancing around the streets and standing atop pool tables – with her continued actions finally prodding police to slap on the cuffs.

After being booked for disorderly conduct, Miss Cortese was later seen leaving jail with her parents as cameras captured all of the drama.

Among Miss Cortese’s other alleged doings during her drunken episode included the slapping of cars, which occurred as she was being hauled away by legal officers.