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‘Good People’ Trailer Reveals Another Movie James Franco Apparently Made


Here’s the trailer for Good People, yet another early-’10s film absolutely no one is going to remember James Franco being in. Like the similarly-forgettable Homefront, this is a thriller that sees Franco cast alongside an actress who you weren’t sure was still making films–but this time it’s Kate Hudson instead of Winona Ryder. They play an American couple living in London deep in debt and renting out their basement. When the renter dies, he ends up leaving behind £220,000; while that at first seems like a blessing, soon criminal Omar Sy comes looking for his cash, and so starts a whole ordeal that maybe you’ll catch on TV at some point.

Adam Driver Apparently Your New Darth Vader


Well, despite his brayed pleas not to go to outer space, it looks like Adam Driver is headed to Star Wars. According to Variety, the dark Sith lord of Girls is the first cast member being added to Episode VII. Negotiations and scheduling aren’t yet closed, but Driver is apparently “close to signing on,” and “a deal should be finalized in the coming days.” After nearly getting the role of the Man of Steel sequel’s Lex Luthor, he’ll yet get to play a big franchise villain, as his part is said to be “in the vein of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader.” But he must also be an alien or something though… right?

Lead Cast in O.J. Simpson Film We’re Apparently Spending $65 Million On


TheWrap reports British actress Charlotte Kirk has been cast as Nicole Brown Simpson in An American Mystery, a $ 65 million film that will “take a fair and balanced look” at the eternal mystery of O.J. Simpson murdering his wife. Joshua Newton is directing the “sure-to-be controversial project”–already stirring debate as to why it costs $ 65 million to make a 1996 Lifetime movie (time travel?)–and he supposedly has new evidence to rationalize its existence. Kirk, whose big break is coming with the Liam Neeson-on-an-airplane thriller Non-Stop, will portray Brown Simpson for the entirety of her adult life, from meeting the football star at 18 to later dying from meeting the football star at 18. The other lead has not yet been cast–but, hey, how about O.J. himself? He definitely acts. Though, unfortunately, I’m not sure he’s free.

Mike Myers Apparently Isn’t Good Enough for You Anymore: Cat in the Hat Returning to Theaters as CGI Cat in Hat


With The Love Guru having put a quick end to any humor associated with gluing hair to Mike Myers, the next Cat in the Hat adaptation will eschew live-action in favor of a CGI cat rendering that will project less palpable shame with its eyes.

With Universal and Illumination Entertainment’s The Lorax killing it at the box office, begging for more of Dr. Seuss’s catalog to be stripped for CGI films, the studios have announced plans to move forward with a computer-generated take on perhaps Seuss’s most iconic book, The Cat in the Hat. Though Universal was the one at blame for creating 2003’s live-action slapstick mess, the feeling among the widow Geisel, Illumination head Chris Meledandri, and Universal’s top brass is now that “Seuss’s works connect better in animation,” rendered as 3D characters that are unable to disagree to being in car commercials. Rob Lieber is writing the script and Meledandri is producing. It remains unclear if Myers will be invited back to voice the central character or if this time they’ll go in a new direction, one in which the Cat in the Hat is not perpetually drifting in and out of his once-popular Linda Richman character for some reason.

New ‘Terminator’ Will Have R-Rating, Is Still Getting Made, Apparently


Megan Ellison–the rich kid who’s been awesomely using her dad’s Oracle fortune to fund films by Charlie Kaufman, Paul Thomas Anderson, and the Coens–last May emerged as the future’s savior for the Terminator franchise, outbidding Lionsgate to win the rights to Schwarzenegger as a robot skeleton. We all cheered that Arnold’s crouched, nude form was in cradled in such seemingly-competent hands, but since then, there hasn’t really been any movement on the project–a fact that reportedly has attached director Justin Lin worried the project could interfere with his duties recording Vin Diesel driving cars.

Well, earlier this week, Ellison at last spoke up about the project, and while there’s still no clear indication of how the film will explain why a learning computer now looks 65 and publicly disgraced, one thing is certain: the film will be rated R.

Responding to a tweet from the internet’s legion Terminator fans at, Ellison said:

We can’t really tell you guys anything about Terminator BUT it will be an R rated film as God and James Cameron intended.

So, good news is, Terminator will be able to tear a dude’s head off. Bad news is, now Chuck Norris can’t be a T-1000.


Kristen Stewart Got Rear-Ended, Apparently Lives in Her Car


“Man, I’m tryin’ to smoke in here with, like, these bags, man…”
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Justin Bieber Is Apparently Black- Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs Canceled- Boney James Hit By Drunk- Bowersox …

Bieber tops Canadian charts
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Justin Bieber Is Apparently Black- Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs Canceled- Boney James Hit By Drunk- Bowersox …
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