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‘Community’ Not Getting That Sixth Season, ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ Still Determining US Funny Video Heirarchy


Well, it seems Community won’t be making it to six seasons and a movie–at least not on NBC. The network today made official the news that’s been feared since the show’s first season, giving the cult sitcom the boot after five increasingly-tentative only made more anxiety-filled by Ken Jeong screaming so much. Not that NBC has anything against shows that constantly reference films, though: both Hannibal and somehow About a Boy will be coming back next year. Also, sorry if you’ve been following Revolution. You won’t be finding out how that ends.

ABC likewise made some cuts, dropping their alien family comedy The Neighbors alongside newcomers Mixology and Trophy Wife. Expectedly, big dumb continually-popular reality things The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, and Shark Tank, were picked up for the ’14-’15 season, as were a mess of dramas, including Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Resurrection, Once Upon a Time, and Castle. American’s Funniest Home Videos was also renewed for one more year of pretending the internet doesn’t exist.

Captain America’s Post-Credit Scene Reveals The Villian Who Will Be Wreaking Havoc In Avengers: Age Of Ultron!

Everybody knows that the best thing about Marvel films, well, after all the action and on-screen hotties, is the sneak peek of what’s to come for the next big movie!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is no different!

After the Avengers’ post-credit scene, the film teased the audiences with Thanos being …

Im going to go out for americas got talent and im an alto so i want to sing adele?

Question by Julia: Im going to go out for americas got talent and im an alto so i want to sing adele?
Im an alto and i sing quite fair to adele i just want some ideas of songs that aren’t depressing but aren’t to low or too high.

Best answer:

Answer by Nemanja
Oh come on! What is it with Adele!? I’ll tell you right away. If you sing Adele, your chances of passing are probably going to drop at least 30%. Because everyone sings Adele and everyone is getting tired of it.

What do you think? Answer below!

Americas Got Talent Season 7 Episode 31 Week 16 Night 2

Americas Got Talent Season 7 Episode 31 Week 16 Night 2 Airing September 13, 2012 Episode Summary: The winning act is revealed in the Season 7 finale. Guest performers include Justin Bieber. 16:9,26726,7×26,Americaaposs,complete,e26,ep26,Episode,episodes,full,Got,HD,HQ,online,part,People,s07,s07e26,S7,se7,Season,serie,series,shows,Talent,television,tv,watch
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Anthony Mackie May Be Captain America’s Falcon Friend, and More Casting


- Saving themselves the trouble of paying for Anthony Mackie‘s ticket to Comic Con, Marvel waited until today to reveal Mackie is in talks to run around with Chris Evans in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The actor is reportedly up for the part of Falcon, a longtime Captain America ally with the ability to telepathically talk to birds and fly on his little wings. In the larger Marvel Universe, I guess he’ll be the “grounded” character among the guy who talks to ants and the space raccoon.

- Speaking to Grantland (via), Michael Keaton confirmed, yeah, he’s still in things–things like the improvised comedy Larry David and director Greg Mottola are doing. Jon Hamm is thus far the only other cast member, so until I’m told otherwise, I’m going to assume the film is Superman/Batman, but really misanthropic.

- Richard Jenkins is in talks to join the Channing Tatum-saves-the-President film White House Down. Jenkins would play the “key role” of Speaker of the House, set to take command if something were to happen to President Jamie Foxx and his vice president, so you just know this guy’s in cahoots with the terrorists. For shame, Richard Jenkins.

Ring Masters, 22, 26 and more Successful auditions in LA ~ America’s Got Talent 2010 Your Best Talent Quest! Successful auditions Los Angeles ~ America’s Got Talent 2010. Ring Masters, Mona Sampath Dance Company, MAS, and Kung Fu Heroes – America’s Got Talent 2010, Auditions Los Angeles. Celebrity Howie Mandel joins the judging panel as they travel to Los Angeles, California, where an array of hopeful stars, including singers, dancers, comics, and other talented individuals hope to win America’s heart and the grand prize. ©NBC Universal, Inc. SYCO TV & FremantleMedia North America, Inc.

Howard Stern Brings 7-Year-Old to Tears on “America’s Got Talent”

After having a rough episode on Monday (May 21), Howard Stern is realizing just how hard his new gig might be.

On tonight’s “America’s Got Talent” episode an aspiring 7-year-old rapper “Mir Money” took the stage to perform his heart out, but the 58-year-old wasn’t feeling the performance and pressed his “X” buzzer.

Upon eliminating him from the competition the young rapper began crying while Stern attempted to explain himself, but it looks like the radio personality has a soft spot for the young one.

After seeing how upset Mir Money was and getting boo’d by the crowd, the talk show host judge jumped on stage with him to try and console him before saying, “This job is too rough for me, I don’t really wanna do it anymore…I’m not cut out for this, man. I’m not cut out for it. I’m shaking man, I’m shaking. I can’t do it, man. I can’t do it.”

Check out the video below!

Own Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s Hammer, Attractive Red Skull Painting, More Nerdy Stuff from Marvel Auction


Ever wanted a painting of a scornful Red Skull hanging in your bathroom, silently judging your poops? Well, now you can, for just an estimated $ 200 to $ 300! The above painting is just one of many extremely nerdy items Marvel has up for auction online and in-person at the upcoming Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Also up for auction:

Ancient kneeling Norse warrior statue from Norwegian church. Class up your lawn by showing that Scandinavian fighters revere you, to hell with neighborhood ordinances. ($ 400 – $ 600)

Johann Schmidt Hero SS costume. the quickest, most movie-accurate way to give all passersby a rightfully-disgusted idea of your ideologies. Not for Hasidic neighborhoods, please. ($ 6,000 – $ 8,000)

Stunt rubber trash can lid used by Steve Rogers. When you next bludgeon someone with a trash can lid, have them screaming with laughter when they realize it’s just rubber this time. This time… ($ 200 – $ 300)

iron-man-armor.jpgLoud Jerk in movie theater costume. Why just be a loud jerk in a movie theater when, for $ 200 – $ 300, you could be the Loud Jerk in the movie theater? You have no answer for that.

“Decoy” Cosmic Cube. When co-workers ask what that 3 ¾ sq. in. paperweight is, now you can tell them you paid between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 for it.

Pair of “Howard Stark Showgirl” costumes. Don’t just go all Slave Leia at your nerd orgy. Everyone does that. Get a little esoteric with two (2) showgirl costumes from Howard Stark’s Hover Car demonstration at the World Expo. ($ 200 – $ 300)

Howard Stark hero World Expo tuxedo costume. Dress a mannequin in it. Get married in it. Spill a tray of spaghetti on it. Die in it. The choice is yours for $ 400 – $ 600.

Collection of four (4) syringes from Rebirth Lab sequence. No more sharing prop needles. Goodbye, prop AIDS. ($ 200 – $ 300)

Large collection of license plates. A pile of fake license plates “likely used during the thrilling Steve Rogers and Kruger taxi chase sequence.” If they weren’t, just sell them off when your local T.G.I.Friday’s is looking to redecorate.

Steve Rogers’ prosthetic feet for barefoot chase of Heinz Kruger. Have a room that needs the presence of more feet? I think I have the solution. Or, wear them during crimes and leave confusingly-smooth tracks. The Barefoot Bandit isn’t barefoot at all, you dumb pigs. ($ 300 – $ 500)

Captain America USO hero suit. Put on your own USO show for your friends! They already don’t respect you, so what could it hurt? ($ 4,000 – $ 6,000)

Captain America complete hero suit. The real deal: the full costume Chris Evans wears when he becomes the superhero known as Captain America. Put it on. Feel his strength. See if maybe now they’ll remember your order at Starbucks. ($ 20,000 – $ 30,000)

Hero resin Captain America shield. Show off your Captain America fandom by displaying the battle-worn shield of the hero. Finally cover up the fuse box like your wife has been nagging you about. ($ 4,000 – $ 6,000)

Stunt Mjölnir hammer from Thor. Thor’s mighty weapon, now at your disposal. “Yow, I hit my thumb! Just kidding,” you’ll jest, knowing that joke would have never played with a normal-sized hammer. ($ 4,000 – $ 6,000)

Original full-scale screen-used Mark II “Autopsy” suit from Iron Man 2. This is a premium item. It’s been touched by Don Cheadle. ($ 60,000 – $ 80,000)

See the rest of the items for bid–such as small, hundred-dollar pouches of peanuts–in the full listing. Bid smart. Don’t buy the hover tires. They won’t hover, and then your garage just has more tires in it.


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