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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to Make Beautiful 'Pixels' Together?

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to Make Beautiful 'Pixels' Together?
Sony is also hoping to sign on Jennifer Aniston as the female lead to re-team the "Just Go With It" duo. But Aniston's plate is very full and scheduling conflicts may prevent her from facing off with Sandler again. Chris Columbus is set to direct the …
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Jennifer Aniston got hair extensions fearing cropped locks 'made her look older'
And now RadarOnline reports Jennifer Aniston decided to return to her longer hairstyle because she hated her new look and thought it 'made her look older'. The 44-year-old actress is said to have spent 'five hours' in the salon chair getting the …
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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Prove True Love Can Last In Hollywood
When you two first fell for each other while working on set as the stars of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the world was just as surprised as Brad's wife at the time, Jennifer Aniston. Not that it's unusual in Hollywood for hot co-stars to fall passionately in love …
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Adam Driver Apparently Your New Darth Vader


Well, despite his brayed pleas not to go to outer space, it looks like Adam Driver is headed to Star Wars. According to Variety, the dark Sith lord of Girls is the first cast member being added to Episode VII. Negotiations and scheduling aren’t yet closed, but Driver is apparently “close to signing on,” and “a deal should be finalized in the coming days.” After nearly getting the role of the Man of Steel sequel’s Lex Luthor, he’ll yet get to play a big franchise villain, as his part is said to be “in the vein of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader.” But he must also be an alien or something though… right?

27 Reasons Adam Pally Would Literally Make The Best Friend Ever

“Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.” Soy true.

First off, he'll always accept the person you are; on the inside AND on the outside.

First off, he'll always accept the person you are; on the inside AND on the outside.

Happy Endings /

He loves to play matchmaker for you!

He loves to play matchmaker for you!

The Mindy Project /

He's got his priorities in line!

He's got his priorities in line!

Happy Endings /

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Adam Driver Might Be Nightwing in ‘Batman-Superman’


Looks like Wonder Woman isn’t the only secondary hero Warner is thinking of tossing in with Batman and Superman for some extra action figure revenue. It seems Batman might have a sidekick too, and according to TheWrap, it might be Girls and Frances Ha supporting star Adam Driver. He’d reportedly be playing Nighthawk–the aged form of Dick Grayson’s Robin–which fits with what LatinoReview has said about the studio looking for a “young John Hawkes” type for that part. Assuming that by “young John Hawkes” they meant “rangy guy with a face like a lazy caricature.”

Sources apparently claim that at least two other actors are in line for the part, though, so don’t count on Driver getting the part just yet. Especially because DJ Qualls has been auditioning for “young John Hawkes” since forever.

Guess Adam Sandler’s Latest High-Concept Film Premise


A.) Life Is a Highway – After his car breaks down on the way to the business meeting of a lifetime, creative director Adam Sandler is forced to buy an old jalopy from a mysterious used auto lot. But when this car starts making noises, it isn’t because it’s breaking down. It talks!

B.) Cobbler – Stepping down from his usual inflated careers, this time Adam Sandler is just a modest cobbler. Or is he? Turns out this modern-day shoe repairman can magically step into the figurative shoes of the people whose literal shoes he’s repairing.

C.) Meow – After marrying religious girlfriend Sofía Vergara to get her to move in with him, Sandler engages in an all-out war against her beloved cat, Whiskers. Chris Rock is attached to the project but it’s not yet being revealed if he will provide a voice for Whiskers.

Answer: It’s B. But, surprisingly, that’s not the full answer, as Cobbler isn’t the outrageously broad but ultimately heartwarming comedy it sounds like. THR describes the film as an indie drama, and The Station Agent and The Visitor director Tom McCarthy–who was nominated for an Oscar thanks to his contributions to the Up screenplay–is helming the project. Beyond the metaphysical Quantum Leap-by-way-of-shoetree concept, nothing is known about the plot, but it sounds like a rare departure outside Punch-Drunk Love where Sandler could be forced to stretch himself and find that he’s not in roomy athletic shorts. Hopefully, like me, he’s disappointed when he realizes the cobbler does not have a hilarious old-fashioney voice nor a farting issue.

Leighton Meester & Adam Brody Keep It Fresh With A Yummy Breakfast Date!

Nothing says spicy love like a breakfast date…

…well, maybe that only applies to breakfast in bed!

But even so, a breakfast date out is plenty nice because it probably means you spent the night before together. Wink wink!

And Leighton Meester hopefully got a happy start to her day as she stepped …

Adam Scott Bettered Television with a New ‘Hart to Hart’ Intro


Last night, Adam Scott unveiled his follow-up to The Greatest Event in Television History, aka his Simon & Simon intro remake: another remake of an ’80s amateur detective two-hander intro, because he keeps getting money to make those somehow. As was necessary, this time he tackled the Robert Wagner-Stefanie Powers series Hart to Hart, casting Amy Poehler as his wealthy wife and Horatio Sanz as their servant. It was, roughly, the second greatest event in television history, and now you can watch it online, as probably only the fifty or sixtieth greatest event in internet history. Enjoy.

Adam Sandler Suggests Jay Leno Skip Retirement And Book It To Fox!

Jay Leno is gearing up to turn the lights out on his loonnnggg run on the Tonight Show!

However, while Jay is absolutely saying farewell to NBC, Adam Sandler decided it was the PERFECT opportunity to give his bud some (unsolicited) advice.

And let us tell you, Adam is just FULL of …

Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Filming On Set 0000 paparazzi

Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston Filming On Set 0000 paparazzi

Adam English with host Kristen White on Bestselling Celebrity Author TV

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