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The ‘Paranormal Activity’ franchise

Thrills and chills continue in this found footage saga with the release of ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ 

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones — $18.2M

A young California Latino named Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) is marked for possession by the same malevolent demon who previously claimed Kristi and Katie. Christopher Landon (son of Highway to Heaven actor Michael Landon) wrote and directed this spin-off/sequel produced by Oren Peli and Jason Blum. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi [more]

Why was the movie “Paranormal Activity” pulled from my theater?

Question by Adrian K: Why was the movie “Paranormal Activity” pulled from my theater?
I was looking forward to seeing this movie because its supposed to be scarier than most Hollywood horror movies even though it only had a $ 15K budget. Unfortunately, only two days after it was released, both movie theaters in my area stopped showing this movie. I heard some theaters make you sign a waiver before you see it. Is this related? I live in Duluth, Minnesota.


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Answer by thathockeychick23
Some theatres makes you sign a waiver?? Seriously? The movie wasn’t even scary. It honestly wasn’t scary. I don’t know why it would get pulled from the theaters there, but you can watch it online. has it.

p.s. this movie was made in san diego in 2007. it’s very hyped up to get people to go, and the whole it being banned thing in some states was all a marketing ploy. they wanted to get more and more people to see this film, that’s why they did the whole demand it thing. it was always intended for nationwide release. i just can’t see this movie having waivers or being banned. there are movies that are a lot worse out there that people love. saw for example. if human mutilation and murder isn’t banned, then this def wouldn’t be since it’s so mild.

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‘Paranormal Activity’ Director’s ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ Gets Release Date – Click to Subscribe! – Become a Fan! – Follow Us! Paranormal …

Paranormal Activity 4 — $30.2M

The Paranormal Activity film series continues with this fourth entry from Paramount Pictures and returning directors of the previous outing, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi [more]

‘Paranormal Activity 4′ Trailer: Hidden Camera Prank House Strikes Again


The fourth Paranormal Activity film, just announced in January, is being rushed into theaters by October. Lucky for Paramount, it’s pretty easy to throw one of these goddammers together, so they’ve already got a trailer to start promoting this thing.

In this brief preview, you’ll see that–like a sitcom struggling to reach enough episodes for syndication–an intrusive, oddball neighbor boy has been tossed in as a late addition to the series. Could he be the one causing shadowy figures to yet again appear before the waiting lenses of consumer electronics? Or is he merely a dark portent warning that the writers, out of ideas, will probably next take the series to Disney World or something?

The voice of a fully-computerized house cautioning that doors have been opened: that’s a scare everyone can relate to!

netflix “recent activity”?

Question by fatgreenpeas: netflix “recent activity”?
is it possible to delete your recent activity on the instant watch on netflix?or atleast hide it or something?

Best answer:

Answer by Peach
Why, were you watching something naughty? Lol.

Sorry, you can’t. At least not that I’ve found, I keep it clean though.

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Paranormal Activity 3 — $54M

The Paranormal Activity franchise continues with this third outing from Paramount Pictures. Oren Peli and Jason Blum return to produce the highly secretive feature, with Catfish’s directing duo of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman taking on the helming duties. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi [more]

Full ‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Trailer: Our Spookiest Hidden Camera Prank Show Continues, Still


The Paranormal Activity practical joke crew are at it again, and this time they’ve got their hidden cameras trained on a young family living in 1988! Laugh yourself to tears as the specially-rigged Paranormal Prank House knocks on mirrors, makes baby dolls fly, and eventually erupts in a raging inferno, all in the name of spooking the hapless dopes living inside! They just got Paranormal’d!

Here’s the trailer for the next collection of haunted house-based practical jokes. Bear in mind, it will all be much zanier once Dave Coulier finally gets to the studio to record his voice-over.

That preview may seem revealing, but trust me, you haven’t seen HALF the slamming cabinet doors this film has to offer.