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Dermot Mulroney Is Your New ‘Insidious’ Guy


Bad news, Dermot Mulroney: you’re getting insidioused. As tweeted by Insidious writer and new sequel director Leigh Whannel, Mulroney has officially been cast as the new middle-aged white guy lead in Insidious: Chapter 3. Plot details aren’t known, nor is Mulroney’s exact role, but should a grinning, eerily-lurking crimson form suddenly arise from behind yet again, at least we know he’ll be ready:


Nicolas Cage ‘Left Behind’ Remake Looks Even Worse Than That Sounds in First Trailer


Then writer-producer Paul Lalonde said, Let Us make a religious disaster film in Kirk Cameron’s image, after Mike Seaver’s likeness: and let it have dominion over discount DVD bins, and over Walmart checkout lanes, and over weird little Christian stores in the mall, and over every two-pack bundled with The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

So Lalonde created Left Behind in Kirk Cameron’s image, in the image of Mike Seaver created he it; Left Behind and Left Behind II: Tribulation Force created he them.

And Lalonde wrote and produced them, and Lalonde said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, like maybe with a third film, Left Behind: World at War.

And Lalonde saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. But maybe it could be a little better if Nicolas Cage were in it, so he started over with that in mind. Thus the heavens and the earth and the Left Behind remake were finished, and they look fucking terrible:

‘Point Break’ Remake Lets Bodhi Go


Unable to deal with the tragic alternate outcome, Point Break filmmakers have at the last moment decided against shooting Gerard Butler. Though Butler was set to replace Patrick Swayze as Bodhi in the remake–giving the film a known-name against their unknown Johnny UtahTHR reports that he’s now out of the film due to a double-whammy of scheduling problems and creative differences. It’s said that production company Alcon will recast and still make their June shoot date. Though they haven’t yet released an official statement on the matter, it seems pretty obvious that it will just be this:


illaNoise ft. Justin Timberlake – Let Me Love You (NEW SONG MAY 2014)

illaNoise ft. Justin Timberlake - Let Me Love You (NEW SONG MAY 2014)

This is the second offical hit single has made by Rap group illaNoise featuring Pop star from NSYNC Justin Timberlake from the album illaNoise while the dubstep goes on. (C)2014 Odyssey Records.
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Follow a Boy for 12 Years, But Not in a Creepy Way, in Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood’ Trailer


With Boyhood, writer-director Richard Linklater has made a real-life study of growing up to rival both The Up Series and Family Matters‘ nine-year study of Steve Urkel’s transformation into Stefan Urquelle. Shot across a dozen-year timespan, the film follows newcomer Ellar Coltrane as he progresses from first grade to high school graduation, a time-lapse of maturing from boy to guy who can buy us dirty magazines. Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette play his parents, they too visibly falling victim to time’s march and two cancelations of the television drama Medium.

Here’s the trailer:

Perez Reviews: If/Then

If Idina Menzel were not so super talented, then If/Then would be such a Debbie Downer of a show – more so than it already is!

Unfortunately, this is no Wicked or Rent.

If/Then fails to serve the greatness that is its leading lady and her big Broadway return in 10 years …

Poll: Adele or Lady Gaga?

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Madonna : MDNA World Tour (Deluxe Version 2CDs+DVD-All Region)

Madonna : MDNA World Tour (Deluxe Version 2CDs+DVD-All Region)

Madonna : MDNA World Tour (Deluxe Version 2CDs+DVD-All Region)

  • Madonna : MDNA World Tour
  • Deluxe Version 2CDs + DVD / All Region

Madonna : MDNA World Tour (Deluxe Version
2CDs + DVD / All Region)

List Price: $ 37.41

Price: $ 37.41

Frankie & Alice — $0.4M

As directed by Geoffrey Sax and co-scripted by a team of writers that includes Cheryl Edwards, Marko King, Mary King, and Anna Waterhouse, this earnest psychological drama relays the real-life story of Frankie Murdoch (here portrayed by Halle Berry), a troubled young woman suffering from multiple personality disorder in early ’70s Los Angeles. Phylicia Rashad and Chandra Wilson co-star. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi [more]