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The Most Important People on The Internet: Volume 4.20

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Most Important People on The Internet because sometimes this site makes fun of celebrities instead of talking about nerd shit for an entire morning. (I’m as shocked as you are.) So enjoy all of that while I sit around refreshing Comic-Con updates because how fun can women’s vaginas be? No, seriously, I’m asking. Tell me everything.

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Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The Cartoon You Wish Would Come To Be Already!

Although The Jetsons took place in the not-so-distant future of 2062, we’re still jonesing for some the sweet technology they have!

This futuristic family had some pretty AH-Mazing appliances, including a flying car and a robot maid! You hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger? A maid that doesn’t get pregnant!

All kidding aside, we’re …

jennifer aniston hair tutorial 2016

jennifer aniston hair tutorial 2016

jennifer aniston hair tutorial jennifer aniston hair jennifer aniston haircut jennifer aniston haircut tutorial jennifer aniston haircolor jennifer aniston h…
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23 Fauxhawks We’ve Loved And Sometimes Lost

Celebrity fauxhawks ranked from best to worst.

Considered to be “sort of a poseur move” in its early days, this hairstyle has persevered to reside atop SO MANY HOT DUDES' HEADS. (And some badass ladies', too.) Some fauxhawks increase hawtness, and some should really be kept to the flash-in-the-pan moment of style bravery that they are.

Let's see which celebs fauxhawk the best:

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images Entertainment

Thomas Niedermueller / Getty Images Entertainment

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Vincent D’Onofrio Joins Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Series


Like the Men in Black, J.Lo in The Cell, and so many perps with a criminal intent, Daredevil is going to go up against Vincent D’Onofrio. As officially announced by Marvel, the versatile character actor will return to his Full Metal Jacket days of being fat, bald, and eventually deadly to play crime lord and businessman Wilson Fist, aka The Kingpin, on Netflix’s Daredevil series. It’s said Fisk’s “interests in the future of Hell’s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.” And because this is 2014′s Hell’s Kitchen, those conflicts about its future will take the form of opinionated, clashing Yelp reviews about which new restaurants deserve to stay open.

Dating justin bieber

Dating justin bieber

Dating justin bieber.
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Mila Kunis Is Pregnant, The Bastard Actually Did It

Mila Kunis was anything and everything. She was the unassuming hot chick with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of nerd shit. When she wasn’t doing Family Guy, she’d pop up on Robot Chicken. Not only that, but her entire relationship with Macaulay Culkin was easily explained away by the fact she was, oh I dunno, fucking blind. But then she started banging Ashton Kutcher, and slowly became one of those celebrities who constantly bitch about the paparazzi and walk around pissed off all the time. Which is only going to get worse because she’s pregnant now, but not with twins which is apparently supposed to make everything alright and not a trumpet in the sky that this realm is Satan’s and misery shall sit at the throne of our world for 1,000 years. E! News report:

Kunis is pregnant with the couple’s first child, a source confirms exclusively to E! News just weeks after being first to report that the former That ’70s Show co-stars were planning to tie the knot.
The Ted star was even recently spotted attending a prenatal yoga class in Hollywood.

In the meantime, I’m going to assume Mila Kunis’ Jim Beam commercials are now PSAs about the dangers of drinking Jim Beam. “I used to be hot, but then I took an Ashton Kutcher to the knee… gina.”

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Need for Speed — $17.8M

A mechanic who moonlights as an underground race-car driver strives to take the top prize in America’s most prominent street race in order to have his revenge against the ambitious ex-NASCAR champ who had him framed and sent to prison. Inspired by the popular video-game franchise of the same name, Need for Speed tells the story of garage owner Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul). Desperate to keep his family-owned business afloat, Marshall forms an uncomfortable partnership with wealthy ex-NASCAR star Dino Brewster… [more]

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“Vampire Academy” Stars Zoey Deutch And Lucy Fry Are Best Friends And It’s Adorable

But how well do they know each other?

We sat down with Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry to play a game of Friendlyweds.

We sat down with Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry to play a game of Friendlyweds.

The rules are as follows:

1. We ask a question about one of them (i.e. What is Lucy's favorite movie?)
2. They both write down their responses without showing each other
3. When asked to reveal their answers, they flip the paper and see how they matched up

OK. Ready. Set. Go!

John Gara/BuzzFeed

What is Zoey's favorite color?

What is Zoey's favorite color?

Lucy's guess: Lime green but that's a lie, she doesn't have one.
Zoey's answer: Not pale green! Don't know.

LF: You lied!

ZD: No, I said it's not pale green, don't know.

John Gara/BuzzFeed

What is Lucy's pet peeve?

What is Lucy's pet peeve?

Zoey's guess: Tickling chin.
Lucy's answer: Touching my face.


John Gara/BuzzFeed

What food can Zoey not live without?

What food can Zoey not live without?

Lucy's guess: Pasta salad.
Zoey's answer: Mom's salad.

ZD: You know?

LF: I think so. It's hard because you love so many.

ZD: You're writing what you saw on mine!

LF: I looked and realized your pen wasn't making the same shapes as mine! So I got it wrong.

ZD: It's over, Lucy, it's over. Pasta salad?! First it was pasta and now it's salad.

LF: You do love pasta!

John Gara/BuzzFeed

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