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‘Game of Thrones’ Spoiler: Hodor Is Terrible at ‘Family Feud’


As Game of Thrones fans know, to know Hodor is to love Hodor, and also to quickly understand how the Jimmy Kimmel bit “Hodor on Family Feud” is going to play out. If only Bran hadn’t lost so many options to round out his “family.”

As fans of the books already know, Ser Harvey, of course, goes on to become Westeros’s Original King of Comedy.

Madonna ft. Katy Perry – Unapologetic Bitch (Official Audio prod. Avicii)

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Anna Kendrick Has a Boozy Holiday in the ‘Happy Christmas’ Trailer


For his follow-up to last year’s Drinking Buddies and 24 Exposures, writer-director-actor Joe Swanberg has put together quite a tight little murderers’ row of “people you aren’t surprised to see in a small, naturalistic, dialogue-heavy indie dramedy about finally becoming an adult.” Anna Kendrick stars alongside Swanberg, Away We Go‘s Melanie Lynskey, End of Love‘s Mark Webber, and Lena Dunham in a film about family, evolving, fun little songs with hand claps, and so on. Here’s the trailer:

The Crap We Missed – Thursday 5.8.14

Welcome to Thursday’s The Crap We Missed which is really going to pale in comparison to earlier when Hugh Jackman met Jon Hamm‘s dick. I’d say it was like Christmas for him, but sadly at my house, the tree isn’t a giant penis that we hang penis ornaments on *adds to Amazon cart*, then leave out little penis-shaped cookies for Santa, so it was more like heaven. Hugh Jackman got to go to Jon Hamm penis heaven today and all you got was Samuel L. Jackson kickin’ it with Judge Judy and a dusted-off big black microphone joke.

I couldn’t even find Prince Charles. *hangs head, kicks rock, slowly walks away*,

- Photo Boy

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Obama's New Ukraine — a Russophobic, failed state ruled by fascists

Obama's New Ukraine — a Russophobic, failed state ruled by fascists
Thus we are talking about a historical psy-op, an information-psychological sabotage, whose purpose is to establish Russophobic Slavs… They are the means to separate Ukraine from Russia and to oppose Russia as a kind … totalitarian empire. This was …
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Dlaczego psy jedzą dziwne rzeczy?
Właściwie dlaczego psy lubią pastę do zębów? Najprawdopodobniej dlatego, że jest słodka. W swym składzie zawiera ksylitol (xylitol), powszechnie stosowany w przemyśle spożywczym zamiennik cukru. Ten składnik zawierają też gumy do żucia i słodycze.
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Lady Gaga estará en festival surcoreano junto a Psy
La cantante de Applause se une a uno de los más grandes festivales de Corea del Sur. Los promotores del evento anunciaron que Lady Gaga lidera el cartel del segundo día del AIA Real Life: Now. Este festival se realizará el 15 y 16 de agosto en Seúl.
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‘Green Acres’ Movie To Be Dragged Out to Country Against Our Wishes


Green Acres is joining the likes of Bewitched, Car 54, Where Are You, and the upcoming Gilligan’s Island and Mr. Ed as a horrible idea for a movie that we’ll do anyway. According to Deadline, the rights have been acquired for the late ’60s sitcom, and producers are currently shopping it to directors and writers who would like their name on a Green Acres movie.

For those who haven’t seen enough TV Land, the series starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as a Manhattan couple who move to the country when Albert’s Oliver realizes that he wants to be a farmer and also doesn’t care about his wife’s needs or desires. Ha-ha, classic!

The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 4.16.14

Yep, that’s a Real Housewife as a lead pic. Welcome to the sharp decline of a holiday week.

It’s Wednesday’s The Crap We Missed and you’re going to notice a general desperation in my selection of photos for this gallery as a result of the dried up content of Easter week. Normally, Pete Wentz with the word ‘HOMIES’ written across his dick, or Dave “I Skip Leg Days” Chappelle might be left out, but you know what? Who am I kidding? I will cram anything into this shit for cheap pageviews and you will never ask me why the 2-Liters are only to go ever again, you hear me?!!

Post Traumatic Food Service Disorder is a real thing you guys, I have the grease splatter burns to prove it,

- Photo Boy

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Psy Trance September.2011 mixed by Nomatic

MUSIC is like SELF EVOLUTION… You start listening to certain kind of music and it evolves as your sub-conscious mind demands something different or music w…
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Winnie the Pooh Getting Live-Action Origin Story, Sort Of


Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment is reportedly developing a film based on Winnipeg the Bear, the ursine orphan that became the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh and, later, Winnie the Pooh letterman jackets. The story will be drawn from Lindsay Mattick and Sophie Blackall’s upcoming picture book Finding Winnie, that being based on the true story of Lt. Harry Colebourn and the bear cub he brought from Canada to London during the first World War. Nicknamed Winnie, the bear ended up being donated to the London Zoo. There, it lead A. A. Milne’s son Christopher Robin to change his teddy bear’s name to Winnie the Pooh, thus becoming the inspiration for Milne’s beloved character. The tale has already been adapted into the 2004 TV movie A Bear Named Winnie, which starred Michael Fassbender as Coleburn. Like Winnie, that Fassbender would go on to inspire the beloved Michael Fassbender character we now enjoy today.

Wes Anderson May: Do Something in Japan, Release Animated ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’


Thanks to the Grand Budapest Hotel press tour, we’ve got some new information on what meticulously over-designed designs Wes Anderson may have for the future–like an animated version of his latest film and possibly something in Japan.

Firstly, as far as that animated Grand Budapest goes, that is already done and sitting on Jeff Goldblum’s laptop alongside his alien-defeating virus. In an interview with The Wrap, Goldblum explained that Anderson’s fastidiousness has now reached the point that, prior to production, he made an animatic of the entire film. Typically, animatics are fairly crude animations, just meant to communicate movements too complicated to merely storyboard, but naturally, this being Wes Anderson, “It was a beautifully animated version of the whole movie, with all the cuts as they pretty much I think wound up to be,” Goldblum said. “And he voiced all the characters. He called it animatics. I had it on my computer, you could see the whole movie.”

Goldblum added that Willem Dafoe was pushing for the director to release the animation as a bonus feature, so hopefully that will happen. Because who wants to upset Willem Dafoe?

As for the possibility of a Japan-set film, that’s still pretty speculative. Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Anderson admitted he’s “not quite sure where the next one will be,” but teased, “I will say I’m interested in Japan.” I can already see the tracking shot through the scene of deadpan dolphin slaughter.