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Everything We Know About Taylor Swift’s Midriff

The answers to your burning questions.

First of all, the midriff enjoys being seen. That is obvious.

First of all, the midriff enjoys being seen. That is obvious.

Fameflynet Pictures

And Taylor gives the midriff the satisfaction of being seen.

And Taylor gives the midriff the satisfaction of being seen.

Fameflynet Pictures

The midriff is also loved by cats and has gotten very close to tiny white fluffy kittens.

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See Another Dying Teenage Girl in ‘If I Stay’ Trailer


The Fault in Our Stars is only just now hitting theaters, but already we’ve got another dying girl from a young adult book we’re supposed to cry over. In If I Stay, Chloe Moretz plays a girl whose mother, father, and brother are killed in an accident. It was a very bad family car ride. Moretz is left in a coma but still wanders around in some kind of out-of-body experience. She then must make a rest-of-the-movie-long decision: pull herself out of the coma, or let herself slip away to join her family in deadness. It’s like when you kind of feel like staying in, but your friends are all going out so you think maybe you should do that. But with willing yourself to die.

HOLD.. THE.. PHONE.. (BO2 w/Psy)

Hope you guys like these, uploading another video tomorrow or sunday, I am on summer break so more videos to come :) bye guys! Adam:…

New ‘Star Wars’ Set Photos Feature Big Rubber Alien Thing, Actual Sets


If you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes photos from Episode VII, look no further than unofficial Star Wars fan site TMZ. They’ve got 45 photos from the film’s Abu Dhabi set, and, like with J.J. Abrams’ on-set video, there’s some refreshing evidence that the series has returned to using practical effects over the prequel trilogy’s reliance on CGI and green screens. The one exception to that new creed: Harrison Ford. He will of course be rendered with computers, the actor having died in 1999 during the shooting of Random Hearts.

Help Get Paul Giamatti in Animated Short Involving Giant Sloth


As collaborations between Paul Giamatti and indie comics people have a pretty solid track record, you should probably get in on, or at least be aware of, Giant Sloth. The animated short is being put together by graphic novelist Paul Hornschemeier (Mother, Come Home; Life with Mr. Dangerous), and he’s now looking for Kickstarter funding to get things going. Even without money, he’s got a pretty impressive cast already lined up, including Giamatti, The League‘s Jason Mantzoukas, SNL‘s Kate McKinnon, Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s Scott Aukerman, and Look Around You co-creator Robert Popper. You pay him, he will pay them, your eyes and ears will potentially profit. Animated Paul Giamatti looks like the actor mixed with one of those plastic crying dog banks from old restaurants! What more could you ask for?


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does Justin Bieber have a tattoo?

Question by Bella: does Justin Bieber have a tattoo?
Does Justin Bieber Have A Tattoo?

Best answer:

Answer by Valentina
Not that we know of.

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Here’s Eli Roth’s Latest Thing, ‘Green Inferno’


Absent from the feature directing scene since 2007′s Hostel: Part II, Eli Roth has returned with The Green Inferno, a reminder that indigenous peoples are frightening, terrible savages that are a very real threat to pretty white people. Here’s the trailer:

Bruce Springsteen Opens His Dallas Show With A Jump For Joy! Watch Him Cover Van Halen HERE!!


This is just so, so awesome! Bruce Springsteen was playing at the March Madness Music Fest in Dallas to celebrate the college basketball tournament when he decided to start off his set in the coolest way possible…

By putting his own spin on Van Halen’s iconic song Jump!


Ya know, now …

Mel Gibson Getting His Own ‘Taken’ That Isn’t ‘Ransom’


Now 18 years since he first barked threats in a phone to get his kid back, Mel Gibson will return to the task of nearly making Taken by starring in the latest of our Taken clones. Deadline reports that the Ransom star is in talks for the lead in Blood Father (how on-the-nose!), an action-thriller to be directed by Assault on Precinct 13 remaker Jean-François Richet. Marrying Taken with fellow Taken derivative Stolen, the script from The Town writer Peter Craig sees an ex-con dad reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter by protecting her from the drug dealers out to kill her.

Shame of it is, what we should really be doing is just adding Mel Gibson to Taken itself. We already know that works: