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‘Star Wars’ 8 and 9 Coming from ‘Looper’ Writer-Director Rian Johnson


The Star Wars universe will no longer be the one galaxy far, far away enough to be free of Joseph Gordon-Levitt casting rumors, because apparently Brick and Looper director Rian Johnson is taking over the franchise. According to Deadline, Johnson is Disney’s surprising choice to write and direct both of the next two episodes of the trilogy. Maybe now Paul Dano can join Adam Driver as master and apprentice extremely awkward-looking Sith?

Basically confirming the news, Johnson took to his Twitter to post the below space-themed clip–one more apt and telling than any Star Wars scene could ever be.

Sandra Bullock Alleged Stalker — Machine Gun Found

The man charged with breaking into Sandra Bullock ‘s home Sunday was in possession of a machine gun … according to law enforcement … and he wasn’t after …
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Life of Crime Official Trailer 2014 (Full Movie 2014 Trailer Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher)

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SkinnyGirl Tinted Lip Balm Fuchsia By Bethenny Frankel

SkinnyGirl Tinted Lip Balm Fuchsia By Bethenny Frankel

SkinnyGirl Tinted Lip Balm Fuchsia By Bethenny Frankel

  • Skinnygirl Lip Care Tinted Lip Balm FUCHSIA
  • infused with shea butter to nourish and condition
  • Adds color and sheen to your lips

Add color and sheen to your lip routine with skinnygirl tinted lip balm. this nourishing lip balm conditions and moisturizes while adding subtle color.

List Price: $ 1.99

Price: $ 1.99

There’s Still MORE Video Of Justin Bieber Using The N-Word Out There — Like…A Lot More! Will This Racist Rant Leak Or Will The Pop Star Pay To Make It Go Away?

Sounds like it’s going to get worse before it gets better for Justin Bieber!

We’ve already seen two videos of him telling racist, offensive and unfunny jokes as a teenager.

But Biebs must have really liked saying the N-word back in the day because sources say there’s A LOT more footage still …

Hilary Duff Debuts Chopped Coif & Throwback Thursday Snaps

Everyone seems to be changing up their look for summer, and Hilary Duff enlisted her hairstylist Marcus Francis to give her a short and sassy ‘do for the season.

The “Cheaper By the Dozen” dame took to her Instagram account on Thursday evening (May 29) with a pair of photos from her visit to the salon.

Francis told Us Weekly, “She texted me last night and wanted to do it right away. We wanted a bigger change for summer and just to feel healthier in general.”

He added, “She loves it and feels like it’ll be easier to style. She actually wanted it shorter when we first discussed the cut, but once she saw what three inches looked like, she felt the length is perfect. She loved that the hair looked and felt thicker.”

After posting the haircut snaps, Duff added a throwback Thursday shot of her in a soccer jersey from childhood. She captioned the pic, “Hahaha no caption needed…..yes those are soda can tabs on a necklace around my neck #hard.”

Are Beyonce & Jay Z Hitting The Big Screen??! You’re Gonna Flip Over This Epic Movie Possibility!

We wouldn’t mind this one bit!

Beyoncé and Jay Z fans are rallying together to petition for a full-length version of their action-packed Run video!

How EPIC would that be??!

The petition reads:

“millions of fans across the world became devestated after seeing ‘coming never’ at the end of the …

What do you think of Adele?

Question by : What do you think of Adele?
I was so set on the name Adele for a baby girl but my boyfriend’s entire family told me it sounds like a boy’s name. I don’t see how, but they are hispanic and have apparently never heard of it before. I’m just wondering what others think. It doesn’t sound like a boy’s name does it

I was also considering other forms, like Adelaide and Adeline (add-uh-line) but I really like Adele the best
Middle name Madeleine.

Adele Madeleine

Best answer:

Answer by zg123
Sounds homely to me.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Halle Berry Has an E.T. Up Inside Her in CBS’s ‘Extant’ Trailer


Did Halle Berry go to space and return impregnated with an alien baby? Is Steven Spielberg now producing series based on old Weekly World News issues he found at a garage sale? Probably yes to both says this new teaser for the CBS summer series Extant:

Interestingly, this isn’t as unusual an occurrence as you might think. Though not pregnant, Buzz Aldrin returned to Earth from space covered in sperm, so you could tell the aliens tried.